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The Intruders III

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 28, 2011 by GuNNhead

I explore the wreckage on the ground of my home world. Much of the crafts are still intact. I wonder what I can use them for. I transverse through the atmosphere, and down into one of the expired wrecks. I walk down the blasted metallic hallways, scouring, thinking, planning. I turn down each pathway that leads me to the centre, the main portion left intact. It’s a heavily re-enforced room. Perhaps a secret weapon of some sort. I punch the door in, and enter the large area. A factory storage room of some sort. Sharply angled metal litters the floor, broken cages and crates among them. There’s life in here, survived the crash.

A roar pierces my eardrums, and I’m sideswiped by a large steel tail. I hit a metal box, and see the owner of the tail charge at me. Its large jaws open, intent on taking more than a small chunk out of me. I’m able to place my foot and hand properly to keep the jaw from closing on me. The tyrannosaur’s chromed metallic teeth glint in the factory lights above us. Why in the hell did they have to make it a cyborg. I charge up a gravity sphere, prepared to take its head off, or at least fry its inner circuitry; another set of metallic teeth grab my arm, biting it off. My burning blood removes the flesh from the underlying steel, but it consumes the arm anyway, uncaring and oblivious to pain. I kick the one in front of me, and it tumbles backwards. A third one comes out from the other side, and chomps at me; I jump to avoid it, and stick to the ceiling, within the rafters. Missiles and lasers chase me, scorching the ceiling, exploding beside me, throwing me back to the ground, and once again they’re on the attack, charging towards me. I control the gravity of two crates on either side of the charging meshes of monster and machine. They explode in a ball of fire; blood and oil mixing, coming from the narrow space left. The sounds of gurgling and whirring can be heard over the fire. The third makes it around the barrier, hunger visible in its glowing robotic eyes.

[Activate: Gravity Sphere]

The blast launches into the tyrannosaur, but it powers through it, skinless and meatless afterwards, never slowing.

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

As it rushes at me, I slide underneath it, cutting its entire body in half. The two halves skid across the floor. I fly upwards, and smash through the ceiling. I know there are a few more of these storage containers still intact. I can’t tell how many of those things are in them all, however… Over the next short while, I gather up the intact portions of the ships containing these storage cells, creating a graveyard deep within one of the rain forest jungles of my world. With that, I set the mergers of machine and flesh free. 15 of them in total were left. I observe them from a distance. Without me, their target within range, they act normally. Milling about, roaming in their new environment. I can kill them another time.

The Intruders II

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 25, 2011 by GuNNhead

“I demand answers.”
“You have been given your warning, and we were met with violence. You are a danger to everything that exists.”
“I am everything that exists.”
“Stand down, you are to be tried for your crimes against Ousniss, and the entire multiversity. Your loose ties with one of the former lead explorationists of The Network hold no ground. The Network has sanctioned this trial, and, if no trial is to be had, the sentence is death, for you are known guilty.”
“I cannot die, and no prison could hold me. Do not try to stop me, or you will be met with the same death that has befallen all others who crossed my path.”
“Now you listen here, nobody! I am Admiral Nomton Q. Linsote of Ousniss military! You are being charged with the destruction of the planet Ousniss, as well as Protectrobot, guardian of Ousniss’ entire home galaxy!”
“Hmm. This is starting to sound familiar…Oh! That giant robot I tossed into a giant bunker full of missiles! That was a good day for me.”
“Well it wasn’t for the people you killed, especially after Protectrobot stopped the invaders searching for those very missiles and resources you destroyed.”
“I really don’t think you are the one to be able to judge that. Besides, I received a distress beacon, and was responding to it.”
“It does not matter what transmission you intercepted, what’s done is done. Answer for your crimes, or die.”
“It was a mistake. I cannot help that I am driven to death. Forgive me, or perish.”
“No. The sentence is death if not imprisonment.”
“I plan on staying on my planet for the time being.’
“That’s simply not good enough.”
“Very well. I wish you the best, if you believe in an afterlife.”

[Activate: Gravity Blade]

I slice into everyone on the control deck in a matter of seconds.
“Network. I only mean the best. Death is what I do. Send more after me, and there will only be more death, and that you will be responsible for.” My message is heard.

[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]

From within the confines of the craft, I fire through half the armada. Flying out into space, I kick the second and last in the leading three command ships. It spins off into the flanks behind it, exploding each of them, and, in turn, itself exploding. I tear into the hulls of the smaller remaining starfighters, pulling out the people inside, exposing them to the death of space. Some of them, I expose their intestines in conjunction with the vacuum. The way they freeze in a different way each time is a thing of beauty. I remember this each and every time I rip into their abdomens, dragging them by their entrails out, occasionally tossing their bodies at other crafts, to see the splatter upon the solar shields, and the faces of those soon to be dead inside. I throw gravity spheres at the final few, and they shower me with sparks and light. The lost lives inside mean nothing.

