One Traveller

There has to be the appropriate amount of mundane to balance out the fateful occurrences, so that, during the course of our lives, we can eventually learn to decipher these random happenstances, and manipulate them to craft our own fateful paths. Because, without the mundane being in perfect balance, we could not see these opportunities, taking them for granted, and not seeing the beauty in all happenings.

This passageway of thought, at least, is what fate has crafted out for me.

In the end, where do our thoughts come from? Simply from inside ourselves? But how can we say that, when an entire life of these fateful happenstances have crafted out personalities, our ways of thoughts, our modes of thinking, and even, our very existence?

We must take action; seize these opportunities as they present themselves (if they fit our current life goals). Though, if we do not, that simply crafts another path for fate to shape our lives towards.

All this is almost to say that there is no choice in life, but just barely. You see, we can’t control our own thoughts; it is merely fate’s illusion of control. We must allow ourselves to see the strings between the thin gossamer of reality. Take hold of them. These thoughts we have, our dreams, and how they translate to our every day actions, this is what we can feel in control of. All things will happen in their own time.

For example: Let’s say that you have somewhere to be. Fate will not see to it that you arrive there; you must put forth that effort. Fate is always willing to help aid you in the path it wants you to arrive in, it wants the best for you, to see you be your best, but it does need your help. Now, to get to this meeting, you have to get ready, get out of the house, and hope everything else works out, bus, car, walking, etc. If something goes wrong, take it as a lesson, any kind of lesson will do. Think positive. Are there some really slow people in front of you, doddering idiots with no concept of other people or how paths operate? Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath, and realize patience truly is a virtue. Being 5 minutes late is not the end of the world, but maybe rushing across that yellow light will be the end of yours.

There are lessons in every moment of life, as long as you are LIVING it, and not letting it pass you by. Learn something new every day, even if it’s simply learning to wait for that little green light to light up and allow you to move. Because, in this very simple action, you are acknowledging fate. At this red light, you acknowledge that fate has brought you, brought everyone to this single point. The math that goes into timing every one of these lights across the city, to ensure the best traffic flow possible, though sometimes it may not feel like it from your particular standpoint. The relatively recent invention of electricity; the possibility of reading these writings. The relatively recent metropolis you live in, the ability to have skyscrapers. This is all new and amazing technology. Think of all the hours that real people put into working on every aspect you see around you, the networks of wires under the ground, or the vehicles. Progress.

All of human history has led up to the current moment that you are now living in. Take it in.

However, one must also realize that this, everything, is transitory. Be happy in all of your fleeting moments, spread joy to others. Thank you.

One Response to “One Traveller”

  1. I have a few random comments: I agree there should be a certain amount of mundane in one’s life; however, it is subjective and what goes unnoticed by many may mean the world to another. Maybe this is fate ensuring everything is notices at least once.
    You ask “Where do our thoughts come from?”-many would say our emotions and reactions are crafted by evolutionary theory, we are hardwired a certain way. I think that’s way too simplistic. We are billions on this earth and there has to be something even bigger at work that creates the millions upon millions subconnections that truly define who we are (i.e. our thoughts, why someone randomly loves eating ice cream with pickles and cinnamon beyond simple learning mechanisms, why someone will never need to feel loved without any analysis and mere acceptance…).
    I really enjoy the paragraph on man’s construction of the world; the time and effort put into constructing our world and making it the most practical, functional and comprehensive for a maximal amount of people. There is so much to take in in terms of knowledge (let alone physicalities), the key is not to take everything in mindlessly, but to be mindful of what we are experiencing and truly notice the beauty in being a human being, be it a hobby, a friendship, a food’s texture..
    Language, sign-language, e-mail, telephones, telephone wires, the biological functions that allow us to use language and speak (a.k.a our larynx and vocal chords), rhetoric, insults, propaghanda…..Something like communication comes in a myriad of shapes and forms. Thinking about the why/how/when/what of each is what people should be thinking about, in my opinion. Think about thought.
    I agree we should not let any moment pass us by and be active “bodies” so-to-speak, but it’s also nice to appreciate our most basic abilities.
    So what I am trying to say beyond all this limited rambling is that this piece should have it’s own category because administrative does not come even close to doing it justice…this is like existential science-fiction/fantasy (like the Outsider part 2). This is one of my favorite pieces of yours, it’s motivational/enlightening/deep/silly and thoughtful.
    I may have never met you, read this randomly (oooh joys of blogs and google!) and fell in love with it anyways; but knowing you wrote this makes me extremely proud and supportive of your passion/endeavor. Congratulations, this one takes the cake for now.

    p.s. sorry for the novel. It could have been longer :O

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