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Cosmic Rejoinder: The Disturbance at Loameria Prime

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on July 8, 2011 by GuNNhead

When Ggi’lg”rdtg’d in all its arrogance is finally destroyed and done away with, only then do I know that it is time for death. The essence is dark enough now and I see it more clear than ever, the situation having escalated to the point where my power can no longer be denied by my lack of desire to use it for something so inane as altering the cosmos to my own vision, while simultaneously disturbing cosmic gods existing upon other planes and appearing within the nightmares of mere mortals. My drive towards death has yet again been activated. But not simply something as mundane as listless murder, as after all, there is no joy in bathing in blood unless I choose for there to be. I am the maker of my own destiny, and today right now in this moment, I am empty with threats of violence, hollowed by these interdimensional gods believing themselves better than I, believing they wield any sort of power over me, believing they can simply judge and sentence me to their whims. The thought of their hubris pushes me beyond emotions, freezing them dead in me. Beneath my helmet, I can physically feel their death, a cold ablution across my brain.

Yon-sogorath does not appear again. I believe my sentence has been carried out to its fullest possibility, with none remaining to survive this request for retribution against my cosmic slights, there is nothing left to for the arbiter to arbitrate. Or I believe that it now feels the fear that I once was able to feel. But then, its voice permeates the outerdimension in which I am trapped.

You are done with, for now. Freeing the domains of the affronted from their occupants must be attended to. Return to your trite infinite anomaly, no longer are there those who care for what it once was.

Eventually, its prattling ends and the portal necessary to take me back to my home, Loameria, opens. I pass into it and begin to feel the grasp of real space closing in around me. Such a place of cold darkness and solitude can feel like solace, a living, breathing thing closing around me, holding me in its embrace, reluctant to let go to enact the violence of entropy upon the celestial and natural world.

A fleshy portal slices through reality, and a mucus-coated figure exudes from the prolapse…

As I fall back to the planet, I notice strange lights ebbing and flowing in the sky above the place where the portal sits, and over the horizon, I see clouds, dark like they are heavy with rain, gathering as though they have minds of their own, before the sky seems to clear, growing brighter than bright has any right to be, and at the same time, my body feels as though it is weakening. I eventually collide with the rich, friable soil, and slowly feel as though I am becoming one with the ground, like I could just sink into it and be forgotten there underneath the terra firma. My vision grows dim, as my head is perpetually upturned toward the sky, and though I do not fully understand what is happening, I am not afraid or worried or concerned, I do not feel much of anything, simply eyes fixed on the sky, dying eyes as my sights grow dark, and I allow whatever is dragging me down to simply do so, losing any semblance of consciousness underneath Loameria’s skies.

Incomprehensible Sentence IV

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Horror, Sci-Fi on July 1, 2011 by GuNNhead

Yon-sogorath appears within the outer realm of the former interbeing from within one of its portals, and expounds across the extent.

“Outside of the realms of thought and possibility, you have felled On’goz-shl’hg as well. I am disappointed that I will not get to see your limbs dismembered and scattered across your planet, and will not have the privilege of seeing you done away with once and for all. However, there are other horrors you have offended, beyond even I. You must now face Ggi’lg”rdtg’d.”

And in my mind, I hear its other title blaring at me within the scape of my mind, demon of the stars, and at once I see the heavens splitting open as though the cosmos was giving birth to something clear of comprehension, a sound that was reminiscent of a roar shaking the atoms of the universe as it emerged, Ggi’lg”rdtg’d, with its body a mere amorphous, galactic blob of uncertainty, my mind struggling to take the entirety of it in, as it seemed to be made of a consistency like jelly, full of burning balls of gas and fire that were the constellations it kept hostage inside of itself, like prison for the unfortunate galaxies it enjoyed swallowing whole, creating more constellations within itself, growing bigger and bigger with the energy it consumed. It appears now almost like a dragon, giant eyes staring at me, burning with red hot intensity as it swam through the space, gravity not an obstacle as it floated through the space-dust, meteorites like mere pebbles in relation to the thing’s size, its voice deep and grating to my ears when it spoke, without an apparent mouth, but a voice to use nonetheless.

