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Void Egest II

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on June 10, 2022 by GuNNhead

[Activate:: Gravity Blades]

I launch myself at the one directly in front of me, the largest of them. It somehow manages to deflect my attack. I should have cut right through it. Nearly past it, I spin backwards while inside of its defenses and manage to slice all the way through it. Below the rib cage, no spinal contact. It drops, squealing and thrashing about, it won’t be going far with its guts splashed on the forest floor.

[Activate:: Gravity Bullets]

Facing the rest, I jump backwards to keep my distance and fire. Another attack that should have torn right through them only knocked one down, the other blasts are blocked or barely even damaged them at all. Two of them split off into the forest, while the remaining 3 converge on me. I leap over one, and try to take off its head, I make it through the flesh, but my blade gets caught on the spine, and I’m taken to the ground as it falls. The other 2 take this opportunity to repeatedly stab at my torso. I roll to the right and slice the Achilles tendons of one of them, leaping back up to my feet. Bleeding profusely, I had forgotten what life had felt of, trapped for so long among eternal monstrosities. I am eternal. Life is so simple, so short, and on an inescapable collision course with its own end. I can feel it, like a memory forgotten at the back of my mind. I am cut off from from the spiral towards entropy. The drive to end life. I walk towards the creature on the ground, place my foot on its head, sinking its snapping jaws into the dirt, and grab it by the forearms, pulling. The arms tear off and spray me with its blood as the skull is crushed. I had forgotten this brutal simplicity. I close my eyes and feel my body pierce the other creature with the severed limbs. I feel the life leave its body as it collapses, just as I feel one of the final two creatures stab through me again. My hand grabs onto the snout and I push back against it with my other hand, dragging its spine out of its body along with its its head. The claws slide out of me when it collapses. he final one is found, and beaten to death, blow after blow, fist after fist, its heart keeps beating and pounding while I am continually stabbed in the sides and back until there is nothing but a mulch of dirt and bloody remains.

I stand, and continue forward in the direction of that light I had seen before. A dome. I make it a good while and begin to see daylight before I succumb to my wounds and hit the ground, but I cannot die…

When I awaken, I can see I’m not far from some sort of giant metallic structure overgrown with plantlife. It looks like it’s been here a long time. I try to think of how long I may have been gone, trapped outside of reality in a nameless dimension where elder gods ruled supreme, but it’s of no use. I focus on the now. This thing is on my planet. I leap to the top of a nearby tree to get a better look, and the sight encompasses my entire vision. It’s a giant city inside a dome. Huge extended feet support it, and countless pipes and tubes derive from it, digging deep into Loamerian soil.

Void Egest I

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on June 3, 2022 by GuNNhead

It has been days now since I’ve been expelled back into my dimension, back onto Loamerian soil. Somehow, my powers have been greatly diminished, locked away. Flight reduced to leaps, wells nigh-impossible to produce. I believed it temporary, a leftover from my return, but it has become obvious I must make my way back to my craft and discover the cause. It also has a deep connection to the Gravity Surge, together we were trapped in hyperspace, within that misty othergrey. It’s form and core, also altered by its time within that nowhere to be found dimension. Now, in a deep, humid jungle, I know where I am, and while I cannot sense it, I know that I left it on the other side of the world. It will take days to make it there in my current condition, if I can still run fast enough over water. I can’t afford to stay here on this continent with the cyborgs while in my condition.

It is nightfall when I reach land and first notice a faint glow off in the distance. But it cannot be my craft, I am still a few thousand kilometers away from where I left it, inside of a giant skull. Who or what could it be? How did it get here, through my gravitational anomaly? Could life have evolved that far while I’ve been gone? As I get closer I can see it’s from a large dom– I’m slammed mid-thought in mid-air back down through the cool forest, and I splash into the ground. Peering through the coniferous treetops I see what appears to be a giant jeholopterus circling the area, with a few others in the periphery and higher altitudes. I decide to travel the rest of the way under tree cover, I’d rather not risk getting an arm taken off by one, no clue what my healing ability is like.

