By the Grace of Green II

She imparts to me the wisdom of ages. For thousands of years, they have cohabited in peace, aiding one another. She has used the animals of this planet to spread her seeds, while they have become nourished from her, and nourished her. There was a sort of unspoken understanding. All too soon, however, there was a replacement, something of more value than her ilk, technology. Countless forests were cut down, not to provide shelter, but simply because they were claimed to be in the way of progress, the ground below, torn asunder for minerals. She was once one of the people who took part in this, unknowing of the true damage. However, one day, in deep thought, she realized that their path was unsustainable, and journeyed here, a place she’d only read about, and became a goddess of fertility, merging her consciousness with that of the plants. All living creatures, she tells me, have a consciousness. Some simply eat one another because that is what they require to do to live. Certain ones take of her, and the others take of them. It was a cycle that went uninterrupted for countless eons. This new being, however, had a full consciousness, an ’intelligence’, or so they said. But it was clouded by egotism, and could not see anything beyond themselves unless it was that of imagination, unfortunately relegated to only that dimension.

That dimension is one I know all too well to be real. She continues. These beings would not take notice that they were destroying themselves, and so she took it upon herself to save them, take the burden of the world on her delicate shoulders. “They are wildly unnatural creatures, a flaw in nature, but, I, nature, truly want to accept them in all their unnaturalality.” She was most disgusted by the fact that some could be so blind as to not see the barbarism of their ways, when they, the omnivorous creature, would make a conscious decision to eat only of plants, relegating plant-life to be ‘unalive’ by their standards, even at the expense of their own health and well-being. They even went so far as to distort the plant life, make it taste of meat, make it taste of the milk of animals, pervert what she has provided to suit their twisted desires. She began to weep at her plight. A different form of life, placed on a lower tier by these ‘vegans’. How a creature could be so unthinking, so callous to that which is different, she could not answer. It was the worst form of bigotry.

The part most vile, she says, is that they do this in the name of ‘actual life’, to stop the death of ones closer in construction to their own. It’s sickening. They’ve been doing this long before the plants began forcefully encroaching on them. These people offer that their position on the matter is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose. Yet, they use plants as all of these, as only these. They are worse than the worst sort of ignorant. They gain support by promoting a myriad of things with charismatic oratory and propaganda. They ultimately want to establish a New Order of absolute veganism across the globe. To achieve this, they pursue a foreign policy with the alternate declared goal of seizing living space for the people; directing the resources of the state towards this goal.

3 Responses to “By the Grace of Green II”

  1. Those poor plants! GS to the rescue!

  2. Interesting history lesson. So there’s a reason for the vines for veins. I thought it was a new fashion style becoming popular ^,^ Can’t wait to read what happens next

  3. Animal mistreatment has constantly bothered me. It appears like it is becoming worse, at least where I live. But there are nonetheless sweet souls out there who feel like I do that we must take care of them. I hope the judicial system will match up with our way of believing about this. It is still processed as a relatively insignificant offense. That’s wrong.

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