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Octo-Spidey(/Spock) Wallpaper

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Octo-Spidey Wallpaper

Time to Go

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Time to Go

Wizard-man: Time Moron

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In a time before time, there exists a creature that is neither man nor dinosaur. A vicious beast, mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth, and a brain to use them with maximum efficiency. Soon, however, they developed the concept of time. Things were just more convenient and easier to organize. Well, in any case, these creatures existed, and they looked pretty cool, I seen ’em.
Me? I’m just a traveler, a wizard, a chronicler of chronicles within the chronosphere. I’m a phantom, a shadow, a hero, and a nobody.
Okay, so these dinosaur things, that’s where I’m at now… Come to think of it, they’re cool, but not very interesting. I’ve seen things eating other things, yeah. I mean, these guys are super punctual about it and everything… Got some cool clothes. Tails are something I haven’t much thought about, but assuredly the tailors here have. Just astonishing. If I felt tails were comfortable, I so woulda picked up more accessories. Illusions don’t last between dimensions. Use what you got, magic man.

Ooo, another bunch of things that were cool, land jellyfish. So many colors, just gliding in the sky. I try to observe and document random interesting slices of intelligent life, and while they didn’t seem capable of much, further exploration revealed huge constructed structures, synthesized materials. There was much that defied immediate explanation. Infiltration proved useful, observing color patterns facilitated entry to their documentation on the matter.
They had learned how to release spores, control lesser creatures via burrowing int the nervous system, infecting them. Using the physically more robust as their conduit to interact physically, while staying airbourne, untouched. Then, of course, eventually enveloping and digesting their ignorant slace. Just amazing.

Anyway, I think that’s enough of my fine documentation! Congratulations, Wizard-Man on your first entry and these two boss cultures! Geeze I’m awesome, Encyclopaedia du Wizard will be shined on throughout forever as the ultimate in-depth compendium of all the most interesting cultures I come across.

Wizard-Man: Space Moron

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The compendium continues! Exciting new species, creatures, and social structures as yet unheard of!
The socialness of trees. Oh, my, what a breath of fresh air, it cannot be compared, refreshing and exhilarating. A feel of the seasons. For these beings wherin I assumed their form, there was but a major misstep if miscalculation on my part, that could only have come from experience. Or prior study, but that is not the nature of my nature, naturally, I am an explorer to the utmost! Now, into here it must be spoken that these Trees are rather stationary, and so, assuming the appearance of one, to and adaption of magic, at a grown state, rustles their jimmies, as it were. So, in doing, so I had caused uproar. It was soon I realized my folly, and quickly vanished from the exact region of such. It was to my pleasure that I had found that these tree-beings, or, perhaps, Treebings, were not undergroundly rooted to each other, there was no central knowledge. Hitherfore, applying my learnings, I could begin magically as a rogue seed, unnoticed underground, and arise to communicate. After few years of this, however, I found all of their conversations inexorably dull, and burnt my bushel of a self down in a stunning display of magicity.

Now, continuing on in the ways of journey, one can only ascertain so much of close-quarters interaction, the nitty-gritty of society, without the use of language. It was in this predicament I currently found myself. A new planet, of entirely alien creatures. I had managed to adopt form upon my utilization of my magics, and scour habitats, determine styles, architecture, history, worldwide conditions, etc. But, this interesting culture, upon the crux, would prove impossible to infiltrate and understand. Their current language was impervious to my spells’ understanding. Surrounded, and misunderstanding can turn from awkward to violent with no understanding of an opportunity to excuse oneself towards another dimension. In secret. Yet, here, I, the ever intrepid explorer of all, Wizard-Man, another step closer to his encyclopaedic story of cultures abound! Now, a preoccupation. Their gurgles and spurts shake me internally. I wonder if they can nary understand themselves. Perhaps it is not so much a language, as a form of incomprehensible acoustic dance; tones and sounds of an intrinsic nature to their physiology, rather than physiognomy. Not listening, but feeling. I must think to my spells; what could work on these alien creatures? Much of them is resistant to my magic, consisting of far too different physics. I may have, or, actually did, really, travel out of my elements here.
Otherwise, as I fade into the background, they seem amicable amongst each other.
Surprised, attention drawn to me, I fear for my life. All eyes focused on me, shouts and jeers hold my fears; incomprehensible. I flailed my vocal chords into success, and attained a pleasurable beverage.
Not long after, I am free.

Wizard-Man: Preface

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It must be noted, that, as a Wizard of master class, I have mastery over many things. One of these is the written word, it is a pleasurable pastime of mine. So, one who is reading this, this is a direct instruction from myself. I repeat myself this once. This preface is a direct instruction from myself, a warning if you will, to be followed or risk peril. As a writer and one who has read, I must instruct you, the reader of this encyclopaedic chronologized story, must not re-read passages until you have come to the complete end of the entry. I know it is possible for a readership’s mind to wander, pass by passages of the story arc being told, mindlessly wander over words. On what I hope is most occasions, this reader would have the proclivity to return, backtracking over the lost words, finding a familiar one, and continuing relatively unscathed. However, this book is different from all others, there is no going back. Leave the words behind if you have faltered. It is too late for you. Continue on until the end. You may, then, re-read the full entry from the beginning. This direction is a necessity, for these are the words of a Wizard. A spell is to be caste.

Further notes on this work include but are not limited to, ingestion, digestion, retention, liquidation, liquefaction, spaghettifacation, and rumination. Heretofore seen in differing regards, as per stipulations on the procedures one may be ill-defined. To be succinct, it is not to be thought of, in terms that can be related. The terminology used was not advised in this very instance, and so has been rendered obtuse. Seeing as this is the case, these notes require no notation.

In accordance with the magic used in the process of travel, it is impossible to determine if any of the events depicted in this work are real, past present or future, or created and altered by magic. Any similarity to any being living, dead, or otherwise is merely coincidental, or the work of an evil, unknowable third-party that has created the similarities for sinister ends and untold purposes.

A final stipulation, that has yet to be stated upon the declaration of this preface’s intent speaks towards a new whole of litigations and (word like stipulations). This, is, as it would be bound in volumes, in entitled as a title of finality. This coda, associating and according to wizards and the wizardly, is a prime example toward spellcastes and spellcasters of any sort. This brand, listen towards an attempt at classification, can only be taken in a serious and odious tone, for all others, oafish, foolish, and humorous, will result in end harm. This is to refer of the deathlike variation. Concurrently, this printing is banned from interdimensional publication. If you do not believe this copy you currently hold was created in its dimension of origin, please contact your nearest interdimensional authorities at your nearest convenience.