Wizard-man: Time Moron

In a time before time, there exists a creature that is neither man nor dinosaur. A vicious beast, mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth, and a brain to use them with maximum efficiency. Soon, however, they developed the concept of time. Things were just more convenient and easier to organize. Well, in any case, these creatures existed, and they looked pretty cool, I seen ’em.
Me? I’m just a traveler, a wizard, a chronicler of chronicles within the chronosphere. I’m a phantom, a shadow, a hero, and a nobody.
Okay, so these dinosaur things, that’s where I’m at now… Come to think of it, they’re cool, but not very interesting. I’ve seen things eating other things, yeah. I mean, these guys are super punctual about it and everything… Got some cool clothes. Tails are something I haven’t much thought about, but assuredly the tailors here have. Just astonishing. If I felt tails were comfortable, I so woulda picked up more accessories. Illusions don’t last between dimensions. Use what you got, magic man.

Ooo, another bunch of things that were cool, land jellyfish. So many colors, just gliding in the sky. I try to observe and document random interesting slices of intelligent life, and while they didn’t seem capable of much, further exploration revealed huge constructed structures, synthesized materials. There was much that defied immediate explanation. Infiltration proved useful, observing color patterns facilitated entry to their documentation on the matter.
They had learned how to release spores, control lesser creatures via burrowing int the nervous system, infecting them. Using the physically more robust as their conduit to interact physically, while staying airbourne, untouched. Then, of course, eventually enveloping and digesting their ignorant slace. Just amazing.

Anyway, I think that’s enough of my fine documentation! Congratulations, Wizard-Man on your first entry and these two boss cultures! Geeze I’m awesome, Encyclopaedia du Wizard will be shined on throughout forever as the ultimate in-depth compendium of all the most interesting cultures I come across.

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