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When One Can Afford Interludes

Posted in Fiction, Sci-Fi on July 13, 2012 by GuNNhead

Subtitle: A Story by Your Author

It all started at a time I don’t remember, and a place I don’t recall. So, one may ask of me, what it is. This is a story of aliens. No, not aliens. Something beyond. Beyond ourselves and also beyond aliens, and also beyond imagination! Also I recall the place.

We found ourselves in as poorly a written story as ever– you guessed it: 200 feet deep in Grenektian mud…

Due to bad intel, things had gone all wrong. I was standing beside a lead scientist, who was contacting his Manager.
“The President of Space has been captured by these ‘worms’. Had no clue they were even here, we have some smaller, similar specimens, but these are made up of something entirely different. They don’t show up on any scans, and certainly didn’t show up on the planet-scan. My Manager, please advise, this is only a research thtation– station. Sorry, I bit my tongue earlier in the attack.”
“Manager here. How many of the President’s armed forces remain?”
“Three, but they’re leaving to go rescue him. They want some of our security forces, and any scientists that think they can help, to go with them.”
“Then go with them. I will make sure their backup arrives swiftly.”

We were fast on the trail of these freaky-deaky clear-purple, kinda millipede-worms. About thirty feet long each. While the President of Space was giving his speech, four of them came up, surrounding the crowd. Someone somehow hurt one of them, but they killed about eight of us, capturing eleven, including the President.

We followed in two small HXNRovers, down the holes these creatures left. The groups traversed these intricate tunnels directly into a large expanse. There were thousands of these translucent things, all over the walls, and just piles of them, squirming all over the ground. As soon as we saw the President of Space and fellow captives strapped to the back of a few of them with a thick mucus membrane, the security forces opened fire, including myself. The beasts were largely unaffected by our pulse ammo, but it did draw their attention, and they began to focus an attacking front towards us.

That’s when I saw it, though. We all did. We saw it, the Gravity Surge. We’d only read articles on it on the Network. The entire chamber felt heavier. It started by taking out the ones near us by hand, tearing them apart. I still don’t understand how he could do what our weapons could not. It, or he, then began using some form of energy blasts, and in a flash, everything was dead.

On the surface, I was able to muster a question ‘Why? Why did you save us?’ When he responded, it was singularly the most preternatural voice I’d ever heard. Haunting, digital, and ominous.

“My power, this act means nothing… I did what was asked of. The universe holds only indifference towards life and death. My drive towards death can adapt to direction.” He then jumped into the sky, and never returned. We all felt a great weight lift off of our shoulders once he was gone, and breathed a sigh of relief.

By and By II

Posted in Fiction, Sci-Fi, The Permanent Mind on September 16, 2011 by GuNNhead

We appear inside the inner world. Installed in the innerworld, not just a temp install for games, but a reality within, a duplicate of the highest order. The companymen did a fine job. Though, I can remember… the pain of being installed. I never thought that anything could hurt that much, even when the nanites set into my body. I wonder how it is, or even if it still is, my body.

“This feels weird.”
“That’s because it doesn’t feel at all. Receptors here, it’s contact based, and we now have digital souls.”
“Can we still contact each other?”
“I don’t know. It’s hard to think.”
“Really? I feel a fair amount of clarity buffering.”
“It’s probably because my brain became restructured; it should clear up soon, once the organic/nanite matrix can be rerouted. Tell me if my personality shifts, though…”
“It shouldn’t?”
“Right, now let’s get going.”

I had no trouble dealing with what had been done, for it was all another way to go about it. This, this is the ultimate way to go about it. The entire cybernexus was a permanent infrastructure. It was everywhere, in us, outside of us, inside of itself. To become separately installed… that’s something special. It was the nexus, started out like one giant online portal to play other videogames. It always felt so real, all of them did, but it was still just a game, log in, log off. But with datamapping of the brain, it became a dream to be able to create a duplicate, within the nexus itself.

No gimmicks, guaranteed low rates, fast tracking, instant datapak delivery.

“Wow, now that’s called cash support, and we’re in it!”
“I still think it’s kinda dangerous.”
“Look, we’re talking monthly promotions, here.”
“Yeah, but to claim a bonus for a signdown?”
“Don’t think about it, don’t worry about it, we can provide the best selection towards the end result, we are part of this as users. It’s hard to be beaten.”
“True, but what if we get caught?”
“I don’t even see that as a potentiality. Besides, even if it did happen, the worst thing that can happen is deletion, and not only is that impossible, but we’re backups in here, our real selves still live, and can be reinstalled. The companymen guaranteed that.”

The companymen appeared, logged in, uninstalled. Still way too risky to test on all agents, and rogue agents like these especially wouldn’t risk installing an alternate conciousness on the servers.