Surrounded by death, I am myself once more.

The Intruders I

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 23, 2011 by GuNNhead

During one of the many sunrises I spend atop the ridge, an unknown craft rockets down from the sky, bursting through the aurora cloudline, and hovers just below it. Tac Missiles fire from it towards me. They land in the dead center of my chest, forcing my reflections to stop, and send me flying backwards down the mountain, into the forest at the base. My body smashes through trees, splintering them, toppling them over, and I finally land in the dirt and grass. Hmm, true violence. Ignorance. Not led by instinct or drive, but by choice. There is no end to such a black purpose save their own. A drive kicks in, deep within my mind. Kill. My blood begins to boil black. My veins ignite and burn with circuitry through my flesh as an explosion of light forms the outline to my armor before solidifying. A surge of gravity crushes the surrounding trees left standing to the ground. My vision blurs, shaking for a brief moment. Electrical arc discharges flow and spark the atmosphere around my body. I climb over a fallen trunk of a knocked over majestic, aged tree, and my eyes glow a deep red towards this intruder. A voice emits from the ship.

“You are the Gravity Surge.” I walk towards the craft.
“Your power has been categorized, and you are a danger to the entire multiversity.”

I have all the time in the universe, and yet I have no patience for this. A new death. I raise my hand, and focus my gravity powers. I crush the vessel, and see the blood of the bodies inside squirt out. I watch as it falls out of the sky, and slams into the desert floor. I jump down off the mountain onto hot sand, and walk towards the bleeding craft. ‘Ousniss’ is written upon the side. Doesn’t ring a bell. I begin to tear off pieces of the metallic hull, looking to see the gore within of crushed fools who thought they could dare come to my planet. There’s nothing to see but a fine, liquid paste. I smash the machine over and over, smaller bits break off with every hit. It’s as if I’m killing a cyborg, this mix of flesh and machine. For the first time in a long time, I smile as the blood splashes upon me in repeated bursts. But this small joy was not to last…

More bliss was on the horizon. An entire Armarda. All for me. From my place on the ground, covered in blood, I take to the air, bearing straight towards the burning warships entering the atmosphere. I smash through the entirety of the first one in the trilogy of commanding starfighters, explosions and fiery decompression following close behind. As the burning wreckage makes its way to the desert below, I veer towards the second ship, but am knocked back by cannon fire towards the third ship. I crash through it, stopping at the final hull on the opposite side. Most of the walls seal themselves. I stand, brush myself off, and walk towards the control deck. Soldiers pour out of their battlestations towards me. Their phaser blasts leave me… entirely unphased. A small few allow me to get close enough, while the intelligent keep their distance in retreat. The slower ones use their physical training, to no avail. Skills mean little without the power behind them. I receive a kick to the side, and punch the bestower’s entire right shoulder into a misty cloud of blood. He falls on his arm, and I step over him. The next few, still in fighting stance, their confidence shaken can barely move. I smash hit the one to my right with my forearm in the chest, and his blood explodes against the cold steel wall. The one in front, I kick in the stomach, and more splatter coats the hallway. I continue to walk, blasts flying around me once more, chasing them all the way into the control deck. Inside, they are in communications with The Network.
I interrupt their conversation of panic.


Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 21, 2011 by GuNNhead

I disengage the suit, and clothe myself in a more… human attire, cloth. I adopt a flowing scarf, it pacifies my mind to feel it swirl and flow with the wind. I attempt to live among the new growth, to become one of the living, a natural occurrence upon the planet. I walk through forests, and the creatures eye me suspiciously. They’ve never seen anything like me before, and react with aversion. Can they feel the death within me? Gut them. Rip their peering eyes out and feed them their own distrusting visions. I wander for years, through forests, over ravines, with dense jungles. It is not uncommon that I become prey to creatures that still feel hunger, something I cannot do. I need not to activate the armor to deal with them. With my bare hands, their vitals splash the ground. Their hollow bodies splash against trees, rocks, and occasionally other members of their hunting pack. I, on occasion, invite these roaming packs of dinosaurs or wolves, lions, fanged elephants to encroach upon me. It’s almost humorous how little they can compete with my power. Not to say that I do not let them feel power, over the course of time, my cloak becomes tattered, and I enjoy it more. The small things in life. Their claws, descending from the hidden branches, or toe-talons leapt from the ground have torn into me, searing them with my burning blood. When not in the suit, it does not bubble forth from the wound, but simply flows, boiling still. The innards of these creatures are easily cleansed from my body via electrical charges.

