lone images

Batman strikes me as “being alone.” It’s like he just took out a mob boss in his highrise, and now he’s just kind of playing it out in his head how well everything went, congratulating himself while waiting for the police to arrive, because he needs to talk to Commissioner Gordon about another case he’s working on.
β€œHe’s a reflection of the limitless possibility of man, and while some are dissuaded by him because they see egotism in that (These may be the same people who are disgusted by the pride of man) there are others who revel in it, because it reminds them “So what if Superman is Kryptonian and can fly! So what if the Flash is a Metahuman and can run fast! Batman is human! Just like me! And he’s awesome! So I can be awesome!””

Well, still look at him, he looks like a junkie, living only in virtual reality. He is completely isolated and alone, so he puts all his time and money into that game, completely living off it, eBay for items, etc.. It’s not a lot of money, so he has this craphole flophouse, or abandoned/condemned buildings. But it doesn’t matter, because that game is his life now. He’s a superhero there, it’s good there, he has friends there. He is alone. Is this not still a real life?

This spaceman died alone when there was a problem with the ship, and explosion. There were three survivors, all trapped in one section of the ship, due to structural damage caused by the blast. There was no food in their current section. They starved to death, one by one. After the first one died, they agreed to refuse to eat the deceased. The second died soon after. The third survived for months after that. He died regretting his decision of cannibalism. He wished he still had his honor. A distress signal was left on a constant rotation, a video, made by the final three.
“We are american astronauts. We’re ready to believe anything can come. In a vote, we have decided if anything can show that we are not barbarians, we have made a pact of honor to not resort to cannibalism. We are soon going to starve to death, for our country, for our planet, for all of mankind. God bless America.”

The final man also destroyed the video. The signal was shut off. He didn’t want anything to ever find him in the endless expanses of space.

I’d love to be on an unknown desert island, just me. – I just found this raft a few months ago. It’s my fourth that I’ve found, they’re all quite old, but structurally sound. The first I found long ago, along with quite a few tools to make another. It’s never winter here. I was exploring the island I was on, having nothing else to do after being air-dropped here. It’s quite large for one man, but near the center I began to find relics of a lost civilization, ones that lived on these islands once upon a time, but died out, or something more sinister.
I’ve been exploring the other islands in this small chain, just for fun and the adventure of it all. I enjoy it, and that’s how I live my life. I’m completely alone, but I have myself, and though there is a feeling of isolation, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. There are times when I feel that I may be searching in hopes that maybe on one of these islands, there are still these tribal people. What will we learn from each other?
Though it may rain, it’s still sunny.

4 Responses to “lone images”

  1. Amazing. You’re an amazingly talented writer. Your creative side never ceases to impress me. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, as an addition, it is nice that each image follows each “story”. Great concept and idea on the whole, it’s very inventive.

  3. very interesting concept this time, not so much a short story but smaller thoughts that stand on their own together.

  4. risen up Never look down, the world needs a writer like you πŸ™‚

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