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Posted in Fiction, Uncategorized on November 20, 2009 by GuNNhead

Batman strikes me as “being alone.” It’s like he just took out a mob boss in his highrise, and now he’s just kind of playing it out in his head how well everything went, congratulating himself while waiting for the police to arrive, because he needs to talk to Commissioner Gordon about another case he’s working on.
“He’s a reflection of the limitless possibility of man, and while some are dissuaded by him because they see egotism in that (These may be the same people who are disgusted by the pride of man) there are others who revel in it, because it reminds them “So what if Superman is Kryptonian and can fly! So what if the Flash is a Metahuman and can run fast! Batman is human! Just like me! And he’s awesome! So I can be awesome!””

Well, still look at him, he looks like a junkie, living only in virtual reality. He is completely isolated and alone, so he puts all his time and money into that game, completely living off it, eBay for items, etc.. It’s not a lot of money, so he has this craphole flophouse, or abandoned/condemned buildings. But it doesn’t matter, because that game is his life now. He’s a superhero there, it’s good there, he has friends there. He is alone. Is this not still a real life?

This spaceman died alone when there was a problem with the ship, and explosion. There were three survivors, all trapped in one section of the ship, due to structural damage caused by the blast. There was no food in their current section. They starved to death, one by one. After the first one died, they agreed to refuse to eat the deceased. The second died soon after. The third survived for months after that. He died regretting his decision of cannibalism. He wished he still had his honor. A distress signal was left on a constant rotation, a video, made by the final three.
“We are american astronauts. We’re ready to believe anything can come. In a vote, we have decided if anything can show that we are not barbarians, we have made a pact of honor to not resort to cannibalism. We are soon going to starve to death, for our country, for our planet, for all of mankind. God bless America.”

The final man also destroyed the video. The signal was shut off. He didn’t want anything to ever find him in the endless expanses of space.

I’d love to be on an unknown desert island, just me. – I just found this raft a few months ago. It’s my fourth that I’ve found, they’re all quite old, but structurally sound. The first I found long ago, along with quite a few tools to make another. It’s never winter here. I was exploring the island I was on, having nothing else to do after being air-dropped here. It’s quite large for one man, but near the center I began to find relics of a lost civilization, ones that lived on these islands once upon a time, but died out, or something more sinister.
I’ve been exploring the other islands in this small chain, just for fun and the adventure of it all. I enjoy it, and that’s how I live my life. I’m completely alone, but I have myself, and though there is a feeling of isolation, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. There are times when I feel that I may be searching in hopes that maybe on one of these islands, there are still these tribal people. What will we learn from each other?
Though it may rain, it’s still sunny.

Excogitation Cerebration Part 2

Posted in Fiction, Uncategorized on November 6, 2009 by GuNNhead

“So crowned we stroll through life, never quit, rain or shine. Never question what’s inside, till the last beat… end of time, so go fly away to that special place.”

It is in this way that I am truly alone. If there is another being in existence out there, I signal out to you. Come suffer with me. Save, save us both from utterly solitary existence which rests beyond the bounds of possibility. I signal out to you as the final existing being who can call out across the cosmos to a similar consciousness; a being upon this phantasmus, this wavelength. You are the only pathway, the only passageway to the next world beyond this meaningless void that I am bound to[,] call[ed] “Earth.” “Let us pretend love for the day.” You are I, You are demise, You are oblivion, You are paradise, You are release.

Are we lost forever?

While there may be a set amount of ways to die, there is an infinite pathway of life, and we’ve only barely begun to explore it.

I hear you calling, calling from the ether, a being of the firmament.

I see all these people, and apparently I am led to believe that they may all have their own precious little lives about them, but it is continually impossible to discern if they truly exist, or are merely posits of my own omnipotent maginations. I wonder if I am the only one. Are you out there? Am I out there, or trapped, held prisoner in here? Are we one, or all? I can exit all with but a thought. Narcissism? Created via mortals by thought? Or I have crafted my own prison, my own destruction: so that I may be free.

