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Traveler Out Of Time

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 11, 2011 by GuNNhead

“Well, good to see you havn’t improved at all. I’d like to see you dis-integrate your entire planet that you fought so hard for, as you did my entire future.” I roll onto my back.
“Don’t worry, I think I’ll just dis-integrate you.”

[Activate:: Gravity Bullets]

I aim my arm at him, and my hand begins to spin rapidly, releasing a gatling fire of energy blasts. A few clip him, others blast through his armor, but thousands more miss completely before he returns fire, blindsiding me. The blast sends me burning a trail to a deep crater in the center of the continent before I can stop it. He’s already there, gloating beneath the black cloud that blots out the sun. The water pouring in from underground sources evaporates immediately off of my scalding armor.

“I’d normally tell you to surrender because you’re so pathetic, but I just know I’ll have even more fun tearing you limb from limb than I did your entire family!”

He flies at me, and our fists lock in the ensuing power struggle, crushing. The first one to give up is the first one to die. The ground cracks beneath our feet, rock and water pushed away, into the ground and up into the air by the sheer amount of power being exerted. The crater expands, deepens. The walls crash, and torrents of water flood in.

The battle of wills and strange powers, encased in a dome of energy at the bottom, continues unabated.

“I can keep this up forever, you nobody! I am Kænus! I have become a time lord!”
“You idiot! You just don’t get it, do you? I can’t die! Even if you win, and kill me, I can’t die! Even if I didn’t want to wipe you from existence, I have the power of the entire cosmos, I AM the power of the entire cosmos, you just have some stupid suit made from old bullshit! Now die!”

I concentrate, focus, remove all thoughts. Anger. Revenge; anything; they are all pointless, transient. There is only my drive. Death. It is death, the constant of life within the cosmos, within this vast plane. The end of life. The plane of reality, life that I cannot escape. If I cannot die, then everything must.

No. He must die.

I begin to feel his every molecule being compressed, popping, combusting, imploding by the sheer force of the gravitons. Everything about him in existence is dying. His screams of pain echo through and across time before he completely dis-integrates.

The clash of destructive energy forms creates a cataclysmic explosion, decimating my body; my own powers counter-react to the augmented tachyons and a shockwave of the unknown combined energies envelopes the destroyed planet Loameria. Far below the scorched sky the energy dome dissipates, and the remains of my mutilated torso at the bottom of this new sea become frozen in time.

Pressure, intense. No need to breathe, no sights to see.

I am to blame. Why am I driven to death? Why was I given this power?

After all of this, I end up right back where I started, worse off than before in countless ways.

Future Descent

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 9, 2011 by GuNNhead

I break through, spinning out of control from the other side of the spacial tempest, my craft close behind.

[Warning: Energy: 83%]
[Warning: Shields: 86%]

I can see pieces of the hull flying off. Swirling violently, I employ my powers to make it back to my ship. I stand on it, and can start to make out the planet through the storm.

Inside, the white panels are exploding open, showering the area with sparks, showing exposed wiring. I make it to the control area, and manage to steady it, pushing it so that it takes a wide path, and enters a wide orbit around the planet.

I disembark, and right myself in line with the curvature of the planet I appeared before. I notice: it’s Loameria, but not the forested grown-over planet, my Loameria, the one I once knew and never thought I’d see again, filled with sprawling metropolii, self-sustaining, a unified world working together, a resource based economy, technology of the stars: fully restored. I activate my gravitational pull, anchoring myself to the planet I once knew, and never thought I’d see again. Soon, I have visual of my city, great upon the sandy beach. Only to lose it before my eyes in a great bright flash of light that then spreads outwards, destroying everything it touches, everything upon the continent, and covering it in a black cloud of smoke before I even have a chance to react.

There, upon the shore, it’s the armor from before.


I charge him at full speed, and hit him into the ground with enough force to smash every atom in his body. He floats up out of the dust and debris, arms folded.

“Woah , if you were any faster, you could have almost caught me off guard there… too bad, though, as it was the only chance you’ll have to not die.”
“Shut up. How did you come back to life? How did you bring back Loameria just to destroy it?”
He hovers steadily above the settling dust cloud, silent, almost… speechless.
“Answer me or I’ll kill you again!” He snaps out of his thoughts.
“No… it can’t be you, not this you, there’s no way you could have followed me! You destroyed yourself; along with my ship, my entire life, my entire life’s work… I travelled here, back through the ether of time into the past, to get my revenge–”
“–We’re in the past?!”
“Yes, to find and destroy a younger, weaker you, prevent all this from happening.”
“Well you’ve found me at full power, and fully pissed off, fucker.”
“Hurm, doesn’t look much like it, looks almost like you’ve been through a damn black hole.”
“When I’m done with you, you won’t look like anything.”

