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The Networked I

Posted in Exploration: Cosmos, Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on December 28, 2009 by GuNNhead

On the small flying hover-shuttle, the man tells me his name is Ybrant, and that he’s a soldier of sorts, a member of The Network of Communicating Planets. He says, without modesty, that he’s farfamed across the known universe for his adventures and exploration. He’s discovered more new worlds than anyone else in the cosmos. We fly on towards a clearing, with the shuttle that will take us to the Orbiter. Nearing it, he tells me about what they’ve been doing.
“We’ve been in orbit, and encamped in this spot of the jungle for a few days, once we land, you should hurry on to the shuttle, and not to worry, because there’s plenty of room for you.”
The camp itself looks abandoned, completely empty. There’s one large ship, everyone is probably inside already; there are only a few people around it. It looks primed for take off.

We land, and quickly other men dressed in the relatively same armored uniform as Ybrant take the small hover-shuttle onto the ship, putting it in its hangar. More men come to greet us two, and Ybrant says he has some final things to get, going to retrieve them. The men lead me onto the ship, and quickly show me a room I can call my own while walking down the hall to the main deck, where I’m given a seat. There’s a hurried air about the place, with many of the soldiers running to finish their tasks of preparation in time for the scheduled launch. Just as I am told to fasten my safety harness for take off, a siren starts to go off. For the first few seconds, I hope that it’s just the siren telling crew members that the ship is about to take off. I’m sick of this planet. Soon, I hear a voice over the intercom.
“Crew, please get to your designated seats, the ship is preparing for take-off.” After a pause, it continues. “We are only waiting for Commander Ybrant to arrive-” It cuts itself off. “Correction, soldier Ybrant has just reported in, he is inside, and in position, and we are ready for take-off.”

I breathe a sigh of relief that nothing unexpected happened. I’m calm as I hear the engines fire up, and feel the ship as it begins to rumble and shake with the force of the engines. We become airborne, and gain altitude, when, suddenly, the mantis appears again before us. Casually flying by, it’s drawn to the commotion of the ship’s departure, massive claws about to strike. The proximity sensors start to blare loudly, and flash wildly. The crew acts hastily, and engages the giant bug. They deploy their main weapons, and fire. It appears to have no affect on the creature. A split second later, the creature explodes into a million pieces, covering the canopy of trees with its gooey innards. I feel foolish for being startled or worried, I’m with a group of soldiers who came to this planet, of course they’d be prepared for something like that.

Uncharted Planet Part 3

Posted in Exploration: Cosmos, Fiction, Sci-Fi on August 26, 2009 by GuNNhead

Their first act of retaliation against me came in the form of the spectators observing the beginning of the landmark occasion of launching their entire interstellar travel fleet. Hundreds of thousands of these clones attack me, all with thousands of cycles of memories in their cloned and mass reproduced minds. Their blood showers down upon the remains of this destroyed megalopolitan of intercosmic travel constructs. The survivors pour out from the rubble in full regalia, a minor challenge that is dispatched with barely a hint of effort on my part. In their weakened and surprised state, they are scantily making this enjoyable at all. A craft comes screaming, with its heart pounding, before I can react, I become blindsided by the first military barrage; the Fluorography pummels me to my core, and sends me hurtling to the ground below. I groove deep into the earth, destroying structure after structure with the force of my uncontrollable wake. I stop, covered in debris. Danger all around, by myself, I claw my way out.

Hovering high above me, they want answers. I don’t hesitate, and launch a bombardment of projectiles. They didn’t stand a chance. Covered in their fallen viscera, I leap into the air, taking flight. More of their armies encircle me; they will not make the same mistake again. Taking a thrill, I blast across their skies, lowering a curtain of fire aggregately over the major cities in the area. Stopping along the coast to confront their pursuing legion, I tear into them one by one, smashing through, shattering their formation, and taking hold of their crafts, pulverizing them into each other.

Enough of the small prey, the clones arrive in the largest weapons they have, never having intentions on using them on-planet due to their destructive force. They know they have no choice against me. I remain still, challenging their power. They fire, and in an instant I am beyond them, dodging the blast, and perforating the hull of the goliath weapon. I enter the pilot compartment, simply to butcher those who helm the dynamo personally. I wreck my way through the rest of the ship through to the apex, and once out, I calcitrate it into the continent, levelling the entirety of all life with the explosive paroxysm of Fluorography. I ride the tempest of fallout before kicking off towards the remainder of life on the planet.

