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VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter IV

Posted in Fiction, Horror, Vampire on October 11, 2010 by GuNNhead

My Vampire-Killer blade. The Vampire-Killer blade. It is the ultimate weapon for use in ridding the world of the Vampire. I created it before I was to become a Vampire. I bonded with it a piece of my soul. This sword is what allows me to retain the supernatural powers of the Vampire, but still maintain the internal power of the human. Power of will over the Vampiric bloodlusting. Power over the day. Power over the Vampire. Power to end the reign of the Vampires.

In traveling the world as a mortal, seeking tools to kill the Vampire, I came across many artifacts, but none that would make me a lone match for any Vampire, let alone every Vampire. They were gimmicks, useless toys for the delusional groups. Lost in battles of the now-dead, held by Vampires, or hidden away by cowards too frightened of the Vampire, laying in wait for a true Vampire Hunter.

I waited, I trained, and I broke through new states of consciousness and human endurance. I read: Vampirism steals the soul. This fact stuck out to me. I knew I needed that, that which would separate me from the Vampire. The power of the Vampire is how I could fight against them, and I knew if I could retain my soul, even a piece, I could rise above the petty bloodlust of the Vampire. How was my only question, and so I did my research. I’d heard of warriors from the East sealing their souls in blades to achieve eternal life as a warrior. Wizards with powerful artifacts, Lich Kings. All undead because of this process. They were greedy, and that was their downfall. I did not want immortality; the power of the Vampire would bestow that curse unto me. I spent years crafting the perfect blade to hold a piece of my soul. It is unbreakable. Designed with the killing of Vampires in mind. Made of the finest of enchanted silver, inscribed with runes, with a dual tip, and a central magically petrified wood core to the hilt. It is the Vampire-Killer. Not trusting of another, being wary of soul-stealers parading as soul-forgers, I performed the spell myself. It was excruciating: far worse, physically, than turning into a Vampire.

After it was made, I locked it away. Then, all I had to do was become a Vampire. The only way to become a Vampire is to be turned by one. Vampires won’t just turn anyone, the newest wouldn’t even know how. No, I had to completely trick a Vampire into becoming my friend, into trusting me, into knowing that I was entirely committed to being a Vampire. No easy task, as they can read the minds of man. Even if you can find Vampires, what’s to stop them from simply making you a meal? Especially if they can read your intent to use that power to become a Vampire Hunter. They have their spots, their hangouts, and their haunts. Exclusive clubs. It took years of meditation to be able to separate my mind’s thoughts, lock the disgust and contempt I have for the Vampire just as I locked away my soul, my Vampire-Killer.

The Vampire’s name was Nikki, she had set out on her own years prior, disconnected from her master having learned all she needed too. Without my intervention, she would have continued to be an excellent continuation to the Vampire lore, very by the books. Easy to obey. She truly was the perfect Vampire, a Vampiric killing machine like no other. Any human meal she wanted was at her sharpened fingernails. She wanted an apprentice of her own, to teach, to subjugate. I would be just that Vampire for her. In her mind I was the perfect slave, a male strong in appearance with the desire for the woman, and an even stronger desire for the undead life of the Vampire. She was drawn to my prime human flesh. She described being around me as comparable to being around a feastful thanksgiving table, for those who still have a god to thank. She was, however, thankful when she drank of my blood, stealing my soul for the Vampire-Gods. It was months we were together before that, and we were together as Vampires for an unknowable period of time after. Everything feels fleeting as a Vampire. We had as much feelings, as much of an emotional connection as Vampires could have for one another. It was not long after I had learned all I could from her that she tired of me, and I her. Knowing she would eventually attempt to find another apprentice to turn, it was when I could no longer feel her lingering presence that I searched out Vampire-Killer.

Once I found the Vampire-Killer, my toughest choice then was not whether or not to slay her, but to test my skills and kill her during the day, during her slumber, or at night, when she has committed her Vampiric feeding, and is at her most powerful.

That night I kicked down the door to one of our old places, where she still resided. I stopped her in the midst of her Vampiric feast. A woman, near dead, drained of blood; around my mother’s age at the time of her untimely death. This is what I had trained for almost my whole life.