Don’t trust yourself, you’re not okay.” A fool to trust anyone but yourself: I am your enemy.

The problem is you attempt to make it seem as if you’re not bored, while the only wish is to introduce something new, so than even death can bring excitement to the current life. You understand this, death is a new frontier. My problem is that I feel every, single, last piece of you more that you could ever imagine.

I am not your opening act, I am your closing number. Love me if you dare, with your empyrean heart. You are death, You are me, You are antemortem, You are waiting for me upon the Stygian shore, and that is who I write to, and only you alone; I. Alone.

I write upon the final line. I die as my pen runs dry.

“And as it goes, sometimes you wake up.”

Excogitation Cerebration Part 1

Posted in Fiction, Uncategorized on November 4, 2009 by GuNNhead

When you think about it, our world is the weirdest little thing ever. It’s all so small in the universe. We’re on an island in the sun. Hang on to this precious gift called life. Hold on to your connections wherever you feel them. Because you can feel, and that is amazing. Every little story could be about you, you are making a story with your life, everything is as it should be. So many people connect every day. So much ‘money’ is going around. To us it all means so much, but it is entirely worthless until it is spent. Everything means so little, so just live on our island in the sun, and enjoy it. Too many people think too much about it, and refuse to live it. Yes, it may be important; to understand other people, to know of their reasons, there is something secure in that for most, having another know you, and you know them. It may be a contented feeling. However:

Are we truly so inept at identifying our own pathos as to require the interpretations of another? Especially knowing, of course, full well that these very interpretations would only reflect insofar as much as could be processed via the works of those who not only could never cognize the goings on of our current society, but were, themselves, limited to their own pathos. These works, then, again, are re-interpreted by the same people who we would seek to interpret us, once more filtered via their own pathos. It must be noted that I use the word pathos in this instance, of course, to represent ones complete thought process, by way of every single instance that has ever occurred in each of our composite existences.

Furthermore, we must also realize that it is entirely beyond the bounds of possibility to begin even to grasp at the composition of these pathos through recounted memories alone: the pathos themselves hidden through the medium of the lifespan of the individual.

Thought processes, then, of course, having no origin that the individual, no matter how well-learned, can muster/master. Which brings us to the concept of fate: if we rely so heavily on our “thoughts” and “feelings,” in which we do not know the true originate of (id est, why one ‘feels’ like listening to a certain song at one moment in time, but not another) how can we factor out a greater power controlling our every movement and thought? Progressing this, how can we even trust our perception to offer us a fair dose of reality? Because we have to? Because we have no other options? I say thee nay! I, being the only being that I can be sure of the existence of in some fashion: I am simply writing a narcissistic love letter to myself as to the origin of my being.

One Traveller

Posted in Fiction, Sci-Fi, Uncategorized on October 9, 2009 by GuNNhead

There has to be the appropriate amount of mundane to balance out the fateful occurrences, so that, during the course of our lives, we can eventually learn to decipher these random happenstances, and manipulate them to craft our own fateful paths. Because, without the mundane being in perfect balance, we could not see these opportunities, taking them for granted, and not seeing the beauty in all happenings.

This passageway of thought, at least, is what fate has crafted out for me.

In the end, where do our thoughts come from? Simply from inside ourselves? But how can we say that, when an entire life of these fateful happenstances have crafted out personalities, our ways of thoughts, our modes of thinking, and even, our very existence?

We must take action; seize these opportunities as they present themselves (if they fit our current life goals). Though, if we do not, that simply crafts another path for fate to shape our lives towards.

All this is almost to say that there is no choice in life, but just barely. You see, we can’t control our own thoughts; it is merely fate’s illusion of control. We must allow ourselves to see the strings between the thin gossamer of reality. Take hold of them. These thoughts we have, our dreams, and how they translate to our every day actions, this is what we can feel in control of. All things will happen in their own time.