You will not live to see the rising of another sun.” It rumbles in a way that made my body feel as though it was going to be ripped apart by the frequency of its sounds, and before my very eyes, I see lasers of gamma rays shooting from its body, narrowly managing to dodge the weaponry as I tumble and attempt to catch my balance, knowing that this would not be the beast that would take me down, but also knowing that I could very well be wounded if my arrogance becomes too magnified and out of control. I force myself to focus, force myself to channel my own powers, show this “demon of the stars” what a real threat is, and I have some difficulty due to being forced to dodge from the seemingly endless onslaught of laser beams and fiery balls of gas being lobbed in my direction, and Ggi’lg”rdtg’d laughing at me, I can hear the sound of its amusement reverberating throughout my body, and that only serves to fuel my hatred of this creature, hatred of its hubris, its endless consumption of the planets and the cosmos, its belief that it is more powerful than me, and these emotions allow me to feel the true brunt of my power, charging up before I release an explosion of gravitational force upon the beast, I know I must face its full assailment and survive its cosmic blitz.

[Activate: Graviton Infinitus]

The massive beam explodes out from my torso, splitting the ancient demon in half, globs of gelatinous flesh coming loose from its body as it wails, and I know now that this time, I will be victorious. I know now what I must do, as I continue to work against Ggi’lg”rdtg’d, slicing it into millions of pieces, the stars within it collapsing one by one as their biological prison, their newfound ecosystem, crumbles little by little before my might.

Incomprehensible Sentence III

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Horror, Sci-Fi on June 27, 2011 by GuNNhead

It shudders and bellows loudly, causing the entire landmass to tremble, this mountain range suspended in nothingness. It strides into the air, covering a large distance, as when it lands closer, I now notice that it towers twelve stories above me. I call out:

“Elder God, On’goz-shl’hg, I am aware that I my actions have inadvertently rendered other gods non existent, and disturbed this place you call your own as well, but I do not wish to fight you. This will be like no battle between other elder gods, and this will be like no punishment ever dealt to mortals before. For one such as yourself, you existence will not continue if you choose to engage me. I have powers beyond all comprehension, but no desire to enact them upon you. Your dealings in this dimension are inconsequential. I humbly request that you retract your request to the arbiter Yon-sogorath, and allow me to return to my dimension of origin.”

Used to battle with being of a different stature, it picks me up by my leg with two of its three fingers. I patiently dangle upside down as its multitude of large, grey, gibbous eyes examine me. After a few moments, it makes its decision. It bellows loudly once more, and begins slamming me against the side of the mountain. The back plating of my armor cracks, fissures run through my helmet and on the third hit, my leg rips off. I go flying down, smashing into the ground face first. I orient myself to witness it lose its fingers as the boiling blood in my leg sears through them. While it is distracted, I concentrate, focusing the available gravitons where my leg was to become superdense. It doesn’t look like much, it looks like nothingness, and outline, but it works, and will stop the bleeding.

It makes another attempt to grab me, so I give it no opportunity to do anything but observe its own demise and death, bounding up its colossal frame, and kick its head in. It crashes into the mountain. There, I take hold of its head, and keep battering it into the rocks. Once its face has been pushed into the back of its skull, stone and brain rendering the whole mix nigh-unrecognizable, I reach into its innards, tearing them out and showing them to the monster remaining eyes that have not burst from the battering. The splash of celestial blood within these extra spatial dimensions felt against my powerful carapace revives my vigor, and I reach deeper within, using its spine as a handle, tearing it inside out, and just like that, with one blood-curdling shriek from within the creature, I am victorious. I feel nothing but the sting of rage, a product of the adrenaline of a new design of death, fanning the flames of it in my chest, cultivating it as I know I will need to carry this with me as I progress. I gain some distance, and use my powers to supercompress the entire asteroid form into a condensed sphere.

[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]

I vaporize it all into nothingness.

Clouds being to swirl, and once more I feel the fear and dread from the chaotic portal of the arbiter.