“What’s wrong, my young Vampire? Did you miss me? Ahahaha! You always were weak!”
“No, Vampire, I’ve come to put an end to you.”
“Quit playing around, you know I never found jokes humorous. If you would like one more night of bloodlust, I do not mind heading back out to find another quick meal; once I finish this one, of course.”
“You misunderstand, this is where your bloodlust ends, Vampire.” She could no longer tell what my intentions were; they were hidden by me, by my possession of the Vampire-Killer. I unsheathed the blade; the inscripted runes glinted in the moonlight coming in through the window behind her. By the confusion and betrayal in her eyes, I could tell that she now understood I was serious. That I was now, and always had been a Vampire Hunter. This Vampire, just like all Vampires, had betrayed humanity; there could be no remorse to feel.

“So, Vampire, are you ready to die?”
“If you really think you can kill me, apprentice, and become a big, bad Vampire Hunter out of the blue, you’re the one who should be prepared to die.” The Vampire’s face gnarls, showing her Vampiric bone understructure; she bares her fangs, and hisses as she leaps through the air across the room. Her force pushes me out of the doorway, knocking Vampire-Killer out of my hand. I crash through an old stone wall and before I realize what exactly going on, she’s on top of me, slashing deep into my bare Vampiric flesh. She bites a chunk out of my shoulder, and blood soaks the rubble underneath us. She stands, grabs me by the leg, and drags me down the old hallway leaving a path of blood. The Vampire then uses her might to shatter an entire six flights of stairs with my body. She elegantly, Vampirically floats down to the tiled ground floor. The Vampire stands over me and kneels down, thrusting her hand deep into my chest. She squeezes my dead Vampire heart.

“Any last words before I tear out your heart, oh mighty and brave ‘VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter’?” she smiles at her own sarcasm.
“To me, my blade.” Vampire-Killer comes spiraling towards me, separating her arm from her body, leaving it lodged in mine. I grab Vampire-Killer, and slice the Vampire’s head off. I stand up, throwing her body off mine, and drive Vampire-Killer through her heart; making sure to kill her for good.

“Take THAT, Vampire.”

I pulled the Vampire’s arm from my chest cavity, and tossed it to the ground. I watched the hole quickly heal itself, leaving no scars. I felt the nail-marks disappear, and my shoulder become whole again. I felt Vampire-Killer take the blood into my soulwound.
The first Vampire I had slain was the Vampire who had turned me. Unlike the werewolf, destroying the Vampire who turns you does nothing; one can never revert back to being human from Vampirism. From then onwards, I could only be VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter, never again human, never willing to be a Vampire. Only in the hunt can I seek my redemption, only when the last Vampire is dead can I be free. I forever am, and always was in full dedication to my goal of the eradication of the Vampire.

Ah, but that was only the beginning; where does one go after killing their first? To the rest of the Vampires, of course. The Vampires she introduced me too, the Vampire who turned her. Then, the Vampires they knew, Vampire hangouts, Vampire clubs, Vampire bars, Vampire haunts and Vampire houses; any places Vampires would congregate. They’d all burn to the ground once I made sure there were no survivors inside. I would kill every Vampire until I reached Vampires who knew things, knew the inner workings of their entire Vampire society, to take it all down from the inside. Then I’d continue killing every Vampire I’d heard even a whisper of. No Vampire will be left on this earth and beyond. That is my vow; that is my debt. As the Vampire hungers for the blood of man, Vampire-Killer is driven for the blood of the Vampire.

VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter III

Posted in Fiction, Horror, Vampire on October 8, 2010 by GuNNhead

My next planned attack point is for one of the most secret Vampire testing facilities: Complex Z. Vampires trying to improve upon themselves: make themselves more powerful. The arms race occurs for the supernatural as well. Vampires are especially excellent and crafty at this. Now, don’t be mistaken, it is never the Vampire’s goal to increase their population to extremes, as that would cause ‘livestock’ problems; control problems. Vampires all should be of one mind, which takes training in the ways of the Vampire. Their numbers are select and chosen. That is why I am the only one who’s been able to gain the power of the Vampire; I was driven unlike any other man in my hatred for the Vampire…

