Wizard-Man: Preface

It must be noted, that, as a Wizard of master class, I have mastery over many things. One of these is the written word, it is a pleasurable pastime of mine. So, one who is reading this, this is a direct instruction from myself. I repeat myself this once. This preface is a direct instruction from myself, a warning if you will, to be followed or risk peril. As a writer and one who has read, I must instruct you, the reader of this encyclopaedic chronologized story, must not re-read passages until you have come to the complete end of the entry. I know it is possible for a readership’s mind to wander, pass by passages of the story arc being told, mindlessly wander over words. On what I hope is most occasions, this reader would have the proclivity to return, backtracking over the lost words, finding a familiar one, and continuing relatively unscathed. However, this book is different from all others, there is no going back. Leave the words behind if you have faltered. It is too late for you. Continue on until the end. You may, then, re-read the full entry from the beginning. This direction is a necessity, for these are the words of a Wizard. A spell is to be caste.

Further notes on this work include but are not limited to, ingestion, digestion, retention, liquidation, liquefaction, spaghettifacation, and rumination. Heretofore seen in differing regards, as per stipulations on the procedures one may be ill-defined. To be succinct, it is not to be thought of, in terms that can be related. The terminology used was not advised in this very instance, and so has been rendered obtuse. Seeing as this is the case, these notes require no notation.

In accordance with the magic used in the process of travel, it is impossible to determine if any of the events depicted in this work are real, past present or future, or created and altered by magic. Any similarity to any being living, dead, or otherwise is merely coincidental, or the work of an evil, unknowable third-party that has created the similarities for sinister ends and untold purposes.

A final stipulation, that has yet to be stated upon the declaration of this preface’s intent speaks towards a new whole of litigations and (word like stipulations). This, is, as it would be bound in volumes, in entitled as a title of finality. This coda, associating and according to wizards and the wizardly, is a prime example toward spellcastes and spellcasters of any sort. This brand, listen towards an attempt at classification, can only be taken in a serious and odious tone, for all others, oafish, foolish, and humorous, will result in end harm. This is to refer of the deathlike variation. Concurrently, this printing is banned from interdimensional publication. If you do not believe this copy you currently hold was created in its dimension of origin, please contact your nearest interdimensional authorities at your nearest convenience.

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