Turns out the illegal nanites allowed my body to survive the procedure; my friend, Chaice, was not so lucky. It’s still difficult for my adapting brain to process facial expressions or emotions. I wonder how my outerworld self is taking this. I think for sure I would be feeling sorrow for the loss. I think I am. My friend, however, is completely unfazed. Says he’s better off, free from bondage, a weight off his shoulders. The idea may have infected his brain, I fear.

End By End II

Posted in Fiction, Sci-Fi, The Permanent Mind on May 9, 2011 by GuNNhead

The two enter the pod, agony in hand. The extraneous gear gets off right away. The brick hooks, up, and charges in their stead, siphoned to hers. Easy.
“Where’s your storage?”
“In the basement, same as anything else?”
“Right, wasn’t even a question.” They leave, and the door solidifies behind them. They walk down the smooth colored walls. It’s a brightness not available in true reality, perfect for their geostation, the Galactic Halo. Entering the lift, a note of fear enters his brain.
“This isn’t… would… Newgov will have our asses for sure for this one if it goes wrong, won’t they?”
“It’s the same for nearly everything done here. But, yes, this more than any other.”
“Ha!” the doors slide open, and they walk to storage locker C-18 “Well, you know what they say:”
“If you can play, we can pay!” Saying it together, they exchange a hearty laugh, echoing the darkened steel and concrete of the sub level. Before long, they arrive at his storage. The door dissolves as all the others. He enters the room, and emerges with a cold metallic briefcase.
“Here they are, let’s get this done.”

They arrive at her pod, and begin inside.
“Wow, I didn’t even think this was possible! How many bricks are in here? This can’t be safe!”
“You worry too much, it needs this, come on, check your value here, I’ll set up the discs, run them on a double, then loop the block to pass. After hinging, of course.”
“At least it’ll be safe.”
“I hope so.”

The two work diligently, she performs her tasks with a nimbleness not seen outside the inner world. When he is able to catch it out of the corner of his eye, it disturbs him. There’s no way interlocked in his mind for it all. It simply doesn’t.

“I know you know what you’re doing, but I hope the results work out for us.”
“I hope so too, but if this isn’t based on Type-6, and a whole new type like I think it is, we can’t be beat, we’ll earn big by playing. Unless, of course, we encounter the protus.”
“But wouldn’t doing this basically ensure we encounter it?”
“Well, yes, but that’s why I have you installing alongside me.”
“You really think I’m that good?”
“Inside? Yes, the electricity is chemical. What’s the readout?”
“It’s all good here.”
“Great, time to test this out: “the paradisio drive.”
“So, what, exactly, does this do?”
“It’ll give us an unknown advantage. I can’t even explain it out here, and it’s far too dangerous to even talk about it in there. For all intents and purposes, we’re just playing.”

On the inside:
“You have picked for the first round of today’s games!”

“Ugh, damn ads.”
“No amount of tech will remove those, I guess.”
“C’mon, the rounds are launching. We have to play.”

They flow downwards through the pathstream. Data of rush transverses the constructed ether, towards a piloted goal of time and skill. There is only a realness felt here. It’s not a certainty of feeling, but is a reality of the brain. In such a way, that is, to cloud the fog of the outside. The death, the sand, the desolation.

Every game gives you more.

“These guys are giving away 20,000UEC bonus to all entrants, get yours here!”
“Yeah, we know, adbot!”
“Psst, no, guys, it’s me, Ceta.”
“Ceta? How are you doing here?”
“Yeah, last I heard they found you, dead.”
“It’s not a way to slide, I’m here for life. It’s hard to explain. In short, they did.”
“But that doesn’t make sense.”
“It does, but I can’t say this close, we’d need a closed channel. Next cycle, worldtime, y’know, the innercyde.”
“Perfect, we’ll install on a secure-pain.”
“Until, then, don’t spill a byte to a soul.”
“There’s no such thing, see you then.”
“Try all our games and collect more extra cash!” He disappears back into the adbot, slipping through the cracks in the lifecode.

They continue through past the netic-ghost, into the arena. In the center of the large room, vidlinks on all the walls, they focus on the one dead ahead. The big seller, damn near a job, or, the best anyone can get nowadays.

“There it is, the brand new and now best way to earn UEC: Sybaritic: The Havoc Onslaught” Their minds double-click in unison, and they leave the bounding overworld into a narrower channel.