I had just come out of a movie theater; my parents took me to see Blade. I was so excited and happy coming out of that movie, but in walking down a back alley: a Vampire jumped us from the dark. He was a new convert; my father tried to fight him off, but was overpowered, and killed. The Vampire then killed my mother for her blood, but was called back by his turner for his foolish and brash actions. It was then I made a vow, a vow that I would kill every Vampire so that this could never happen again. I would cleanse the world of every last Vampire and Vampiric entity. This is not about revenge, or vengeance against the Vampires for killing my family, no; this is my showing of gratitude for being left alive. I am indebted to the Vampire, and my debt will never be fully paid until the world has been rid of them all.

I’m in Romania right now, deep in the Carpathian Mountains. I approach the Vampire testing facility under the cover of day, using the thick forest canopy to stay within the sun, but out of sight by air. I am silent as I jump and weave through the miles of branches. As I get closer to the Vampire facility, I begin to notice automated guard posts. One problem, though: they’re all positioned facing towards the facility. Either they really don’t care about intruders, which they have no reason two, or this trip is about to really pay off. I make my way through three perimeter fences and past four Vampire dayguards unnoticed. The final dayguard is too on the ball, too aware. They’re making them better, the best I’ve seen. I glide through the air from the cover of the trees, Vampire-Killer in front. The Vampire has no time to react before it’s impaled upon my blade. As with any Vampire, a stake through the heart does it in. These dayguard Vampires are ugly, even for filthy Vampires. They’ve been experimented on, given a hard light-resistant skin that’s very similar in texture to rock; it’s not organic, but it is permanently attached to their entire skin. A dark, removable glass covers their eyes. Their breathing is assisted through machines. These are tough Vampires. I’ve encountered them only once or twice before, on much smaller Vampire installments. The first time, I was too cocky, and their armor gave Vampire-Killer a resistance I hadn’t anticipated. No slashing, only stabbing is able to work. I remember this now. Their coating is non-reactive to the anti-Vampire enchantments on the blade. The second time I was foolish, allowed myself to get surrounded by a group of them. This time, I’m not so brash.

I cut my way into the complex. The only available light coming in is blocked, even through the entry holes I carved in the multiple barriers. I exit the small closet, sensing no Vampiric activity. I read the nearest sign in the pitch-blackness: Mezzanine Z. I fly down the stairwell to the bottom of the complex, to where the most Vampiric activity is located. Work from the bottom up, no survivors. I cut down Vampire guard after Vampire guard before I make it to the Vampire scientists. The door slides open, revealing a huge lab full of them.

“Stop what you are doing, Vampire waste, and prepare for death!”
“We’ve been compromised! Release the expri–” Words cut off, just like her Vampire head. I drag my sword along the floor, slicing Vampire scientist after scientist limb from limb. The Vampires begin to react in more than shocked expressions; I take it to the wall. They jump at me from all angles, hissing and bearing their fangs. The Vampire-Killer is in its element, absorbing the Vampire blood, filling my soul, feeding my bloodlust. Security bursts in through the doors on either ends of the room and open fire. Machine gun fire cuts into the walls around me as I run up to the ceiling and back down the wall on top of the door, cutting their weapons in half, then the Vampires themselves. The guards from the other side take to the walls and ceiling as well, firing at me. I stop the bullets with the Vampire-Killer, and enter the fray. Vampires work in darkness; the light from the discharge of bullets is the Vampire’s disadvantage, not mine, the Vampire Hunter. Being attacked from all sides, I jump from wall to ceiling to floor and back again, swift blade strokes making quick work of the hoards of Vampire guards flowing in through the doors. I glide along the blood-drenched floor, making waves in the red bliss. Vampire limbs fly up in distraction, Vampire bodies used as Vampire shields, they take the bullets before the shooters take my blade in their death. Wasn’t as much security as I thought there’d be. But I can still sense more Vampires within Complex Z.