Before I can take my first step, I notice something moving in the forest. As I scan the undergrowth to determine the source of the rustling, a beast springs out of the darkness from the opposite direction, clamping its jaws down on my forearm. The spray of my boiling black blood is enough to melt its face and eyes, as well as loosen its grip enough for me to get away, but not enough to deter it in any way. It continues towards me, slashing and snarling, when two more bi-pedal entelodonts leap out at me from either side. I manage to stumble back to avoid them, but they deftly slide by each other without colliding. I’m only able to put a few feet between us when I make it to a small clearing, and 3 more emerge from the dark, scythe-like front hooves shining in the moonlight. Snorts and grunts exuding mists of condensation out into the cool air, drool pouring out of their giant fanged, tusked snouts. Their gaze, synchronous beady eyes interrogating my stance. Slowly they circle, awaiting their chance to strike. I won’t give them the chance.

Spider-Man Black and White Wallpaper

Posted in Fiction on January 21, 2022 by GuNNhead

From the cover of Spectacular Spider-Man #101, expanded out the lines, etc. I had made this long ago, but lost it. This remake is not as good, but is good enough.

Spider-Man Black and White wallpaper

Spider-Man “The Spot” Wallpaper

Posted in Fiction on January 17, 2022 by GuNNhead

From the cover of Peter Parker Spider-Man #99, always thought it would make a great wallpaper.

Spider-Man Spot wall


Posted in Fiction, Horror, Western on October 11, 2019 by GuNNhead

As their own train pulls around a bend on a treacherous mountain track, the pressure in the cart becomes too much, and an officer quickly reaches down to pick a random book up off of the small coffee table. They open up and begin reading at a random page, only to find a more sorry group of soldiers on a similar set of tracks…

“As the hand cart pulls around the bend on the treacherous mountain track, the officer quickly rechecks their Thompson submachinegun. They bellow out to their comrades “Remember now, only shoot the hands, ain’t nothing else matter save the hands.” It is met with silence when a small pile of shot up bodies is seen to the side of the track laying in the sun. The officer immediately opens fire, exploding hand after hand of the decomposing corpses with bursts of bullets. The whole magazine is expelled before they realize that no one else of the 5 armed forces were firing, and that the ranking soldier had been attempting to stop them. “Enough! Next time hold your fire until my say so, Lieutenant.” “Sorry, Captain, but I know what I saw.”

They turn the small carts lights on once they cross the threshold of the lip of the tunnels and continue forward into the darkness. When the light of the entrance fades into the distance around the corner, the cart slows to a halt, illuminating a huge pile of dead troopers and civilians blocking their path forward. A gun takes aim “On your orders, Captain…”

“Alright, you two are with me, you two stay here, stay ready to reverse this thing. Lieutenant, stay here and keep your finger off the trigger. Lights on.” They all turn on their various flashlights, one handheld, two helmet mounted, two gun-mounted, and the one on the Lieutenants’ shoulder.

Getting closer, they can see people, grasping and climbing their way out of the bodypile, and soon hear voices. The three walk closer and closer to investigate as the lieutenant grows more and more anxious. The voices begin to take shape as words form beyond the moans, cries for help, being chased, some screaming to shoot at the heads or hearts. Soon full figures have crawled out of the pile and make their way towards them. The captain keeps their light trained on one the the figures faces, noticing the damage, and the unmoving mouth. They then pan the flashlight down to a nearer body that is pinned upside down, with an outstretched hand only to watch in horror as the palm opens up to reveal an all-too-human mouth, calling for help with the others, saying to aim for the heads. The terror shoots down and back up their spine before they are able to give the order to fire, but by then the hand had already disconnected from its host and leapt toward the captain. The other two soldiers fire blindly into the crowd as they run backwards towards the cart. The lieutenant covers them, “I told you idiots, the hands! Don’t listen to them, the hands!” One of them is grabbed and falls, getting dogpiled while the other makes it back to the cart, yelling at them to go, which they’ve already begun. They rapidly see the entrance, but unfortunately silhouetted figures shamble towards the cart, and echoing voices call out to them from that direction.

The End”

The officer reading the book closes it. “Such rubbish…” they mutter to themselves under their breath. A tunnel is entered, and the cart grows dark. The lieutenant swears they can hear fingers gently tapping on their window as if waiting for something. They try to put it our of their mind, and close their eyes. The sound of the train’s squealing breaks is heard from inside the darkness.