VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter III

My next planned attack point is for one of the most secret Vampire testing facilities: Complex Z. Vampires trying to improve upon themselves: make themselves more powerful. The arms race occurs for the supernatural as well. Vampires are especially excellent and crafty at this. Now, don’t be mistaken, it is never the Vampire’s goal to increase their population to extremes, as that would cause ‘livestock’ problems; control problems. Vampires all should be of one mind, which takes training in the ways of the Vampire. Their numbers are select and chosen. That is why I am the only one who’s been able to gain the power of the Vampire; I was driven unlike any other man in my hatred for the Vampire…

I had just come out of a movie theater; my parents took me to see Blade. I was so excited and happy coming out of that movie, but in walking down a back alley: a Vampire jumped us from the dark. He was a new convert; my father tried to fight him off, but was overpowered, and killed. The Vampire then killed my mother for her blood, but was called back by his turner for his foolish and brash actions. It was then I made a vow, a vow that I would kill every Vampire so that this could never happen again. I would cleanse the world of every last Vampire and Vampiric entity. This is not about revenge, or vengeance against the Vampires for killing my family, no; this is my showing of gratitude for being left alive. I am indebted to the Vampire, and my debt will never be fully paid until the world has been rid of them all.

I’m in Romania right now, deep in the Carpathian Mountains. I approach the Vampire testing facility under the cover of day, using the thick forest canopy to stay within the sun, but out of sight by air. I am silent as I jump and weave through the miles of branches. As I get closer to the Vampire facility, I begin to notice automated guard posts. One problem, though: they’re all positioned facing towards the facility. Either they really don’t care about intruders, which they have no reason two, or this trip is about to really pay off. I make my way through three perimeter fences and past four Vampire dayguards unnoticed. The final dayguard is too on the ball, too aware. They’re making them better, the best I’ve seen. I glide through the air from the cover of the trees, Vampire-Killer in front. The Vampire has no time to react before it’s impaled upon my blade. As with any Vampire, a stake through the heart does it in. These dayguard Vampires are ugly, even for filthy Vampires. They’ve been experimented on, given a hard light-resistant skin that’s very similar in texture to rock; it’s not organic, but it is permanently attached to their entire skin. A dark, removable glass covers their eyes. Their breathing is assisted through machines. These are tough Vampires. I’ve encountered them only once or twice before, on much smaller Vampire installments. The first time, I was too cocky, and their armor gave Vampire-Killer a resistance I hadn’t anticipated. No slashing, only stabbing is able to work. I remember this now. Their coating is non-reactive to the anti-Vampire enchantments on the blade. The second time I was foolish, allowed myself to get surrounded by a group of them. This time, I’m not so brash.

I cut my way into the complex. The only available light coming in is blocked, even through the entry holes I carved in the multiple barriers. I exit the small closet, sensing no Vampiric activity. I read the nearest sign in the pitch-blackness: Mezzanine Z. I fly down the stairwell to the bottom of the complex, to where the most Vampiric activity is located. Work from the bottom up, no survivors. I cut down Vampire guard after Vampire guard before I make it to the Vampire scientists. The door slides open, revealing a huge lab full of them.

“Stop what you are doing, Vampire waste, and prepare for death!”
“We’ve been compromised! Release the expri–” Words cut off, just like her Vampire head. I drag my sword along the floor, slicing Vampire scientist after scientist limb from limb. The Vampires begin to react in more than shocked expressions; I take it to the wall. They jump at me from all angles, hissing and bearing their fangs. The Vampire-Killer is in its element, absorbing the Vampire blood, filling my soul, feeding my bloodlust. Security bursts in through the doors on either ends of the room and open fire. Machine gun fire cuts into the walls around me as I run up to the ceiling and back down the wall on top of the door, cutting their weapons in half, then the Vampires themselves. The guards from the other side take to the walls and ceiling as well, firing at me. I stop the bullets with the Vampire-Killer, and enter the fray. Vampires work in darkness; the light from the discharge of bullets is the Vampire’s disadvantage, not mine, the Vampire Hunter. Being attacked from all sides, I jump from wall to ceiling to floor and back again, swift blade strokes making quick work of the hoards of Vampire guards flowing in through the doors. I glide along the blood-drenched floor, making waves in the red bliss. Vampire limbs fly up in distraction, Vampire bodies used as Vampire shields, they take the bullets before the shooters take my blade in their death. Wasn’t as much security as I thought there’d be. But I can still sense more Vampires within Complex Z.