With every Vampire in the lab carved to pieces, I am left with only a loud buzzing and blood pooled at my feet. They got to the alarm; the door release. In our bloodlusting I spent too much time fancying up my moves. I focus; hone my keen Vampire senses. I hear doors, gates, cages unlocking. But there is no Vampire activity in those areas. Near, yes, but not at. I must head back upwards, towards the Vampire scientists, more Vampire security forces, the Vampire leader… Vampire experiments: they’ve been released.

I begin to hear a faint haunting moaning. On the next level, I see them. Zombies. These Vampires have been experimenting on zombies. But why? They’re slow, useless fodder. I can read a zombie’s movement just like I can read a human’s… But there’s more moaning than I can account for, it permeates down every hall, makes it hard to pinpoint a location, but I can still read where most of them are. I take down the hall, slicing their heads and arms off. The trick is to hit them between the bottom and top jaw. This is child’s play; I practiced on zombies.

I’m suddenly grabbed from around a corner which is when I realize what they’ve been doing: combining zombie and Vampire DNA, creating some sort of… Vampirzimbies? Vampirimbies? Vampirombies? Vampirmbies? I don’t know. All I know is that in the way the Vampire DNA has been mixed with the zombie DNA, they’re impossible to track or feel out at all. I can only go by sight. There are too many bodies to get a proper bead on their movements. I tear off the Vampire-Zombie’s grappling arm, and toss it to the crowd, cleanly removing another’s head. Zombies are intermingled with Vampire-Zombies, who move much faster. I can feel their cold, dead exhalation upon my neck. Some of the Vampire-Zombies crawl upon the ceiling, decomposing flesh dangling over the others in the tight hallway. I duck and roll from their slashing Vampire talons and biting Vampire fangs. Their numbers are overwhelming; this Vampire weapon is truly a lethal combination. I’m glad to be the one who will obliterate it. Those standing fall to the ground, cut at the knees. The ceiling becomes a carved roadway of sword-marks as I take care of the Vampire-Zombies on the ceiling next. When I am done, there is no more movement in this hall.

I hear gunfire coming from the next level up, no doubt Vampire guards having some trouble with the Vampire-Zombies. On the next level, a strobe light of gunfire bombards my eyes. Vampire guards doing all they can to defend themselves against the creation they protected. I can sense a frightened Vampire scientist or two amongst their numbers. I make no move to defend them from the Vampire-Zombies, only keeping my senses aware and my eyes open for an attack from those I cannot sense, from those that have been created to render my Vampire senses useless. When the last bursts of gunfire cease, and the last Vampire hiss is snuffed out, Vampire-Killer and I go to work. I hold it out horizontally at neck height, and run directly down the hall, decapitating Vampire-Zombies, mowing them down like the mutated Vampires that they are.

On the top floor, the Vampire dayguards have gathered to make the last stand just before the doorway of the overseer to this Vampire testing facility. I slide in between the crowd, and begin stabbing each one through the heart with Vampire-Killer. Vampires stabbed through the shoulder into the chest, through the skull, through the back, up through the pelvis, through the stomach, and through outreaching arms; all ending in an impaled heart. One Vampire left. I kick in the Vampire-themed doors, and see her: Vampironymous. Her custom desk nameplate is all the clue I need to her identity. I’d seen them before. She has been the lead on multiple little Vampire pet projects I have created the end to. I’ve never seen her in person.

“Ahahaha! VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter, so we finally meet.”
“That we do, Vampire dreck.”
“Now, now, be nice, Vampire Hunter. The Vampire higher-ups are very perturbed by your actions. We’d like to know what we in the Vampire community could do to resolve this little… disagreement.”
“You can die, Vampire!” I spin my sword back around at my side, leap over her desk, and slice her and her fancy leather chair in twain. Her Vampiric death-scream is the loudest and harshest I’ve ever heard. It pierces my ears and agonizes my Vampire blood. I need to take a moment of reprieve.

With this facility cleansed of Vampires, I take my leave towards the next grouping of Vampires on my list that must die.

VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter II

Posted in Fiction, Horror, Vampire on October 6, 2010 by GuNNhead

The two Vampires who escaped my wrath, it must be told, were not true Vampires at all.

