The Queen of the Müün Part 3

The first I grasp by the throat and squeeze until his head pops off. The second comes at me with a kick that I intercept, taking hold of his leg. I thrust my hand into his chest, under his rib cage, and rip him in two. The third rushes at me with swords. I raise my arm to block, and the blades strike, sticking into the chitinous armor of my forearm. With a double spin kick, I cleanly remove only his pelvis, then his head. The fourth calmly walks towards me as the fifth and last stands in the back, towering with confidence. I walk forward, and take hold of the fourth’s arms. As I rip his arms out of the sockets, his screams of pain could still not overpower the sound of the flesh and ligaments tearing as the blood gushes out of the gaping wound and splashes heavily upon the floor. Holding his arms out in front of me, I drop them wetly at his feet into a pile. Then, with a forceful kick, I send his intestines exploding out of his back. He collapses to the floor in a puddle of blood. The last, as he stands in my way, I simply attempt to punch through, but cannot. As I stand there bewildered with my fist pressed firmly against his solar-plexus, he laughs. Twice my size at least, he’s huge, and picks me up by my head, and begins squeezing my helmet, crushing my skull. Struggling, I kick at him, but to no avail, he takes the hits and squeezes harder.

[Warning: Cranial Damage]
[Danger: Helmet Integrity Compromised]

I grab at his hands and arms, but nothing is working. My suit lashes out violently, sending out broken eye beams from the cracked lenses. Nothing. He brings me closer to his shark-like head to gloat, bearing his teeth.
“After I kill ya, I’m gunna eat ya.”
I can smell his rancid breath through my fissured helmet as he exhales heavily on me. Close to his face now, I take hold of his ugly, misshapen head with both hands and begin forcing energy into it. It begins to smoke and smolder – his flesh burns, yet he continues to exert more force into his death grip on my skull. I release the energy, and vaporize his head clean off his body, leaving a smoking, charred hole in its place. As his body collapses, I land on my feet, and kick his hulking body to the side.

With her final bodyguard destroyed, she rushes at me in a fit of passion. I stop her in her tracks by placing my left hand on her sternum. She lashes out, scratching at my fractured and damaged helmet. I grab onto her left arm with my right hand as she attacks me, clawing at me ferociously, and push her away with my left hand. As she stumbles backwards, I examine her arm that I now hold, separate from her body, the arm that used to embrace me, caress my face; I toss it to the side, and continue towards her. She’s frightened, cowering, sitting bleeding out upon her throne. The throne I was made to sit beside for far too long.
“I cannot be controlled,” is the last and only thing I say to her before I leave. She found what she desired, the strongest being in the expanse of the multiversity, and learned the ramifications of trying to control another firsthand. I will never believe in anything again.

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