It’s still dark on this side of the planet of the Regl’arts. Reglaria truly does have a beautiful night; I wish I could account for why the wonder of their stars and sky did not inspire the desire for intergalactic journey. It was about 500 cycles ago that and accident, one entity’s overzealous weapon making, tore their moon asunder, cleaving it in two. I do so enjoy using objects found naturally. I power up, igniting my gravity impulse. The two halves gently soar towards the planet, waters rise and flood the ground far below me. Their remaining armies rush to stop me, but there is nothing the can do, I crush them by the wayside as I continue to enjoy the vision descending towards us all. I fly up between and past the split moon; I propel them downwards, extinguishing the remainder of life on the planet Reglaria.

As I leave the bereft and cadaverous world, I think; out of all their weapons and technology, it is the brutality in the depth of their being that I have been disappointed by. They saw my attacks as a continuation of their death games; they lost the meaning to their lives long ago. The destruction of the entire history of a planet, and the abstractions for which the populace died, seemed to have an increasingly hollow sound.

Uncharted Planet Part 2

Posted in Exploration: Cosmos, Fiction, Sci-Fi on August 25, 2009 by GuNNhead

The Regl’arts’, as they call themselves, recorded history began millions of prime cycles ago, pieced together from relics that they had uncovered and deciphered; simple etchings of a more primitive time. They have lost and changed many civilizations, but one thing they have been able to preserve is the sense of invention, never throwing anything away, and always improving. One of their lost civilizations were able to create great structures far beyond their presumed capability, but that did not deter the future civilization that uncovered these relics, it inspired them to perform complete excavations until the secrets were found, and found they were, deep underground.

The more advanced civilization learned from these ancient lost secrets, combing them with their current technology, and discovering new forms of irrepleteable energy. This new technology did little to end wars, as the division that had uncovered the relics saw an opportunity to make profit instead of sharing this valuable resource to create a utopia. For cycles upon cycles, they had control, and exploited and squandered this precious gift, until they had gained too much power and wealth, and made themselves and enemy of the very beings of the world. They were overthrown, and crumbled. Then came, after a long reprise to rebuild, a new world order; one of peace and prosperity. For a long while, this worked, but their physical bodies were weak, and while technology took care of most every need, a virus developed, completely eradicating the bearers of the species. At this time, however, cloning had been developed, and the other gender was lost to time.

Science and technology became the focal point of an entire world, with no posturing for mates. Life and death became playthings, one would be able to die and be reborn as they were in a matter of days. Weapon development became another way to enjoy one’s self, war became games; death became laughable. Laugh and laugh they did. Eventually, a new lost technology was found, to protect one’s self from death, the cloaks and capes. An ancient civilization created them using powerful energies much like the ones now in use. They were heavily used in these new games, adding a new dimension to the ways one could live and die. They wanted to protect their way of life however, and built sensors for incoming space debris such as comets and meteoroids, and defences against them, never thinking that there could be life other than their own out in the abyss of the void. Scanning only their solar system, they discovered materials that they wanted to acquire, and so they developed limited space travel to excavate these materials and bring them to their own planet. Using new materials, they only created new weapons, singular war-pods to travel faster, and kill others with greater excitement.

A new possibility came into this game when the Network of Communicating Planets attempted to map it. Their egos had been abducted, the discovery of lives outside of their own. New combatants to enter the game. Right away, they began construction of interstellar travel. This, of course, is once again the point in their history where I become a part of it. A self appointed reaper of dangerous civilizations and their chronicles.

Uncharted Planet Part 1

Posted in Exploration: Cosmos, Fiction, Sci-Fi on August 24, 2009 by GuNNhead

“Their cloaks and capes incited them nerveless, while their Fluorographic weapons were a beyond vehement technology.”
This is all that was known about this uncharted planet and its peoples, written by a young explorer seeking to make a name for himself. It has only been a few prime cycles, and still no explorer dare venture into this hostile and truculent planet. Partially, well, mostly, because the Network of Communicating Planets has labelled the planet as “hostile”, and barred the generality of all those who follow under the NCPs’ crest from entering the planet’s sector.