I’d heard a tale of two Vampires operating outside of the Vampire norm, acting on their own. Knowing this to be odd behavior for Vampires, I had to investigate. I traced the rumors down to an old man who claimed to be a Vampire hunter. His name was Helsing. He owned a van. His last name was Ramsey, and he obviously was delusional. Six charges of minor assault in the past year against people he perceived as “Vampires.” I was largely disappointed that this was not a path to more Vampires to kill. However, he did offer some information of intrigue, I observed him confront one of these ‘Vampires’ at night. I watched as he ended up dead in an alley, with a broken neck. Perhaps this was one who had learned to disguise their Vampirocity from the Vampire’s psychic connection; a Vampire can simply tell when another is one of their Vampire kind.

I descended into the alley from the rooftop before he could dig his extended fangs into the old codger.
“Stop what you’re doing, Vampire scum!”
“Woah woah, what the fuck? Vampire? Fuck you, buddy!”
I slice at the Vampire, and he stumbles backwards into a trashcan.
“Fuck! Fucking fuck dude, that’s a fucking sword!”
“It is the Vampire-Killer, Vampire!”

The Vampire begins to run, as most cowardly Vampires do when confronted with a death. That is the problem with Vampires, they can complain for hundreds of years about the pain of eternal life, but the second they can see a potential end to their Vampiric bloodlust, they try every trick in the Vampire book to escape the fate I will bestow upon them. I notice that this Vampire did not stop to bare his fangs or hiss. I leap over the building and cut him off.
“You’re slow, Vampire, but still faster than the humans you prey upon! You are filth, and I, VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter shall end you!”
“Wait, you’re a fucking Vampire too?
“Yes, I am a Vampire, I am VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter.”
“A Vampire Vampire Hunter?”
“Yes, beyond all Vampires, I must hunt them, rid the world of their filth.”
“I oughta kick you in the fucking neck!” I spin kick him into a wall.
“Oww, my ribs, dude, not cool.”
“Do not threaten me, Vampire.”
“Anyfuckingway, I thought I was alone! Did that fuckity puss knocker Zack put you up to this?”
“Was that the old man’s name, Vampire?”
“Fuck no, fuck that old stupid fucker, he was an asshole! I’m talking about Zack; the only other Vampire?”
“There are countless Vampires.”
“Countless Vampires? Fuck that! Did they all fall into that vat of radioactive bats too?”
“Hold still, Vampire!” I grab the Vampire by the throat and jaw, to examine its Vampire fangs. Holes. Vampire fangs with holes that suck the blood up through them. He is no true Vampire. Or perhaps a new breed of Vampire. I resolve to investigate further.

“Listen here, Vampire, your brain patterns are that of a human. I’ll let you live, this time.”
“Man, fuck you, Vampire, I ain’t never seen not other anything, so you tell me what’s up, or I’ll kick you head in!” I break the Vampire’s arm, and cut off a finger.
“Ow! You god fuck damn sonnuva Vampire piece of Vampire fuck! Ow!” While the Vampire swears to his wounds, I disappear into the night.

Over the next few weeks, I observe the Vampire, and seek out this ‘one other’ Vampire that is like him. This Zack Vampire has embraced the ways of the Vampire. However, in addition to the fangs and texture, not tone, of skin, there are other incongruencies to their form of Vampirism. They cannot turn others into Vampires like themselves. They can be fully sustained on normal food, and do not need to feast upon human blood as a Vampire would. They have limited Vampire mind control, but only for petty things. Their speed and strength are both augmented well above the normal human, but nowhere near Vampire status, let alone my own. They had an aversion, but no weakness to sunlight, acting as mostly nocturnal. No weakness to garlic. They also had the Vampire’s flight. But it all simply did not add up in my trained and perfected Vampire hunter mind. These were no Vampires; they were superhero freaks. Their attitudes screamed of ones trapped into Vampirism. They had no choice, not the choice of a Vampire. I know nothing of radioactive Vampirism. What good are these Vampire-Men? I have no time to train them in the ways of the Vampire Hunter, my mission is too important. The war against the Vampire is mine and mine alone; with their powers being nigh-Vampire, they’d only slow me down. If I gave them the tools to hunt other Vampires, using their immunities, they’d only get themselves killed.

