VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter IV

My Vampire-Killer blade. The Vampire-Killer blade. It is the ultimate weapon for use in ridding the world of the Vampire. I created it before I was to become a Vampire. I bonded with it a piece of my soul. This sword is what allows me to retain the supernatural powers of the Vampire, but still maintain the internal power of the human. Power of will over the Vampiric bloodlusting. Power over the day. Power over the Vampire. Power to end the reign of the Vampires.

In traveling the world as a mortal, seeking tools to kill the Vampire, I came across many artifacts, but none that would make me a lone match for any Vampire, let alone every Vampire. They were gimmicks, useless toys for the delusional groups. Lost in battles of the now-dead, held by Vampires, or hidden away by cowards too frightened of the Vampire, laying in wait for a true Vampire Hunter.

I waited, I trained, and I broke through new states of consciousness and human endurance. I read: Vampirism steals the soul. This fact stuck out to me. I knew I needed that, that which would separate me from the Vampire. The power of the Vampire is how I could fight against them, and I knew if I could retain my soul, even a piece, I could rise above the petty bloodlust of the Vampire. How was my only question, and so I did my research. I’d heard of warriors from the East sealing their souls in blades to achieve eternal life as a warrior. Wizards with powerful artifacts, Lich Kings. All undead because of this process. They were greedy, and that was their downfall. I did not want immortality; the power of the Vampire would bestow that curse unto me. I spent years crafting the perfect blade to hold a piece of my soul. It is unbreakable. Designed with the killing of Vampires in mind. Made of the finest of enchanted silver, inscribed with runes, with a dual tip, and a central magically petrified wood core to the hilt. It is the Vampire-Killer. Not trusting of another, being wary of soul-stealers parading as soul-forgers, I performed the spell myself. It was excruciating: far worse, physically, than turning into a Vampire.

After it was made, I locked it away. Then, all I had to do was become a Vampire. The only way to become a Vampire is to be turned by one. Vampires won’t just turn anyone, the newest wouldn’t even know how. No, I had to completely trick a Vampire into becoming my friend, into trusting me, into knowing that I was entirely committed to being a Vampire. No easy task, as they can read the minds of man. Even if you can find Vampires, what’s to stop them from simply making you a meal? Especially if they can read your intent to use that power to become a Vampire Hunter. They have their spots, their hangouts, and their haunts. Exclusive clubs. It took years of meditation to be able to separate my mind’s thoughts, lock the disgust and contempt I have for the Vampire just as I locked away my soul, my Vampire-Killer.

The Vampire’s name was Nikki, she had set out on her own years prior, disconnected from her master having learned all she needed too. Without my intervention, she would have continued to be an excellent continuation to the Vampire lore, very by the books. Easy to obey. She truly was the perfect Vampire, a Vampiric killing machine like no other. Any human meal she wanted was at her sharpened fingernails. She wanted an apprentice of her own, to teach, to subjugate. I would be just that Vampire for her. In her mind I was the perfect slave, a male strong in appearance with the desire for the woman, and an even stronger desire for the undead life of the Vampire. She was drawn to my prime human flesh. She described being around me as comparable to being around a feastful thanksgiving table, for those who still have a god to thank. She was, however, thankful when she drank of my blood, stealing my soul for the Vampire-Gods. It was months we were together before that, and we were together as Vampires for an unknowable period of time after. Everything feels fleeting as a Vampire. We had as much feelings, as much of an emotional connection as Vampires could have for one another. It was not long after I had learned all I could from her that she tired of me, and I her. Knowing she would eventually attempt to find another apprentice to turn, it was when I could no longer feel her lingering presence that I searched out Vampire-Killer.

Once I found the Vampire-Killer, my toughest choice then was not whether or not to slay her, but to test my skills and kill her during the day, during her slumber, or at night, when she has committed her Vampiric feeding, and is at her most powerful.

That night I kicked down the door to one of our old places, where she still resided. I stopped her in the midst of her Vampiric feast. A woman, near dead, drained of blood; around my mother’s age at the time of her untimely death. This is what I had trained for almost my whole life.

“What’s wrong, my young Vampire? Did you miss me? Ahahaha! You always were weak!”
“No, Vampire, I’ve come to put an end to you.”
“Quit playing around, you know I never found jokes humorous. If you would like one more night of bloodlust, I do not mind heading back out to find another quick meal; once I finish this one, of course.”
“You misunderstand, this is where your bloodlust ends, Vampire.” She could no longer tell what my intentions were; they were hidden by me, by my possession of the Vampire-Killer. I unsheathed the blade; the inscripted runes glinted in the moonlight coming in through the window behind her. By the confusion and betrayal in her eyes, I could tell that she now understood I was serious. That I was now, and always had been a Vampire Hunter. This Vampire, just like all Vampires, had betrayed humanity; there could be no remorse to feel.

“So, Vampire, are you ready to die?”
“If you really think you can kill me, apprentice, and become a big, bad Vampire Hunter out of the blue, you’re the one who should be prepared to die.” The Vampire’s face gnarls, showing her Vampiric bone understructure; she bares her fangs, and hisses as she leaps through the air across the room. Her force pushes me out of the doorway, knocking Vampire-Killer out of my hand. I crash through an old stone wall and before I realize what exactly going on, she’s on top of me, slashing deep into my bare Vampiric flesh. She bites a chunk out of my shoulder, and blood soaks the rubble underneath us. She stands, grabs me by the leg, and drags me down the old hallway leaving a path of blood. The Vampire then uses her might to shatter an entire six flights of stairs with my body. She elegantly, Vampirically floats down to the tiled ground floor. The Vampire stands over me and kneels down, thrusting her hand deep into my chest. She squeezes my dead Vampire heart.

“Any last words before I tear out your heart, oh mighty and brave ‘VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter’?” she smiles at her own sarcasm.
“To me, my blade.” Vampire-Killer comes spiraling towards me, separating her arm from her body, leaving it lodged in mine. I grab Vampire-Killer, and slice the Vampire’s head off. I stand up, throwing her body off mine, and drive Vampire-Killer through her heart; making sure to kill her for good.

“Take THAT, Vampire.”

I pulled the Vampire’s arm from my chest cavity, and tossed it to the ground. I watched the hole quickly heal itself, leaving no scars. I felt the nail-marks disappear, and my shoulder become whole again. I felt Vampire-Killer take the blood into my soulwound.
The first Vampire I had slain was the Vampire who had turned me. Unlike the werewolf, destroying the Vampire who turns you does nothing; one can never revert back to being human from Vampirism. From then onwards, I could only be VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter, never again human, never willing to be a Vampire. Only in the hunt can I seek my redemption, only when the last Vampire is dead can I be free. I forever am, and always was in full dedication to my goal of the eradication of the Vampire.

Ah, but that was only the beginning; where does one go after killing their first? To the rest of the Vampires, of course. The Vampires she introduced me too, the Vampire who turned her. Then, the Vampires they knew, Vampire hangouts, Vampire clubs, Vampire bars, Vampire haunts and Vampire houses; any places Vampires would congregate. They’d all burn to the ground once I made sure there were no survivors inside. I would kill every Vampire until I reached Vampires who knew things, knew the inner workings of their entire Vampire society, to take it all down from the inside. Then I’d continue killing every Vampire I’d heard even a whisper of. No Vampire will be left on this earth and beyond. That is my vow; that is my debt. As the Vampire hungers for the blood of man, Vampire-Killer is driven for the blood of the Vampire.

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