I rush at him, but end up miles away: face down in the dirt with a footprint on my spine. I quickly get up, and make my way to attack him again as he ascends within the black plume of smoke. I fly above the smoke, then descend upon him, Jacknifing through the lightless cloud of destruction. A hand reaches out and grasps me by the throat, clawed fingers digging deep.

Dragging me down through the smoke, he rams his fist through my spine, I see it exit my chest. Then I see the ground again.

A New Tomorrow

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on February 7, 2011 by GuNNhead

A beautiful and lush planet at peace with itself. A man appears out of a portal in the sky. He arrives with hate filled deep within his chest cavity. A face distorted behind his helmet’s mask, powerless, for now; as his is a power that resonates through time. He remembers power and wealth, fragments, but enough. He makes it to a city, a credit terminal. He places a transfer through the to the most powerful, vile being in the entire multiversity that he has ever heard of. Money always speaks stronger than words. The man has time to recover, heal, repair; all but his once handsome, famous looks: ruined, warped, twisted beyond all recognition, lost forever to the alter of time.

The man stands in an open field as the sleek black craft slowly snakes its way down out of the sky. A figure in reptilian black armor walks out.

“-tt-, you’re lucky I accepted this offer, rich man. It came at a most opportune moment, funding my research to adapt and integrate these new fluorographic weapon systems into my own.”
“Are you going to talk all day, or are we going to get to work?”
“-tt-, I’m always working…” he places his five-digited arm across his chest and taps the middle finger of his one three-digit hand against his helmet.
“Also,” the figure from beyond the future continues, “if any beings appear in a suit that bears any resemblance to ours and attempts to stop us, he is mine.”

The two figures take to the air, and explode out in opposite directions, leaving swaths of destruction in their wake. On one side of the planet, Celrdurrn lays down a curtain of fire over the major cities, quickly prompting retaliation. The initial forces of the planet only serve to make him laugh as he razes another landmass into ruin. No history of the planet running through his mind, he feels free, unprepared, excited. In his exhilaration, he hardly notices the planet’s primary defences against interstellar threats targeting him. A giant laser blast descends upon him from the sky, arresting his flight of destruction and forcing him deep into the ground.

In space, he emerges out of the beam, and takes hold of the weapon. With it, he carves a giant symbol into the planet, throwing down the weapon, creating a giant crater.

“Hmpf, not my best, but I was hired to do a job, and it’s done.” He flies back to his craft. “What a pathetic planet; fitting that its history won’t be saved.” He closes to door, and gets in. He keeps his craft in the area until his employer has rid the planet of life, survivors would be detrimental to his notoriety.

On the other side of the planet, Kænus’ plans take their necessary time. With forces distracted, he’s free to go where he must, to make use of his research, his bioscans; everything. With the pandemonium and destruction happening on the opposite side of Loameria, he travels in secret to a small metropolis, and zeros in on multiple targets, a family, traced by a recorded DNA signature from a not too distant time. In no time at all, he induces an excruciating evisceration to each of them in succession, torture lasting days in seconds. When done his grotesque, malicious goal, he travels to the shore of the city, and unleashes a giant blast of force, obliterating all life across the continent, leaving only a giant black cloud of smoke to cover half the planet.

In the Blackest of Space III

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on March 17, 2010 by GuNNhead

I peer out from behind my cover to see a veritable army of ectoplasmic ghosts flowing into the armor, repowering it, lessening its new translucency. Whole again, it takes to the sky. It’s then that I notice that the ice structures were filled with the bones and bodies of billions of the dead. The explorers, the travelers: all dead, encased in ice. Wait. It just took to the sky. Oh no, I know what I would do in this situation. Gravity spheres begin to rain down from this ethereal doppelganger, leveling the entire field of ice.

I run towards it, and run up one of the few standing ice slopes, leaping off it towards my duplicate figure. I grab hold of it, and drag it to the ground. It tries to gain some distance, but I don’t let it, and strike the armor. It matches every one of my hits in exact mirrors. I punch it in the stomach, it responds simultaneously likewise. I’m just beating myself against an infinitely more powerful foe while I cannot transform into my suit. The real suit. I stop fighting and stand to face my doom on this planet from which none have ever returned. I’m prepared to accept my fate, standing in front of the eternal black death of this cave. Death by my own hands. A fitting end for one who has accomplished his life goals. It stands back, going a short distance and readies itself, placing its hands together.