Not a bad idea, a Vampire of any kind is still a Vampire. If not, then they’ll destroy Vampires, and make my path easier. I collect the two Vampire-Men together, and tell them my proposal, of the tools I’d be willing to give to them, stones that track the true Vampire, weapons that I have collected that I no longer need to use against the Vampire. Long needing a purpose, the Vampire-Men accept, and become Vampire hunters. I leave them with one of my safe houses, and enough tools to train themselves. They will be easy to keep track of, and can only be of use on their own, for they will never have the power to rise up against me. It is not in them, for I am a Vampire, and I can read them as humans, these Vampire-Men.

I leave them to my own devices. There’s a city full of weak, idiotic new social-Vampires that have not been worth my time that they will be able to handle. Sad, pathetic Vampires made out of the attempt to lure humans to embrace becoming feasts for the Vampire, romanticizing it:
A plan made in the Vampire’s twilight season, knowing that I, VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter am out for blood. I am a Vampire arising a new moon over the reign of the Vampire filth. I will eclipse all Vampires throughout time. It is the war I fight to see that they all die. By the breaking dawn of this new age, not a single Vampire will survive my wrath.

Now it has been a time since that event, I still seek out true Vampires, Vampires with plans, Vampires who have survived for centuries. Now, after I carved my name into their underworld, the Vampires say that they are coming, coming to tear me apart. I will give them their chase. I will increase my efforts. I will go after their Vampire facilities, their Vampire syndicates, and their Vampire-Gods!

VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter I

Posted in Fiction, Horror, Vampire on October 4, 2010 by GuNNhead

“I… Am a Vampire.”

Those were the last words the Vampire heard before I cut off his head.

“Take THAT, Vampire.”

I spit upon the floor. I have no respect for Vampires.

My story began over a century ago; I was a free human being in a world of filthy Vampires. I worked to train my mind and my body. I was at the peak of life when I chose the undeath. One must think like a Vampire to trick them into turning you. There can be no thought beyond the bloodlust, beyond the disgusting lust for living as a Vampire. The one who turned me was my first kill. I have just slain my 1,000th Vampire.

The floorboards quake below my hovering, steady feet. It is the Vampirinicus. A red light emits from below, before the blood starts flowing. It sprays from every space imaginable, soaking every thing with a filth of delicious pure red hellblood. I have angered the carrion of the Vampire underworld. He has come for me. He explodes out of the floor covered in human skins filled of blood. I lunge at the Vampire with my sword; in its attempts to deny my blade its entry, it loses its arm.

“You will soon lose more than that, Vampire.”
“You must pay for your affront to the Vampire Kingdom!” says the Vampire.
“The only thing that my affront shall pay, Vampire, to your Vampire Kingdom, if further death, because you Vampires deserve no better.”
“But how did you become a Vampire with such thoughts? It… it’s not possible…” It soaks in the hellblood, regenerating its arm.
“My hatred has made all of this possible, Vampire, because my burning contempt gave me the human strength, the human resolve to remember who I am, to remember that I’m no accursed Vampire.”
“Ha! No matter, no mere Vampire is strong enough to defeat the Vampirinicus, even with that enchanted and mystic anti-Vampire blade you have. How did you get it, minion Vampire?”
“I am no ones minion, Vampire, I—“
“It is Vampirinicus!”
“Whatever, my blade is my business, especially to the likes of you.”
“Fool, your power can never exceed mine, pathetic little Vampire!”

I bear my fangs, and fly towards the Vampire with my sword. Just as I was about to stab into its chest with my silver-double-wood enforced mystical blade, the Vampire is able to knock me to the side, smashing me through the already cracked wall of the slain Vampire’s residence. The sword pierced the chest of the Vampire, but not its heart, and became lodged. Blood flows into the wound from the floor.

“Hmm, perhaps I shall kill you with your own blade, Vampire Hunter,” it says as it pulls the sword out of itself, and takes in its heft, the weight of my expertly crafted Vampire-Killer sword.
“I’d honestly like to see you try, Vampire.” Never has there ever been a finer tool for killing Vampires as my precise weapon, nor shall there ever be. Together, only two Vampires have ever escaped our combined wrath. It was made for me, for I made it to destroy Vampires before I became a Vampire. The story of the Vampire-Killer blade is for another time, however, for at the moment, there is a Vampire most putrid who must be dealt with.