For example: Let’s say that you have somewhere to be. Fate will not see to it that you arrive there; you must put forth that effort. Fate is always willing to help aid you in the path it wants you to arrive in, it wants the best for you, to see you be your best, but it does need your help. Now, to get to this meeting, you have to get ready, get out of the house, and hope everything else works out, bus, car, walking, etc. If something goes wrong, take it as a lesson, any kind of lesson will do. Think positive. Are there some really slow people in front of you, doddering idiots with no concept of other people or how paths operate? Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, and realize patience truly is a virtue. Being 5 minutes late is not the end of the world, but maybe rushing across that yellow light will be the end of yours.

There are lessons in every moment of life, as long as you are LIVING it, and not letting it pass you by. Learn something new every day, even if it’s simply learning to wait for that little green light to light up and allow you to move. Because, in this very simple action, you are acknowledging fate. At this red light, you acknowledge that fate has brought you, brought everyone to this single point. The math that goes into timing every one of these lights across the city, to ensure the best traffic flow possible, though sometimes it may not feel like it from your particular standpoint. The relatively recent invention of electricity; the possibility of reading these writings. The relatively recent metropolis you live in, the ability to have skyscrapers. This is all new and amazing technology. Think of all the hours that real people put into working on every aspect you see around you, the networks of wires under the ground, or the vehicles. Progress.

All of human history has led up to the current moment that you are now living in. Take it in.

However, one must also realize that this, everything, is transitory. Be happy in all of your fleeting moments, spread joy to others. Thank you.

No Update

Posted in Administrative, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Uncategorized on September 3, 2009 by GuNNhead

Hello, Dear Readers,

I must apologize; there will be no update tonight. I had the craziest day. Like, so crazy, all y’all would just not believe.

First off, I had to head downtown when I was only expecting to chillax and do some laundry tonight. Then, when I was about to head out to meet a friend, I got a text from another friend to meet up with her (which never ended up happening). So, I headed to the first friend’s house that’s downtown, and, wouldn’t’cha know it, Godzilla attacked. That crazy mother-fucker. The last time we met I was all like “don’t you even be doin’ like you was doing, fuckin’ all that shit up again,” but that dumb bitch got terrible memories all up ins this piece.

He was fuckin’ shootin’ his atomic breath, a powerful heat ray of thermonuclear energy, all over buildings and the like. Well, being the heroic gent that I am, I just gots to step in and be all “ain’t you listen to what I say you last time? I ain’t want no more of this stupid silly shit up in my crib.” Y’know what ol’ Godzilla’s response to that be? Yeah, : “Roooaaarrr!” Mhmm, you guessed it. That just ain’t civil. But, I guess the more that you’re thinking, the less that you know.

In case you are wondering, I cannot turn GIANT, like in the films, so I simply had to surge suit it up, and SUCKERPUNCH Godzilla in the face with my foot! Well, I can tell you that he for sure felt that! So he was all roarin’ some more, yeah, like I give two shits about that, my town was at stake. So, I freakin’ blasted his ass with super lasers! He for sure felt that, not like some, some weak ass tank crap or something, and he grabbed me out of the air, and hit me with that patented atomic fire breath of his! And let me tell you, readers, that hurted! It also, yes, also, burnt up my book with the actually good story in it that I cannot remember, as he also punched me in my head, which made me forget it too! I was a very unhappy camper, and so I summoned all up my energy, and went to the ground, and grabbed him by his tail, and started spinning him around! I spun him so fast and powerfully, and then shotted him right off of the island!

He for sure now knows not to mess with this place again, I hope! I say hope, not because it was particularly hard to get rid of him and his party poopin’ ways, but because I truly enjoy writing for yous guys, and just to burn my book like that really burns my buns! Y’know, that’s like, totally total disrespect! I don’t stand for crap like that, even if he just wanted to chill, there’s better ways to go about it. I’m sure he gots facebook or whatever… Man, just thinkin’ about it,,,, Ah well! I’m sure tomorrow’s story will be good!

Thanks for understanding!

-jake [GuNNhead]