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Aboard the Craft

Posted in Fiction, Gravity Surge, Sci-Fi on December 9, 2022 by GuNNhead

I walk out of the fiery pile of scrap and death, turning to watch the remains of the scientist’s corpse burn into ash. I charge up a Gravity Sphere and obliterate the remains before I make my way back to the complex. Inside, the new voice is there to welcome me, they say they are the tall and short ones from inside the domed city. One of them explains to me that where they are have given them some insight into my plight. They continue to speak as I walk towards my craft. Their explanations concern their knowledge of the scientists systems, as many of them are used in the city and its underground and are very basic. When it comes to my ship, however, their knowledge wanes. All they can tell me is that there is a neutral command to prevent any action, as if there is a constant “Off” instruction being emitted into it.

I enter the ship, and make my way to the cockpit. I pick up the glass cylinder containing my former skull, rip it from its wires and tubes, and smash it on the ground. Without the preserving fluid, it dissolves into the ether. Lights begin to flicker as the ship lurches and whines. The main console activates, and upon it scrolls “Repair Sequence Initiated.”

The intercom buzzes with excitement, the two helpful beings shout that many monitors and screens have also turned on. They’re receiving a lot of data. Unfortunately one of their first assessments is that the scientist was not lying in one regard, the ship will take three months to repair itself. They continue on about their own problems, often how they tie into mine, such as the importance of getting my ship fixed up and into outer space to find out why my force of density created to protect this solar system began to withhold my powers and disallow egress. However, they also jabber on about nonsense such as the events occurring within the city, talk of vacuums, long descriptions of the histories of multiple groups, organizations, and companies, even including their thoughts of me. I try to focus on fixing my ship, but their garrulous commentary is seemingly unending, and so I ask them to stop as I find no use in it, and would prefer not to hear any of it. They finally cease, only to offer to share this information in person, that I should go to their location in the subterranean lab to monitor the status of repairs from there, as well as the city. I do not understand what benefit that has, and turn down the offer. I state that I will be seeing if there is any way that I can manually speed up repairs to my craft, and to not bother me.

The shorter one then reminds me of what I was told on stage, that the city needs to be able to leave. I ask if there is anything specific that requires my immediate attention, and the answer is no. I tell them to only contact me when the most dire circumstances threaten the progress of the city to attain spaceflight, because when I arrive, there will only be bloodshed. They agree.