[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]

It fires the massive blast…

It connects, and begins to disintegrate everything that I am. I can now hear the souls of all that have been brought here, screaming, crying out for me to save them from this planetary torment. How can I save you when I can’t even save myself? Hate me, save me, kill me. Doppelganger; my pain is your pain, your pains are my pains, your chains are my chains, too… The blast continues, fires into the cave, drawing power while destroying all within.

The chain reaction continues, destroying the darkness, flowing out of the other side of the cave. Expelling every last bit of ectoplasmic energy. Changing the orbit of the planet, restoring yet destroying everything. Freeing the souls of billions.

I give a gift that I cannot have. I am trapped in life. The dead are the lucky ones. The brutality I incur is a blessing they should be thankful for. A grand end to a life with ultimately no meaning. Even a tormented afterlife had meaning, and I was able to extinguish that, creating more. I am surrounded by meaning, things that have a purpose, and yet there is none for me save what I create within my own mind. There is no meaning to life. I am trapped in eternal meaninglessness. Only in death does life have meaning. My death is a part of me, part of my life; I cannot end.

When I come to from within the ethereal wave I can see it: Loameria; my former planet that was reduced to waste. It is once more filled with life. The trees and plants appear to spring to life and grow before my very eyes. How is the restoration of Loameria possible? But the growth is slowing, and something is wrong. That’s when I sense what should not be possible: A giant portal, a dimensional rift of indeterminable origin that seems to be pulling my planet into it. No, it can’t happen again. I exit my craft fully armored once more, bursting towards this anomalous black hole. I engage all of my power, once more returned to me.

I’m the only thing that is between it and my planet. I have to save it. I focus all of my powers, and take hold of the gravitational rift. I reduce its size, but that only focuses its power upon me. I’m sure if this was a normal black hole I’d be able to close it. I can feel it. But it’s not. The only way out is to go through it, close it from within its depths. Beyond the gates of space and time. Thunder and lightning and fire erupt from the planet and the rift. I begin to control the pull, and go into the spiral, down into the dark. If there’s a possible chance for something that can be called future behind the spiral, there’s only one way to find out. I stare into the spinning abyss: Let me take it out on you, the hate inside, the pain that I wear. I can no longer hide. Tear me apart. I can sense that I may never come back, through the ether. Explanation will defy what I will see beyond the black hole. Maybe one day I’ll return brand new: lost to the ether.

In the Blackest of Space II

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Horror, Sci-Fi on March 15, 2010 by GuNNhead

From within the blackness of my own mind, flashes of history strike me during my crafts descent. I struggle to consciousness as I’m blinded, by these images of warring planets, I reach the controls as my craft plummets. I’m able to level it out, and crash land as gently as that description allows into the ectoplasmically constructed world. My craft coarsely skids across the rock and sand landscape, until it begins to glide to a stop within the ectoplasm that loses its structure, turning into a translucent slime against the reality of my craft. Some pieces return to form, others remain upon my craft, dripping and oozing.

I pause for a moment to assess the situation.

I open the door craft into the eerie calm of this otherworldly supernatural planet. The chill of death has set into permafrost. I try to power up my armor to shield me from the cold, but nothing happens. I will my civilian clothes to enhance to suit the conditions, and pull up my new hood. I jump down onto the ground. My scarf and long coat blow in the icy winds. I see a cave calling out to me a short distance away. The inside is darkened to an eternal blackness. I stand at the cusp of the cave entrance. The winds of death encircle me. Suddenly, I begin to slide; the darkness, pulling me in. I fight against it, but it’s no use. I’m enveloped by the effervescent absence of the cave. I feel myself falling.

“It all began centuries ago, when two planets fought for a third, but when the battle reached its plateau, a horrific phenomenon occurred. As both sides engaged their greatest device, the planet caught betwixt was turned to ice. Those on either side, on each warring world immediately died as clouds slowly swirled.
Their souls were not to stay on the land that was their home. All the death was brought to the center, and set in psychic permafrost. From then on, any ship traveling past would be bombarded by immense psychic and ethereal waves, often losing power, disengaging warp speed. Too many were too close to the source, and were never heard from again. Two entire planets died by one giant moment in their mutual history, the battle for control over a planet that passed between them. The immense energy from that battle destroyed two planets, and turned a third into an uninhabitable ice world.”

I strike upon the cold icy ground at the lip of a new cave. Outside, there is a field of imposing ice sickles, serrated waves of punishes ethereal ice. Mist covers the ground. I begin to walk out of the cave when an energy blast lands beside me, and the force slams me into a cave wall. That was a gravity sphere. I look up to see where it came from and then I see it: The death of countless beings. The death of me. That which I can no longer become. The omega surge suit. My suit; made of a solid translucent green. Ethereal armor shimmering in the dim sunlight. Ephemeral smoke emanates out from each detail of it. Uncanny horror strikes my mind.

