VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter VI

Darkness. That is what Vampirism has taught me. But the darkness is for ignorant pretenders.

I have a moment to think while I descend through the atmosphere to Earth. I must continue the eradication of all Vampires. I must kill the Vampire King, and all within his Vampire Kingdom. There is no time to spare, I’m certain that the Vampires beneath the Kingdom have something up their sneaky Vampire sleeves that may have repercussions for the entire world. I land into the side of a snow-covered mountain top, my crash sending steam and debris outwards into the sky. My jacket is ruined, I remove it and toss it to the side as I stand on the cusp of my impact crater. I breathe the air deep into my pointless Vampire lungs, and try to remember what it felt like to be alive. Feeling nothing, I focus on the death of all Vampires, and jump down the mountain, skimming, hovering upon the snow in a false slide.

The sun glistens over the mountain top; I keep my eyes on the darkness that trains itself beneath the Vampire-King’s Castle. He has been made King, to reign over a secluded Vampire Village. His Vampire Kingdom remains in the visual era of carriages and cottages. No doubt, however, that the Vampire-Demonic have set him up in preparation for me. The Vampires have always been cowardly, hiding beneath a veil of humanity to attract their prey. Their carriages and cottages are but fronts to the technology they possess, pure Vampire aesthetic. They have always been and always will be a mockery of humanity. A cheap imitation, made to feed off of them in the shadows. I’d pity them and their bloodlust if my own didn’t burn within my veins, fueling the unending hatred.

The Vampire Castle is tall and imposing. Large spires intimidate the night sky, as the castle itself blocks out the day for the large Vampire village below. I arrive at the end of the slope, and leap into the Vampires’ town square. Vampires immediately stop their night-to-night routines, and stare. I stand upon their giant fountain of a Vampire bat.

“Vampires! I am VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter, and I am here to kill all of you, as well as your Vampire King!” I pause a moment to let them absorb the information, for they surely saw me plummet to earth and into the mountain side. I drop down onto the rim of the fountain.
“You can still die with honor: line up here, and do not resist my blade.” Vampires never die with honor. The town of Vampires parading as humans are the same. Vampire shopkeeps, Vampire tailors, Vampire wives, and Vampire husbands all prepare to attack, in their own ways.
“Vampires, please, you prey on humanity, and live in secrecy, allow me to end this mockery of platitudes you call a life!”
“Please, we’re good Vampires!” One shouts from the crowd. Another pulls forward to defend and support the first Vampire.
“Yeah, we Vampires just want to live here and be left alone!” The defenders begin to pull to the front, trying to reason with me.
“We have families here, under the protection of the Vampire King, we only want to retain our humanity,” says a mustachioed Vampire, holding his bowler hat to his heart, Vampire wife and Vampire child close by his side.
“We never seek to create new Vampires,” says one, with more coming to the front. A common tactic in humanity, bringing faces to a nameless group. Makes them harder to kill, allows for attachment.
“We survive off a synthetic blood, created beneath the city,” says one, proving that they are no danger to humans.
“We offer protection to those who no longer want to prey upon humans, it’s not the life for us,” says a final Vampire, a beautiful young woman who stands directly in front of me, holding a small bouquet of white roses and chrysanthemums; enhancing her soft, pale skin and ruby-red lips. I look deep into her eyes, and then, I speak to the crowd:

“Your words touch me, Vampires, they really do. So, I have reconsidered.”

I unsheathe Vampire-Killer, and swiftly remove the heads of all those in the crowd directly in front of me. Blood sprays up into the sky, before the slumping of their bodies drenches me in it.

No matter their words, within their eyes and within their hearts will always be death. I know the secrets of the synth-blood. Like all things Vampiric, it is a lie. Their ignorance is no excuse; execution is to be their enlightenment. They cannot live without preying upon the living, that is their definition. I can see that this place is the cause of the disease, and must be uprooted violently. No more symptoms.