End By End I

Posted in Fiction, Sci-Fi, The Permanent Mind on May 6, 2011 by GuNNhead

“Your new favorite game.”
“Shut up, you always say that.”
“And each time they get better, do they not?”
“In some ways, but, as you may already know, I don’t like dying.”
“More slots are open to you now more than ever, we have no worries about in our setup.”
“In our setup? Did you not hear about the guys who got all those newgov chips?”
“Oh please, that’s just a stupid rumor.”
“Well, I heard one of them was a girl too!”
“Don’t start up with that synapse phase bullshit again. It doesn’t even compute.”
“It totally does, it’s all about the connection, see, and-” he sees her glare, and stops. “Either way, they were able to get the companymen to get them in!”
“The companymen don’t exist, and if they did, nobody without some seriously gravity connections could find them. Unless it’s… well, it’s unimportant.”
“Right, we need to move ahead in the game.”
“Oh no, not yet. This one reads from an altered source. It can’t just be accessed, and the installation process is a total fragmentation.”
“So how’s everyone else playing it?”
“They’re not, they only think they are. I’m talking about the real game, here.”
“So, meta?”
“Beyond the common meta we do here. I’ve been following this release, it’s unlike anything I’d ever seen in the public domain. Newgov doesn’t even know what they’ve released.”
“Are you talking about this game? It’s just the most killer install ever made, a big budget cash grab for the junkies in this fucking desert.”
“I wish it was. But it’s infected, could be bad, could be good. It’s just… unknown, plus these schemas I was able to get, it’s pure redshift.”
“Don’t you mean blueshift? Like, that’s what they do! You’re probably just over-installed; you gotta purge sometimes, man.”
“I know what I read, I know what I saw, I can handle my install-base, and, most importantly: I know what I’ve been building.”
“When have you ever known me to find ecliptic schemas and not try to reproduce them?”
“Still, what would a redshift possibly accomplish?”
“Depends who’s doing it. This exo is so advanced I could barely understand it at first. It could do anything, internal, external. The way it affixes a mindwave, it’s like it was created by someone who totally derailed and lived: a genius who doesn’t know it, but with incredible drive towards an unknown purpose.”
“So, what do we do?”
“We try it out. I need your help for the final bit.”
“Well, if this does what you say it does, I have to, if only for curiosity, what do you need from me?”
“I need your pod, well, and your schizo discs.”
“They’re so obsolete, I put them down in storage.”
“Exactly, they just need a rehinge, and they’re perfect. We should go now, first to the pod, then storage. I have to transvert some dynamism.”

By and By I

Posted in Fiction, Sci-Fi, The Permanent Mind on April 8, 2011 by GuNNhead

“Your chips are worth more.”
“No, they’re not, it’s just how you view them.”
“That doesn’t make any sense, here look at them this way.” I showed the angle I had.
“Well, I still feel the same.”
“That’s your choice. Feeling and thought.” The trains rushed by us. Wind, tugging at our clothes.
“Can we agree to share?”
“You know the answer to that.” Bar codes and serial numbers flashed in my mind’s eye. It was no day to die, not like this.
“They’ll get us.”
“They don’t even know who we are.”
“But we do, man, it’s us.”
“In what ways?”
“Like you said, before, don’t question it, it’s a feeling.”
“I don’t think that’s quite what I said. Either way, we have too much for ourselves, this is a good thing.”
“Not if it can’t be used, they’ll find us.”
“You worry too much, they, if they exist, want us to have these, they practically gave them to us.”
“And that doesn’t worry you either?”
“I don’t see why it would. We’re the rightful owners.”

We keep walking. I can feel a creeping in my gut. It works with my body, fueling me. The sand gives way under our feet as we veer away from the mag-lev tracks. It’s a cushy, uncomfortable feeling. Harder to walk on real ground, I think to myself. I don’t… being inside of the world… the rush it gives me. It’s this place, it feels less real because I feel it less.

“Could they have changed?”
“How would I know?”
“Well, how do you feel about it?”
“Great.” A shuttle passes overhead, the sonic boom is negligible at this distance.
“You always say that.”
“Look, it doesn’t matter, we’re here.”
“I don’t even know where here is.”
“It’s nowhere, that’s the point.”

My friend walks ahead of me, in the same direction, but doesn’t know where we’re going. I let him, he needs to let go of his nerves, he almost lost his cool back at the facility. The sun scorches down upon us. It feels like we’re walking aimlessly, lost in the desert, but I can feel. I can feel. After hours off-radar, he smacks into the air.

“Ow! My fuggin nose!”
“I told you, man, nanites. I got this. My information has been approved. High-end ch’krhine”
“I can’t believe they picked you.”
“We have to play.”
“I know, but you reached first place.”
“Yeah, and you reached second, with bonus opportunity! Come on, let’s go!” I touch the invisible wall, and it slides open. Cool air flows into us from the darkened innards, flashing with lights.

We walk inside, glimmering wires of electric agony line the hallway. We pass through a large steel door, towards the paradisio drive. My heart begins to beat faster with anticipation, we’re almost there, in, inside of ourselves, and the world. Well, what’s actually going on in the world; the only thing people care about anymore. Where the action is. We’ll all die, can just do it more now.

“Well, lets test this shit out.”
“Respect, man, the chips.”
“I get it.”

We relax, and take a seat. The companymen come from a door in the back. Their suits glisten with sincerity.

“Ready to be installed, boys?”
“Always, always.”