I run towards it, but eye lasers cut in front of my path and stop me short. I stand in place for a second until I see it get ready to fire the surge bullets. I take off running in the opposite direction into the cover of the ice fields. Huge pillars and sheets of ice crash and fall down around and behind me. The barrage stops.


Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on March 10, 2010 by GuNNhead

Emptiness… Nothingness… Everything vaporized into nothingness, not an atom nor its constituent parts remain.

Bolts of electricity fire across the black abyss of nihility.

I feel the first firing of synapses as my consciousness comes back into being. No…

Only a void remains of what was for lightyears around, Kænus’ craft, completely eradicated, same with planets, moons, and stars. Nothing, except for the Gravity Surge, now adrift in space

I had it. I had it all, I had attained nothingness, obliteration. I felt it. Now, alive again, continually, I remain still, floating amongst the annihilation I have created. I ponder the power. All of this power I have, the power I have used for retribution, the power to expunge solar systems in a single attack, but I’m powerless against existence itself, my own drives. I can kill but I can’t die. I know it means nothing. It simply is.

I see my craft in the distance. It returns, responding to my suit. I drift inside, and head to the central control area. Here, I scour the DataBase, I’ve done all that I care to be. My meaning has been completed. My former life has long since been lost. Only a scorched husk of a planet remains of everything I knew, the connections I made on my intermittent travels feel untrue, transitory. I cannot go back in this state. I am no longer the same. They have indubitably moved on, forgotten. No matter. I have new parameters of which I live my life now.

Where has no being ever returned from? Where is a place that I may find an end, a place where only death exists? I must be enveloped by the unknown end if I cannot die. The must be a place somewhere in the universe; ignoring the multiversity; to find death without myself playing the reaper.

I find it.

A formation in space classified as a Group 6 Crystal: Hexagonal Pyramid of non-existence. In the blackest of space, no craft that has ever traveled near it has ever returned. All readings and studies are negative. It is an anomaly of endings. One cannot even see any light through it, as it blots out all beyond it. Countless beings have been lost to it. I set course to this deep vector of space, as I intend to make myself a part of these beings, destined to never be known of again.

Kænus: Eschaton II

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on March 5, 2010 by GuNNhead

I grab both his arms, and kick out his footing. I reverse the positioning, and fling him over my shoulder and back into the walls of equipment, launching a gravity sphere in after him. Immediately as it explodes, I receive an elbow to the side of my head, forcing me through wall after wall of the lower research decks. I right myself, land on my feet, and take off sprinting towards him. He impels towards me beyond the same time. When we meet up, I can’t land a single hit in close combat. He’s unfathomably fast. I have to change tactics. I bombard him with my power. Overwhelm his speed.

[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Warning: Energy: 64%]
[Warning: System in Danger]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Diverting Energy to Weapons]
[Danger: System Overloading]
[Activate: Gravity Sphere]
[Activate: Gravity Bullets]
[Danger: System Critical]
[Warning: Energy: 23%]
[Tip: Avoid Excessive Weapon Use!]
[Warning: System Overload Imminent]

My energies are almost depleted, wasted almost entirely on hitting nothing, but some hit. It was worth it, he’s badly damaged. Can’t move as fast anymore. I have him right where I want him.
[Activate: Quantum Destroyer]
The continuous blast launches, but it’s of no use, it’s too weak this far into battle, I didn’t put enough force behind it, I can see him put all power into his shields, and force through the blast. He grabs me by the throat.
“You think that your hands are rinsed of all men’s crimes? How blind.”
“I’ll eviscerate you; you’re not worth what you have.”
“This is your last story ever. You did do some immense damage to my ship, and so, it’s getting closer to that time where I rip your heart out.”
“I’ll do more than that, you–“
He smashes through my chest plate with his armored fist, but only pulls out a boiling black ooze. One with my armor, I have no heart. While he stares in disbelief at the sludge slipping through his fingers, I return the favour, breaking through his chest plate and gruesomely retrieving his continually ticking heart. I let it drop to the floor.
“It all ends here. Existence is nothing.”

[Activate: Graviton Infinitus]
As the seams of my armor ignite, he senses my power, and lets go. We both know fleeing is of no use, nothing can move fast enough to avoid this attack. His last words are idle threats that I cannot hear. I lose all awareness as I explode out in every direction; I expel beyond the entirety of my powers as this one attack, to end it all. It reduces the craft, all inside, and the surrounding lightyears to nothingness, leaving only desolate annihilation in the void of space, still surging with timeless gravity.