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The Chemical Solution 2: The Problem

Posted in Detective, Fiction, Sci-Fi, The Chemical Solution on August 7, 2009 by GuNNhead

There is a monster on the streets of my city, a mighty creature that attacks all night. It eats the flesh of the citizens I swore to protect. I’ve been tracking it for too long now, examining the bodies, finding broken nails from when this creature tore their abdomens open to feast on the entrails like spaghetti. Most of these people were criminals that I had been following, attempting to find evidence to bring them to justice, months of investigation, wasted for a beast’s meal. Some of these criminals had a chance to fight back, and I had the fortune of finding the long and jagged teeth that had been broken near the gruesome scene. What was most intriguing is that I found multiple Mandibular canines, each approximately four to six inches long, so, either this creature can regenerate lost teeth, or there are many more of these than I can handle alone. The path taken and amount eaten, however, suggests a single creature with a slightly calculated stalking pattern. Most likely these murders are some sort of a warning, a new super-villain out to make a name for themselves.

However, I feel that there is a piece that I am missing of this puzzle: the first two murders were random, and it appears as if it nested with the bodies, feasting on them, but that pattern suddenly changed after two weeks, according to the missing persons reports. It then moved onto small crimes, petty thieves, even those with no criminal records, caught in the act. Moving up the chain, it began to interfere with my mission, cutting off my leads and devouring them with reckless abandon, or an intentional path, or even purposefully to render my task more futile than it already is. Either way, although the primary amount of its victims do not deserve life, murderers and rapists, the vilest sort of scum, this creature’s actions have become more of a nuisance than I can allow. Whatever its motives are, I don’t know for sure, but I intend to find out. All villains must be brought to justice, for there is too much evil in the world, but in my city, I am the only cure for the ills of humanity; I am the courageous Chemical Solution.

The creature’s path has been sloppy, and I have traced it back to what can only be the place where it seeks shelter. This neighborhood is all too familiar; it is where I gained my superhuman abilities, from Dr. Sheldon Steinberg. His wife had cancer, and he had been working on a cure, but she died before he found what he was after. A secret government agency then hired him, finding interesting results with his treatments. They wanted to create powerful soldiers for use overseas. I believe that I was one of the first of the successful tests, spending much time in his private lab, before an explosion at the main compound on base destroyed everything. The agency abandoned the project, leaving me with incredible super-powers, and the Doctor to continue with his former life. Though I’ve not heard from him in years, I still hope for his safety, he was a brilliant man.

The Chemical Solution: Night Predator

Posted in Fiction, Horror, Sci-Fi, The Chemical Solution on July 31, 2009 by GuNNhead

“You need this chemical solution.”

That’s what he told me, my doctor. I came to him with cancer, and the entire time I was his patient, I never could tell that he was completely insane. He led me to believe that it was a new experimental test for a treatment to cancer. I was so excited to have such a high possibility of a cure, I started right away. I trusted my doctor so much; it never once crossed my mind to question him or the treatment at all.

Now, life’s different for everyone, but I really did start feeling better on the weekly injections, and I saw the x-rays, he said it was going away. Then, one day after an injection, he advised that I stay overnight in the hospital, because there was something that was worrying him about my x-ray. When I woke up the next day, I was tied to a wooden table with chains in a dingy cellar. I heard a large metal door slowly opening; the doctor came down the stairs, greeting me with a looming smile. I was still groggy at the time, and had not the wherewithal to ask what was going on, but I recall that he injected me with more of his chemical solution.

The next few months were a blur of excruciating pain. Medical tests and exams of all sorts, blood samples; fairly standard hospital procedures carried out in this stone and wood prison. Soon, however, he took samples of my flesh daily, and it grew back just as fast as he removed it, though this did not heal the agony of the procedures. Shortly thereafter, he became more bold in his tests, removing whole limbs and sitting there watching them grow back, just sitting and watching. I do not know if it was his in intentions from the beginning of the experiment, but he began to eat my flesh, cooking it, or sometimes eating it raw, in front of me; snacking on pieces while he performed further analysis of what has become of me. It got to a point where he had four meat-grinders attached to my arms and legs, working as fast my limbs could regrow. For this, he upped the dosage of the chemical solution.

My body eventually began to change shape, into something monstrous. He noticed this, and soon stopped injecting his chemical solution or eating my body. Once I had regrown fully, I felt completely energized again, though I was not eating. It was when I felt my own hunger for the first time in a long time that I began to gain the mental capacity to attempt an escape. To my surprise, the chains snapped easily by the force of my new might. I ran up the stairs, smashing out the door. It was night, and I quickly made my way out of his house, into the city. Seeing my own reflection in a store window was disturbing to say the least. I had become a huge, hulking figure, my teeth were long and jagged, with my canines being the most exaggerated, the bottom two fully escaping my mouth and up past my sunken-in nose. I spent two weeks on the streets, killing and eating two men approximately my size for their clothes. I could not help myself, every human I saw at that point was as tempting as a cheeseburger or pizza used to be. After finishing my second meal in one sitting instead of rationing it over a period of time, though, my head become clear once more, and I made the realization that I must travel back to the Doctor’s house, so that he can not do what he has done to me again, or, worse, make himself into such a creature. No, I must be the only one. Sneaking in once more at night, I had returned to find him downstairs in his lab, a misshapen and malformed creature that could barely move under its own strength. Perhaps it was a side-effect from eating my already body tainted by the chemical solution, though evidence suggested that during the two weeks I was gone, he had been injecting himself.

I tore him to pieces.

I buried his pieces miles apart.

I took his house for myself; there is no cure for me, just like there are no cures for the ills of humanity. There is too much evil in the world, in my city; from now on, I will feast upon the evil of this city, I will be her mighty night predator.