“Now, my pathetic little Vampire Hunter, are you prepared to fight a true Vampire? A Vampire who is? A Vampire who never had the weakness of humanity? I watched you change into a Vampire. It was the same as any other. You are no different, and I will squash you as such.”
“Do you not think that is what I wanted you to believe, Vampire? You stupid, stupid Vampire.”
“I am the Vampirinicus!” The Vampire comes at me with my sword.

I counter the Vampire’s slash, and send him flying behind me into the kitchen, turning the fridge into flattened scrap metal.
“A lucky shot! I know you are only human at mind, that is why I will personally eat your weak Vampire heart!”
“I tell you what, Vampire, I’ll give you one free shot.”
“Hahaha! Your confidence will be your downfall, Vampire Hunter!”

The bags of full human skins sway and shift with the filled blood as it, the Vampire, begins to make its move towards me. Blood pours out of the mouths and eye sockets of the skin containers when it makes its move. The Vampire-Killer comes down hard onto my collarbone. I, of course, take no damage as the Vampire’s arms convulse and burst outward, leaving small stumps. The Vampire stumbles backwards, and my blade begins to fall to the floor. I catch Vampire-Killer, and slide it back into its sheath.

“How… how!?” the Vampire shouts at me in pain.
“One’s own soul cannot harm them, Vampire; you would know that, were you not soulless Vampire sewage.”

The Vampire rips off one of the blood filled human skins with its teeth, and consumes it; re-growing its arms in an instant.

“Are you ready for round two, Vampire?” I grin, displaying my fangs, and ignite my eyes in their depth of forsaken Vampirocity. Enraged and frustrated, it jumps at me; I dodge each of its attacks easily; the left arm, I move my right shoulder and lean back; the right arm, I move my left shoulder and lean back. I then jump to the ceiling, and withdraw Vampire-Killer. I cut the human containers from the body of the Vampire as I run overhead; faster than it can react to, almost too fast for it to process. The Vampire’s human skins splash upon the floor, spilling out their gallons of blood. Just before I can land, the Vampire’s tail catches my leg, and smashes me through another wall. Sheetrock powder explodes into the bathroom and I break through a toilet, rolling into the sink, smashing it too. A thick red blood gushes forth from the broken pipes. I begin to pick myself up, for the Vampire approaches. It enters through the doorway.

“My decorations. You anger me at every turn, Vampire Hunter. You cannot make it out of this.”
“Shut up.” I pick up the bathtub with one hand, and slam in down onto the Vampire, separating the head and torso from the arms and legs. They wiggle on the tiled floor before bursting into flames. Vampire blood gushes out from under the tub. I jump up, standing on top of it, unsheathe my blade, and remove the front of the tub along with the Vampire’s head. Normally, this would have killed a Vampire, but not the Vampirinicus. I plunge my sword into the chest of the Vampire, touching its heart ever so slightly to hear the final words from its disembodied head.

“You may have been able to defeat me, the Vampirinicus, but there are more, those who began the Vampirismus. Your time is short, Vampire Hunter. They, the truly pure Vampires, the Vampire-Demonic, they are coming for you.”
“Send them, send every Vampire, send your Vampire slaves, your Vampire minions, your Vampire warriors, your Vampire Kings, your Vampire Queens, your Vampire-Demons, your Vampire-Devils, and your Vampire Gods! I will destroy them as I have destroyed you, it will merely save me the search.”
“You will pay for your affront to the Vampire Kingdo–” I make the final killing push through the heart of the Vampire with Vampire-Killer. The blood absorbs into it. I stand there as the body of the Vampire quickly dissolves into nothingness. I wait in case there is more Vampire to come. There is nothing, only the destroyed apartment of my 1,000th slain Vampire. I leap out of the nearest window, breaking through the barricade to light and out into the brightening sky.

Standing upon the roof staring at the sunrise, I know must move onward, because even if there is one Vampire left in the world, there are still too many Vampires.