Luckily, for me, I refuse to follow under the Network’s guidelines. Their mode of operations refuses to acknowledge the importance of a civilization that could bring about the destruction of another. Any and all forms of civilization are inexorably valuable, especially ones so technologically advanced. I enjoy two things in life more than all else: Uncovering, saving and preserving the history of a civilization, and the second will be told later.

This civilization was one of the most technologically advanced in weapons that I have ever come across. This is especially interesting due to the fact that they have had yet to uncover the ability to travel between solar systems other than their own, let alone galaxies. This, interpreting their written word, I have decided to be because of an incredible egotism. They truly believed they were unique and the only life in the universe, and had no interest in branching further than their own solar system. That is, until, the young explorer revealed to them how wrong they were, and they quickly began focusing on interstellar travel.

The cloaks and capes that incited them nerveless had been with them for millennia. While wearing these ceremonial garbs-turned combat uniform made appear as black sectors, and float with incredible speed and unrestraint; a frightening sight for those unprepared, to be sure. The term “nerveless” appears to have be used as a multi-term, as, while it does donate unto them a daunting abandon, it also offers a nigh-invulnerability, in that they become anaesthetized, never halting even when detached from limb. Their beyond vehement Fluorographic weapons were an awe-inspiring technology of destruction. Able to destroy whole fleets of crafts in concentrated fusillade, or, as one, to focus a concentrational beam and strike upon an omphalos, rendering it annulled.

The second thing that gives my life joy, I must now reveal, is destroying that same civilization. This renders me as the only who can tell the tale of an entire glorious civilization, and how it was ended by my hand, in an epic planetary wide-scale war, against me.

It was mere moments before they had actualized their plans of interstellar travel that I momentously manifested, destroying their entire fleet of interstellar enabled crafts in one single action. Their entire planet’s attentions turned towards me, and I, with their entire past and future in my mind, was fully prepared to bring about their all-encompassing annihilation.

Exploration: Cosmos

Posted in Exploration: Cosmos, Fiction, Sci-Fi on July 29, 2009 by GuNNhead

I’m farfamed across the known universe for my adventures and exploration. I’ve discovered more new worlds than most of the original explorers now, with only a few to go to catch up to all others. The trick is all in the technology, as it’s no longer about simply seeing a planet and naming it, one must implant a recognizable beacon so that the Network of Communicating Planets can map its coordinates, and continue to track the planet’s trajectory, path and other such information after the initial terrain scan, which I also do. This determines what the planet consists of, as well as its potential for life and other projects that may be of interest.

Of course, in the continuity of my travels, I have encountered many forms of life as well. In these instances, one may think that it is the one who ‘discovers’ the life on the planet, but this is not the case. A universal translator is used to analyze, approximate, and aide me in communications with the life, to determine what they call the planet or refer to themselves as, and that is what is used. It is only when the entire solar system is completely barren that I am given the opportunity to name the planetoids. However, it has been seen that on planets where the beings had not assigned names to their surrounding planets in their solar system, that, once they had become advanced enough to do so, their names were chosen over that of the explorer, it being a simple matter of jurisdiction.

Now, if you are seeking to become an explorer such as myself, another handy tip is that if your spaceship needs power heedless: you must give your ardor engine the right fuel, with prescription and no psydefects. I recall one time, when I was just beginning my adventures, there was an ambush awaiting me upon my arrival to an uncharted planet. Now, because I was still an abecedarian, my ardor engine’s fuel that I had amalgamated had multiple psydefects, making a getaway from this telegraphic population a problematic issue for my survival. Their cloaks and capes incited them nerveless, while their Fluorographic weapons were a beyond vehement technology than I had not anticipated in my relative novitiate. Luckily, I had my emergency supplies along, and was able to supply my ardor engine with pre-amalgamated fuel. Though this fuel is actualized and conglomerated in mass quantities and procured in markets, it can get the job done, not as well as the fuel I now amalgamate myself, but it was able to bestow escape in this instance.