With every Vampire in the lab carved to pieces, I am left with only a loud buzzing and blood pooled at my feet. They got to the alarm; the door release. In our bloodlusting I spent too much time fancying up my moves. I focus; hone my keen Vampire senses. I hear doors, gates, cages unlocking. But there is no Vampire activity in those areas. Near, yes, but not at. I must head back upwards, towards the Vampire scientists, more Vampire security forces, the Vampire leader… Vampire experiments: they’ve been released.

I begin to hear a faint haunting moaning. On the next level, I see them. Zombies. These Vampires have been experimenting on zombies. But why? They’re slow, useless fodder. I can read a zombie’s movement just like I can read a human’s… But there’s more moaning than I can account for, it permeates down every hall, makes it hard to pinpoint a location, but I can still read where most of them are. I take down the hall, slicing their heads and arms off. The trick is to hit them between the bottom and top jaw. This is child’s play; I practiced on zombies.

I’m suddenly grabbed from around a corner which is when I realize what they’ve been doing: combining zombie and Vampire DNA, creating some sort of… Vampirzimbies? Vampirimbies? Vampirombies? Vampirmbies? I don’t know. All I know is that in the way the Vampire DNA has been mixed with the zombie DNA, they’re impossible to track or feel out at all. I can only go by sight. There are too many bodies to get a proper bead on their movements. I tear off the Vampire-Zombie’s grappling arm, and toss it to the crowd, cleanly removing another’s head. Zombies are intermingled with Vampire-Zombies, who move much faster. I can feel their cold, dead exhalation upon my neck. Some of the Vampire-Zombies crawl upon the ceiling, decomposing flesh dangling over the others in the tight hallway. I duck and roll from their slashing Vampire talons and biting Vampire fangs. Their numbers are overwhelming; this Vampire weapon is truly a lethal combination. I’m glad to be the one who will obliterate it. Those standing fall to the ground, cut at the knees. The ceiling becomes a carved roadway of sword-marks as I take care of the Vampire-Zombies on the ceiling next. When I am done, there is no more movement in this hall.

I hear gunfire coming from the next level up, no doubt Vampire guards having some trouble with the Vampire-Zombies. On the next level, a strobe light of gunfire bombards my eyes. Vampire guards doing all they can to defend themselves against the creation they protected. I can sense a frightened Vampire scientist or two amongst their numbers. I make no move to defend them from the Vampire-Zombies, only keeping my senses aware and my eyes open for an attack from those I cannot sense, from those that have been created to render my Vampire senses useless. When the last bursts of gunfire cease, and the last Vampire hiss is snuffed out, Vampire-Killer and I go to work. I hold it out horizontally at neck height, and run directly down the hall, decapitating Vampire-Zombies, mowing them down like the mutated Vampires that they are.

On the top floor, the Vampire dayguards have gathered to make the last stand just before the doorway of the overseer to this Vampire testing facility. I slide in between the crowd, and begin stabbing each one through the heart with Vampire-Killer. Vampires stabbed through the shoulder into the chest, through the skull, through the back, up through the pelvis, through the stomach, and through outreaching arms; all ending in an impaled heart. One Vampire left. I kick in the Vampire-themed doors, and see her: Vampironymous. Her custom desk nameplate is all the clue I need to her identity. I’d seen them before. She has been the lead on multiple little Vampire pet projects I have created the end to. I’ve never seen her in person.

“Ahahaha! VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter, so we finally meet.”
“That we do, Vampire dreck.”
“Now, now, be nice, Vampire Hunter. The Vampire higher-ups are very perturbed by your actions. We’d like to know what we in the Vampire community could do to resolve this little… disagreement.”
“You can die, Vampire!” I spin my sword back around at my side, leap over her desk, and slice her and her fancy leather chair in twain. Her Vampiric death-scream is the loudest and harshest I’ve ever heard. It pierces my ears and agonizes my Vampire blood. I need to take a moment of reprieve.

With this facility cleansed of Vampires, I take my leave towards the next grouping of Vampires on my list that must die.

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