The Outside Part 2

It feels like everything ends up being insignificant, but rarely in the moment; insignificant people leading insignificant lives, breathing insignificant breaths, drinking insignificant water from an insignificant source from an insignificant cup. Insignificant jobs, insignificant pay, insignificant coworkers, insignificant buses, insignificant traffic, insignificant small talk.


Externally, there is an entire system at work, there are always incalculable systems at play, to make the cup, to clean the water and make sure all the insignificant people are able to imbibe. It is mind boggling when one truly gets down to it. Billions of people over the course of history eventually created all of these people, and they all will eventually find meaning on the other side, there is something, a path that’s to be followed, and chain of possibility and determination that which cannot be ignored. Even our very cells cry out for something, something more. There is a developed system at play even inside all of us, simply to ensure we function correctly. Yes, we have modified it in most circumstances, but that is now merely part of the experience of being alive. I, personally, have had my cells modified, but can still plainly see the connection of lineage and thought trees that created who I am now, and how I came to be here. This all fits. It all fits, no matter how you look at it, it all fits, and will fit. It just makes sense, every last iota of it all, the entire universe and all the dimensions make sense, in the long, fateful run of it. We’re both the painter and the puzzle maker, but there is something, some, grand, cosmic, scheme that already knows what we will see once we paint each individual piece and what the epic majesty of the puzzle-painting will be once we assemble it.

Let us keep existing:

In life, there are allusions that must be seen, allusions to what we must suppose are the truths beyond the grave. If one can see, or learn to see, these connections, these allusions in our everyday life, if you can see that strings that fate has on all of our corporeal forms, then you can live life happily, knowingly, for fate smiles upon those who see her strings. She sees this as the puppet finally coming to life, taking a life of its own, an intelligence acquired from beyond the stars, within our selves.

Knowing of my fate:

I know how to repair this ship from the outside, I can do it, since the problem cannot be fixed from inside. None have ever been outside, inside of this dimensional pocket. Though, it’s impossible to read if it’s really a pocket, or the truest expanse of our own dimension, with more beyond that. It’s not my fate to remain in this empty ship and die, it can’t be, I know fate has more in store for me. I’m going to take my chances out there, fix my ship, and return home. The Gravity of the situation is not lost on me, and it may never be. Perhaps, no matter the truth, it’s time to ascend through the cosmic dimension.


One Response to “The Outside Part 2”

  1. Really good series. I particularly love the first three paragraphs of Part 2, I relate to your words a lot. It’s the kind of content that makes me want to have a big debate about life where just realizing that we exist and have to wait for the little walking man to cross the street (and that the little walking man even exists) is mindblowing in itself. Me connecting to you via the internet, this blog, is pretty crazy too. Again, I love the use of hyperlinks, particularly how “internally” takes us to your “About Me” section; you’re very clever. This may be your deepest piece yet through my reader’s lenses. Good Job GuNNhead, I’m really proud of your work-it’s great. I believe you have unofficially founded existential/psychoanalytical Science-Fiction. That’s what I’ll tell your fans anyways.

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