Gravity Surge Chronality

It has come to my attention that it’s rather difficult to determine the exact order of the Gravity Surge stories, and so I’m making a post to set the chronology of it all strait, or, as near as I can make it. So, here it is, from the start:

The Outside I, II
Crook and Flail
Outset I, II
(Bound to Death I, II, III) [This is the planet where the Hellbeast came from]
The Hellbeast I, II
(Uncharted Planet I, II, III) [Celrdrrun has a solo adventure, where he attains his Fluorographic weapon systems that he upgraded his suit with, and cloak and cape that incite him nerveless]
Celrdrrun I, II
Planet Bug I, II, III, IV
(Exploration: Cosmos ) [Learn about Ybrant’s earlier days, long before he founded The Prophets of the Last Eclipse]
The Networked I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII
Intransigent I, II
By the Grace of Green I, II, III
Revengeance I, II
Disease of Machinery I, II
Queen of the Müün I, II, III
In the Blackest of Space I, II

This is the first time I’ve looked at them in order myself, save for a general idea in my head, and so there may be extensive edits in the coming weeks (In the Blackest of Space [the first Gravity Surge story, written before I decided that the character works better in solitary, like myself] has already seen the effects of this). Take this minor reprieve as a chance to catch up with where things are in time! Also, to look forward to Revengeance! It’s a bloody one!
Then, Reflections; how does Grav deal with all that has happened so far? How does he deal with losing his beliefs in The Queen of the Müün?
What happens In the Blackest of Space? Will it be the first as well as the final Gravity Surge story?

What does the future have in store for me? There’s only one way to find out: keep checking back here, true believers!

This has also been made as a Page, check it out under the About the Author and About the Site pages to your right!

3 Responses to “Gravity Surge Chronality”

  1. Wow: Reminder to myself to never link to my own pages like this in a post again, that pingback stuff is wack!

  2. lol, good job.

    I must say. I didn’t even know all of these stories were apart of the overall story. I only thought it began at Celrdrrun, lol

  3. it is great to know how they all piece together finally. I’m excited for the missing parts!

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