Incomprehensible Sentence II

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Horror, Sci-Fi on June 24, 2011 by GuNNhead

Another of the arbiter Yon-sogorath’s portals appears and thrusts me into a new domain. Into the caves of On’goz-shl’hg, I venture deeper towards another punished decree, a battle that would be with yet another interdimensional demon born of the celestial stars that I have crossed in my journey through the cosmos. The air is thick, almost like wading through something solid, and everything within my vision is covered in a moist film, lit by a strange, greenish bioluminescence. Mist shifts along the ground, scattering as I moved and followed the path that would lead to the beast’s chambers. Passing under an archway, I have to wade through water into the next chamber, and it sloshes and stains me as I slink through it. I’m getting closer. There’s some sort of fungus adorning these walls like a haphazard artistic pattern, mushrooms grown to about the size of a skull, with hundreds of long intertwining roots that burrow into the cave’s rocks. All of the extruding fungus bulbs are covered in a slimy, skin-like coating, far denser than the film in the past rooms. I pass by them, continuing into deeper waters that reach up around my thighs.

[͇͙͉W̫͍͉a͔̦͕r̦̟n͓͎͙i͇̪̙n͕̺͕g͖̟:̙͓͉ A̞̞͜i͎͇͜r̡͉ P͉̞͙r͍͖͔e͓̻̘s̘͎͚s͖̞u͉͍̟r͓̻e͙̻͖ D̺̦̺e̪͎͓n̺͍͉s͓͚͚i̡͚̙t̙̪͜y͍̫͙ A̞͍̪n̺͍͖o̠̺͕m̶͓̊ä̵̝́l̸͎͆ỷ̸̡]̸̞̀
[̞̝͍W͉͎̙a̙͓͓r̡̪̪n͕̫ḯ̵̼̠͙̈́̐n̵̙͇̓̽͊g̴̠͖̻̕͠͝:̵̦͖͖̐̽͌ T̸̞͚͆̓o̴̟̫̙͛͑͘x̴̼̫̿̽͘i̵͎̙̼̽͝n̴̘̟͉͐̓͝ D̵̡͙͉̓́͝e̴̘̞͖̽͘͝ŕ̵̟̫̫͑͆m̵̟̝͛̀͋a̵͇̻̾͘͜l̵̼͙̻̕͝ A̴̘̪̐̔b̸̞̞͉̐̒̾s̵̺͍͚͒͛͝ö̴͔̼̻́͐̈́r̸͔͕͛̀͘p̴̢̢͓̒̽ț̸͔̫́͝ì̸̢͕͖̈́o̸̢͍̟̿̚͝n̸̝͎̫͋͋͠]̴̪͉͍̓̐̓
̶̳̏͜ͅ[̷͔̜̰͋Ẃ̷̮͙̓̕ă̶̛̂͜r̶͑͜n̵̳̪͋i̴̠̓͑͠n̵̨͈̈́̄g̸̯̻̪͗:̵̙̂ ̴̥̮̾̆͘ͅP̷̡͔̜̈́̀̀ś̷̙̠̫͝i̸͕̬͗͐l̷̞̦̾̌̈́ỏ̷̥c̵͍̥̆́i̶̳̜͉͒n̷̺̦̉͠͠ ̷̜̽̊P̷͎͎̲͊̋̅h̸͍͍̑̍a̷̬̫̐̃͠ḷ̴́͌l̸̝̔̀ō̶͈͚̇͝i̴̫͐̍d̴̖͚̤̆̂̓e̵͔̎s̵̯̬̋ͅ ̷̩̪͑̃͜A̵̹̅͑͂m̵͈͂́ǎ̴̤̆t̸̪͖̤̋̓͠o̵̹̜̿͒x̶̱̍̇̀i̶̦͚̓̈́̿n̴̗̳̂͆̇ ̸̫͍̬̒̄̍Ṭ̴̳̀̐ü̶̧̨̳r̷̞̰͛̕g̴͇̺͒o̴̯̩͙̓̅͝ṙ̴̢̢͙]̷̢̥̈́͛̎

