In the Blackest of Space II

From within the blackness of my own mind, flashes of history strike me during my crafts descent. I struggle to consciousness as I’m blinded, by these images of warring planets, I reach the controls as my craft plummets. I’m able to level it out, and crash land as gently as that description allows into the ectoplasmically constructed world. My craft coarsely skids across the rock and sand landscape, until it begins to glide to a stop within the ectoplasm that loses its structure, turning into a translucent slime against the reality of my craft. Some pieces return to form, others remain upon my craft, dripping and oozing.

I pause for a moment to assess the situation.

I open the door craft into the eerie calm of this otherworldly supernatural planet. The chill of death has set into permafrost. I try to power up my armor to shield me from the cold, but nothing happens. I will my civilian clothes to enhance to suit the conditions, and pull up my new hood. I jump down onto the ground. My scarf and long coat blow in the icy winds. I see a cave calling out to me a short distance away. The inside is darkened to an eternal blackness. I stand at the cusp of the cave entrance. The winds of death encircle me. Suddenly, I begin to slide; the darkness, pulling me in. I fight against it, but it’s no use. I’m enveloped by the effervescent absence of the cave. I feel myself falling.

“It all began centuries ago, when two planets fought for a third, but when the battle reached its plateau, a horrific phenomenon occurred. As both sides engaged their greatest device, the planet caught betwixt was turned to ice. Those on either side, on each warring world immediately died as clouds slowly swirled.
Their souls were not to stay on the land that was their home. All the death was brought to the center, and set in psychic permafrost. From then on, any ship traveling past would be bombarded by immense psychic and ethereal waves, often losing power, disengaging warp speed. Too many were too close to the source, and were never heard from again. Two entire planets died by one giant moment in their mutual history, the battle for control over a planet that passed between them. The immense energy from that battle destroyed two planets, and turned a third into an uninhabitable ice world.”

I strike upon the cold icy ground at the lip of a new cave. Outside, there is a field of imposing ice sickles, serrated waves of punishes ethereal ice. Mist covers the ground. I begin to walk out of the cave when an energy blast lands beside me, and the force slams me into a cave wall. That was a gravity sphere. I look up to see where it came from and then I see it: The death of countless beings. The death of me. That which I can no longer become. The omega surge suit. My suit; made of a solid translucent green. Ethereal armor shimmering in the dim sunlight. Ephemeral smoke emanates out from each detail of it. Uncanny horror strikes my mind.

I run towards it, but eye lasers cut in front of my path and stop me short. I stand in place for a second until I see it get ready to fire the surge bullets. I take off running in the opposite direction into the cover of the ice fields. Huge pillars and sheets of ice crash and fall down around and behind me. The barrage stops.

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  1. That is really insightful. It provided me some ideas and I’ll be posting them on my blog shortly. I’m bookmarking your website and I’ll be back again. Thank you again!

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