The commoner Vampires, surprised that their idiotic and pathetic begging for mercy did not work, attack in a staggered fashion. Poorly organized, untrained. Living too long as a mockery of humanity. The worst sort of Vampire, stealing back a life they gave up. The missing people from surrounding towns for miles around, travellers to the region, those whose lives the Vampires stole to feed themselves, are of no consequence upon the minds of these Vampires. As they come at me, I make quick work of them, the Vampires’ bodies splay across the old-fashioned cobblestone ground surrounding the fountain. With my maneuvering around the statue, the fountain’s water soon turns a deep red with the blood of the Vampires as I hack away at their pathetic attempts at defending their accused Vampire village. I make my way away from the centre, and blood pools in between the cracks of each stone, flowing outwards, filling the town square.

Through the initial hoard, I make my way towards the Vampire King’s Castle. The Vampires still in their houses exit to defend the way of undeath they carved out of human flesh. There are at least 500 Vampires coming out from their businesses, stopping their chores, all sensing the danger, all sensing the end to their Vampiric ways. Vampire after Vampire fall to the Vampire-Killer. As crowds of Vampires lose their lives, I revel in each and every kill. I listen to each slice, each splatter of Vampire intestines and dismembered Vampire limbs hitting the ground, being trampled.

Vampires continually burst out of windows and old wooden trap doors in attempts to surprise me, to try to lay even a scratch on me. They all fail; but the King of Vampires is no fool. He did not become the Vampire-King by allowing these trespasses to occur. Vampire-Warriors and Vampire-Knights flood out of the windows of the castle. A small percentage of the actual Vampire guards on staff, I’m certain. I jump to the rooftops to gain a better vantage point, slicing Vampires as they jump up through the alleys. Scalps removed, Vampires fall by the wayside. Taloned hands reach out at me, grabbing me, bright white fangs bared, glistening. Saliva flies out of their panicked vengeful mouths with their hissing and inaudible threats. Bloody pieces fly away, disconnected, ash explodes and scatters as I drive my blade through the Vampire-Warriors and Vampire-Knights, impeding my rooftop jaunt.

Having traversed most of the Vampire Village, I return to the streets, into the frantic crowd of Vampires. So thick in number, it is all I can do to swing Vampire-Killer and end them, slowly making my way towards the path. The trudge through crowded streets of removed limbs, heads, splattered brains is soon over, the final stand is made to head me off at the pass, the clearing before the long winding mountain path, a huge, Vampiric conglomeration. If I could tell one Vampire from another before, I most certainly couldn’t now. They all meet their end, falling to the Vampire-Killer. I almost zone out through the monotony of Vampire screams, becoming soaked in Vampire blood and entrails. Not a single Vampire is spared in the village.

My disgust for Vampires has no fathom to its depths. I kick the final fallen corpses out of my way, and continue towards the Vampire King’s Castle. The path is long and narrow, sheer cliffs on either side, at the bottom of the chasm, only shadow can be seen. I sense them first, the underdwellers. A form of Vampire-Demon, smaller than Vampires, weaker, but faster and always in great numbers. This doesn’t feel like a trap. More like a few near the surface, scared, attacking out of instinct. They like to remain underground, where they feel safe. I sprint down the path, knowing that the longer I stay, the more their deathscreams will draw others, more Vampires. Having quickly made my way to the gate of the Vampire King’s castle, I realize: this is the trap. The large doors swing open of their own accord with a large creak. Before me is a large hall, lined with large statues of Vampire-knights and Vampire-demons and Vampire-demon-knights. At the end of the hall, is the Vampire-King’s throne, and there he sits: the Vampire-King himself, Dracula.

“Vell vell vell, it seems I have a guest, you must be VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter, blah!” His thick Transylvanian accent grates on me.
“I’ve been waiting a long while to meet you face to face, Dracula. I’m going to destroy you once and for all.”
“You have no idea vhat you’re up against. I am the Vampire King. I am the vone of True Blood!”
“I know exactly what I’m up against, Vampire, and believe me, your time is at hand.”
“Blahh, I suppose I should simply abandon my castle and kingdom, then… flee, never to return…”
“Don’t mock me, Vampire, I’ll see to it that your Vampire blood is spilt by my blade.” I fly at the Vampire with Vampire-Killer.

The Vampire turns to mist before my eyes, vanishing. My sword, embedded deep into the throne. I’m left alone in the empty hall of Dracula’s castle. Shadows cast, my only company.

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  1. A Nice new addition to the Vampire series!

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