Curse it all. All I have is life, and yet death is what drives me to life, endlessly, pointlessly. Am I driven to death because it is what I cannot have, or because I can find only nothingness in life, and have embodied it internally, wanting to be nothingness. A side effect of the Gravity Surge’s immense, incalculable powers. Powers that are far beyond my comprehension. No; the drive of death is the Gravity Surge’s power. My mind, my mortal mind must still adapt, and cope with these powers.

Result or cause: Does it really matter in the final analysis? My life has become something I can never hope to comprehend, a single path in a meaningless ether. And yet, it is I who gained these powers…

It is all meaningless. My powers, the cosmos, it is all emptiness and isolation. But life… it is the ability to ascribe meaning to pure and simple being. We do what we have to do.

Eventually I find myself atop the tallest summit in the land. It looks over a vast and expansive desert, but behind it, a giant forest. In the distance: mountains, snow and mountains. The contrast in these areas, so close, I become aware that it is a nice place to stand, to think. This place offers the most variety in views. As I stand atop this peak and look over my world, my Loameria, I can only think of how it all looks the same. Everything. Landscapes, they all have their elements. I hate them all. Looking over the majestic rolling mountain tops, the open plains, the dense forests, or the deepest valleys. I can only feel boredom and apathy for this planet that I had once abandoned; inadvertently caused the destruction of. It didn’t matter, life found a way. That action, however, could not restore my past. Nothing can. I am eternally as I am, anything else is a lie. I am unsure if I ever felt anything other than this abyss of emptiness. I want to believe that I must have, before the Gravity Surge, but cannot recall any instance of it. My life is a death eternal. I will die until the end of time. I do not know when that is, but I hold hope that it is soon. Days and nights flow over me.

Return to the Craft

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 18, 2011 by GuNNhead

I, however, remain dead inside. Unreplenished by a monumental duration embedded deep within a subriguous prison.

I return to the ground where my city once stood, now covered with evergreens and creatures I’d never seen before, new. Perhaps new to the universe, but it doesn’t matter. Before long they will die, and be replaced by new evolutionary forms. Maybe one day the proper elements will come into play, and history will repeat itself. If I wait long enough, will the city rebuild itself, and will it be as it was, an alternate history? No. I remove the thought from my head. A new one appears. My craft. Where has it been this long while? Has it been a long while?

I take to the stratosphere, and hone in on it. It’s easily found, untouched by the ravages of time, floating among debris. I enter into it, and check the date. Almost no time at all has passed since I entered the time/space anomaly. A few hours. It’s still in bad shape, panels missing, exposed wires. It’ll take a short while to repair itself, but still, I would like to land it upon Loamerian soil. The last constructed remnants of Loamerian manufacturing, however augmented by the effects of the Gravity Surge as it may be. The main engines are damaged, not to mention countless other odds and ends; it most certainly won’t be able to travel to other planets in this state, the Russell-Flettner drive is burned out. At least it’ll be able to manage standard planetary circumnavigation, for the time being. I engage the controls, and sparks fly out at me. It’ll be fine, just taking her in for a landing, nothing fancy.

I bring it in low across the ocean for a landing in a large meadow near where my city would be, when, up from the depths, a giant crocodile-like creature leaps out of the ocean, and catches it in its immense jaws. The hull begins to crack and cave in. I put the thrusters into full reverse, breaking off the holding teeth, backing down into its esophagus, and the engines burn out. I hear the throat of the giant beast working, bringing me down into the stomach. I blast a hole in the door, and exit the craft before the acid can burn through me. I exit out somewhere from the chest, deep below the water; yet it continues to swim, contented in the meal, barely noticing the pinhole sized opening I made for my escape.

I power towards it, and grab it by the tail. I do this with ease, and swing it once into the air, tossing it into a forest on the land. It moves awkwardly, with limbs made for the water. It tries to get its bearing, roaring and thrashing about. I toss a few gravity spheres at it, but they hardly get though its thick, scaly hide. Though they did gain its attentions, and it sees me, performing an impressive lunge it captures me in its jaws again. This time, however, I am without my ship, where I can focus my energies. I hold open its jaw with one hand, and with the other, fire the Quantum Destroyer: a steady stream of energy blasts out the back of its brains across the land, and it goes limp.

I walk down its throat, and into the stomach. There are a few shark and squid like creatures in there, burning alongside my poor craft. I blast them off, and take hold of it, dragging it back out of the croc’s mouth. Opening the gigantic maw, I notice that it landed in the exact meadow I had intended on landing in. Not really seeing any point on dragging my craft out further, I prop the underbitten jaw open, and set my craft to repair itself. Then, I head back out to explore this new old world.