Into the Domed City

I trek the rest of the way until I am close enough to place my hand against the mossy metallic leg and try to get a sense of the scale before I bound upwards, traversing from greeble to nurnie. I cannot feel my ship, but I can feel its power coming from inside the dome. How is that possible, the unease eats away at me. What is it doing inside of this dome? In short order, I am scaling the final rim, and make my final effort to confront the base of this giant dome. My first punch into it does nothing. It is not a solid structure as I had thought, but some sort of smooth forcefield. It tingles quite unpleasantly. I can feel that I must get inside. As I walk in through it, the further I get into it, the more painful it becomes. Fire and sparks pop and fizzle against my armor as the resistance grows. The energy continues to grow, charring and engulfing me in flames. I continue to walk. Once all the way through, I fall past the encircling rim, down multiple stories into a pile of detritus and rubble.

Still smoldering, I stand, and view a derelict neighborhood. Half built, half torn down. I wander through darkened alleyways and empty streets lined with light poles, finding nothing and no one of note. Coming upon an abandoned construction site, I flip over the fence and land in the foundation. I walk up the stairs of this partially finished building until they stop. I sit to rest amongst the forgotten equipment, but before long I begin to hear a mechanical whirring and movement around me. Thinking nothing of it, I am immediately stabbed through the side with a large drill-arm. I am spun around and flung off into more debris. Before I can regain my composure, the striped yellow and black machine fires bolt after bolt into my body. Red lights attached to it spin around as a warning as I attempt to conquer it, but as I hold its two arms, I find my grip wavering. A buzz saw then emerges from its chest, and cleaves my arm from my body. Its free arm then fills my leg with rivets until I fall, unbalanced. Keeping the drill at bay inches away from my face with my remaining arm, I know I cannot beat this thing. I try to focus, attempt to crush it, but the metal of its build is far too resilient. Out of options, I weigh it down, and force it downwards, crashing through decaying floors and ceilings. Then, the entire building begins to rumble and shake. I keep my focus, and bring the entire structure down on top of it with me in it.

The once quiet streets fill with cacophony and clouds of dirt, but there is still no stirring. A quiet calm once again takes over the borough, and my battered body remains still beneath the rubble.

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