The Hellbeast Part 1

I land on the central planet of the disavowed area once more, and I return to the centroidal establishment of the utmost squalid district. Only there is a woman in the stead of the owner.

“Who are you? Where is the other?”
“He is no longer with us, I killed that pathetic fool, and now I run the centroidal establishment.”
“Yeah… Can I help you with anything?”
“Celrdrrun. I need his location.”
“Tell you what, bring me the head of a Hellbeast and I’ll give you his whereabouts. Deal?”

Soon my craft reports to me of the planet we’re nearing the vicinity of: There is an anomalous energy spewing forth from its bowels, and with a single creature at its command. This is great! The Hellbeast, I bet! I can prove my might upon him. I rush to the central control area of my craft, fully suited. The sound if its soles always bring a smile to my face, it’s positively inexplicable. Moving forward. Once in control of the ship, I head towards the planet.

I’ve only had the omega surge suit a few months now, I’m zooming around the multiversity, to prove my might, so that I will not need to prove myself upon those who may hold information. Information towards my revenge. I’ve only heard tales of the tremendous power of the Hellbeasts. It will be an honor to dispatch of this one. I require its head, so that I can pay some scum for information, without it, she refuses to help. I’m unsure if dispatching of her would cause some sort of dispute amongst the pirate’s trading planets, so I’m playing it safe for now. This will be a good test of my new powers.

I go down alone to the area where the Hellbeast is located. He had only recently emerged from the center of what appears to be a massive graveyard; his minions still pouring out, traversing the land. I was in eclipse, his clouded shadow covered the ground. Being in its presence is as of being outside of time. A being from an immortal dimension, supported by itself, that’s it, it exists. Exists in relation only to the current reality. If reality no longer exists, then I can destroy this creature, and seal what is not properly of. I was not. Now I am. I will not do this. He calls out to me.
“Mortal! You stand at the edge of the dark precipice.” He dripped slime from his massive fangs. “
I continue to walk down the center of the deserted street towards him.
“I will have your head, Hellbeast.”
“You will have death! Towards the heaven you of this planet believe in! How it will crush you when you find there are no angels to lift you to safety!” with that, the giant demonic creature grabs me, and shoots me high into the air. I can’t fly. I concentrate. I know I can use my weapons to create pockets of low or high gravity. I can feel it, power being channelled through my boots for stability. I can manipulate gravity itself. I ease back down to the ground below.


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