Then, I pause for a moment, feeling the sensation that something has shifted in the air, tension palpable, until suddenly, there was a violent splash, the expulsion of a large humanoid toadfish coming into view, swiftly slamming into me and smashing me through the overrun cave wall back into the antechamber I had just passed. I can barely regain my senses when the roots of the disturbed mushrooms spring to life, minds of their own as they shoot toward me, attempting to confine and constrict me as I dodge. I stare at the bulbous barbed beast, just as it is advancing rapidly, but before my eyes, it then surprises me by pausing dead in its route. The mycelium that was once pursuing me is now entwining it, bioluminescent fungal bulbs glowing brighter. It begins rapidly expanding, muscles and spiked skin burgeoning over threefold. I prepare for an assault, but am met with it exploding into a raging ball of gaseous fire, detonating all the fungus as imbedded charges, and I have no choice but to plunge into the grimy water to try to avoid becoming burnt, while the cave crumbles all around me as though it was made by the most fragile of pieces. Breaking through the underside of the mountain, the water drains out, pouring through the hole. I climb out, onto the underside of the mountain. I see it in the distance, this squid-like Elder God, sitting upside down underneath his own mountain. I climb out, and stand, righting myself as water flows upwards behind me, spilling into the abysmal dimension. On’goz-shl’hg watched, and awaited me.

Incomprehensible Sentence I

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Horror, Sci-Fi on June 13, 2011 by GuNNhead

The icy chill of space is offset by the strange, warm sensation of being tugged through the portal, and for a moment I feel as though I am burning, a collapsing star being dragged through this hole torn through the fabric of the universe. Formed as if a fingertip were to tear through tissue paper. Space and all its vastness could be so fragile, so easily ripped and collapsed and destroyed, and it is so easy to feel so small in a place like this, but also so powerful all the same, like a god among the burning balls of gas and floating rocks covered in sleet. The air feels strange here, tight and constricting, smelling of sulfur like a swamp, like some place I would rather not be. Disliking the atmosphere of it but at the same feeling too bogged down by its pull to do much other than succumb to it for the time being, usually dormant curiosity piqued now as I observe this little world I have been thrust into.

Pillars of stone floating in the vastness of nothing, scraping an indigo sky that seems to be a dome to this world’s atmosphere, clouds of fog drifting in some unseen manner, no currents to speak of to propel them along, almost as if they have a conscious effort to do so. And when the fog and mist parts, that is when I spot it, sitting there with two eyes like shimmering dark moons fixed in a bulbous head, misshapen and bumpy like mountains formed underneath pale green flesh, towering over me like a monolith, skin glistening with some sort of mucosa oozing from its pores. It sits and sits and stares, and I don’t like the way it is observing me, I would rather force it to turn away its gaze, but my power does not feel right here, it feels blocked by something unknowable, and I blame the creature for it despite having no evidence to believe that to be the case.

It opens its mouth and a tongue emerges like a tentacle, seemingly endless in its length and floating toward me through the sulfur clouds, as if it intends to swallow me as prey, and in response I leap up from the rock face upon which I stand, my powers not right, but able to be worked with for the time being. I will not let this creature best me, I refuse, and as I come close and stare into its void eyes and see my own reflection there within them, I know it knows I want it to die, and it will not go down so easily as it shoots its tongue at me once again, following me as I jump from rock to rock, evading the damned thing that acts like a sinister worm disconnected from the creature’s body. I try to concentrate, to rip the tongue from its mouth, but my power falters and fails and the creature almost seizes me as I dodge just narrowly.

Enough, enough of this madness. I focus, and something like what I believe to be irritation bubbles up within me, rage and anger follows flowing, allowing me the chance to channel my power for just a little while, enough to raise my fist and to stare down at the creature who now seems almost confused with what I’m able to achieve as the rocks lift themselves up from the void in which they float, sharpened edges turning inward to point toward the creature, and with all of my strength I command them to fly like spears, arrows of destruction toward the beast which cannot evade in time. I watch as the stone pierces the delicate flesh of its form, punctured and oozing blood and bodily fluid into the space, the creature screaming in some forgotten tongue as I watch on, ensuring it is dead, waiting until it stops its display of writhing as it is slowly but surely skewered from all angles.

My limbs feel weak and heavy, but I am accomplished, and with nothing but apathy I turn away from the beast to greet a newly summoned portal, a chance to move onward to perhaps a more favorable place. It is not uncommon that a creature should die by my hand, especially not one so annoying as that. Such is the way of the universe, in which every star that is born must die and every creature that lives must breathe its last breath, it is simply a matter of when and for how long that breath will last be breathed.