The Chemical Solution 2: The Problem

There is a monster on the streets of my city, a mighty creature that attacks all night. It eats the flesh of the citizens I swore to protect. I’ve been tracking it for too long now, examining the bodies, finding broken nails from when this creature tore their abdomens open to feast on the entrails like spaghetti. Most of these people were criminals that I had been following, attempting to find evidence to bring them to justice, months of investigation, wasted for a beast’s meal. Some of these criminals had a chance to fight back, and I had the fortune of finding the long and jagged teeth that had been broken near the gruesome scene. What was most intriguing is that I found multiple Mandibular canines, each approximately four to six inches long, so, either this creature can regenerate lost teeth, or there are many more of these than I can handle alone. The path taken and amount eaten, however, suggests a single creature with a slightly calculated stalking pattern. Most likely these murders are some sort of a warning, a new super-villain out to make a name for themselves.

However, I feel that there is a piece that I am missing of this puzzle: the first two murders were random, and it appears as if it nested with the bodies, feasting on them, but that pattern suddenly changed after two weeks, according to the missing persons reports. It then moved onto small crimes, petty thieves, even those with no criminal records, caught in the act. Moving up the chain, it began to interfere with my mission, cutting off my leads and devouring them with reckless abandon, or an intentional path, or even purposefully to render my task more futile than it already is. Either way, although the primary amount of its victims do not deserve life, murderers and rapists, the vilest sort of scum, this creature’s actions have become more of a nuisance than I can allow. Whatever its motives are, I don’t know for sure, but I intend to find out. All villains must be brought to justice, for there is too much evil in the world, but in my city, I am the only cure for the ills of humanity; I am the courageous Chemical Solution.

The creature’s path has been sloppy, and I have traced it back to what can only be the place where it seeks shelter. This neighborhood is all too familiar; it is where I gained my superhuman abilities, from Dr. Sheldon Steinberg. His wife had cancer, and he had been working on a cure, but she died before he found what he was after. A secret government agency then hired him, finding interesting results with his treatments. They wanted to create powerful soldiers for use overseas. I believe that I was one of the first of the successful tests, spending much time in his private lab, before an explosion at the main compound on base destroyed everything. The agency abandoned the project, leaving me with incredible super-powers, and the Doctor to continue with his former life. Though I’ve not heard from him in years, I still hope for his safety, he was a brilliant man.

2 Responses to “The Chemical Solution 2: The Problem”

  1. Chocomilk Says:

    You should have a small feature on Dr. Steinberg; how he went from famed doctor helping the army to madman eating limbs. It’d be interesting to see what happened through his eyes (pre- and post-explosion).

    • Hmm, I figured it’d be better to leave it to the reader’s imagination for now, leaving that for a very late chapter; his descent and depravity, that is. However, there will be future installments of these comic book horror heros, so stay tuned!

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