Wizard-Man: Space Moron

The compendium continues! Exciting new species, creatures, and social structures as yet unheard of!
The socialness of trees. Oh, my, what a breath of fresh air, it cannot be compared, refreshing and exhilarating. A feel of the seasons. For these beings wherin I assumed their form, there was but a major misstep if miscalculation on my part, that could only have come from experience. Or prior study, but that is not the nature of my nature, naturally, I am an explorer to the utmost! Now, into here it must be spoken that these Trees are rather stationary, and so, assuming the appearance of one, to and adaption of magic, at a grown state, rustles their jimmies, as it were. So, in doing, so I had caused uproar. It was soon I realized my folly, and quickly vanished from the exact region of such. It was to my pleasure that I had found that these tree-beings, or, perhaps, Treebings, were not undergroundly rooted to each other, there was no central knowledge. Hitherfore, applying my learnings, I could begin magically as a rogue seed, unnoticed underground, and arise to communicate. After few years of this, however, I found all of their conversations inexorably dull, and burnt my bushel of a self down in a stunning display of magicity.

Now, continuing on in the ways of journey, one can only ascertain so much of close-quarters interaction, the nitty-gritty of society, without the use of language. It was in this predicament I currently found myself. A new planet, of entirely alien creatures. I had managed to adopt form upon my utilization of my magics, and scour habitats, determine styles, architecture, history, worldwide conditions, etc. But, this interesting culture, upon the crux, would prove impossible to infiltrate and understand. Their current language was impervious to my spells’ understanding. Surrounded, and misunderstanding can turn from awkward to violent with no understanding of an opportunity to excuse oneself towards another dimension. In secret. Yet, here, I, the ever intrepid explorer of all, Wizard-Man, another step closer to his encyclopaedic story of cultures abound! Now, a preoccupation. Their gurgles and spurts shake me internally. I wonder if they can nary understand themselves. Perhaps it is not so much a language, as a form of incomprehensible acoustic dance; tones and sounds of an intrinsic nature to their physiology, rather than physiognomy. Not listening, but feeling. I must think to my spells; what could work on these alien creatures? Much of them is resistant to my magic, consisting of far too different physics. I may have, or, actually did, really, travel out of my elements here.
Otherwise, as I fade into the background, they seem amicable amongst each other.
Surprised, attention drawn to me, I fear for my life. All eyes focused on me, shouts and jeers hold my fears; incomprehensible. I flailed my vocal chords into success, and attained a pleasurable beverage.
Not long after, I am free.

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