The are times when all must decide to become something that they are not, were not, to become what they are. One calls this the Corulniath. It is a time of deep inner reflection and progression. In this time, it is customary to separate yourself from all that you feel to be ‘not you,’, and surround yourself with what you want to take into yourself. This is what may be planned for the future, or what one has accumulated through life.

One of the elders recently came into via what none will describe. He, having been benevolent in his life, faced a sudden change. While some simply revise themselves, and take an inventory of what they have done, who they are, and who they plan on demonstrating themselves as from then on, this elder, in his time of Corulniath surrounded himself with nothing, and traveled far away. He returned many years later, revealing that he saw within himself a weeping demon, and spent years coming to terms with that inner self who sought to become the new man within, the exert itself outwardly, changing who he was. He embraced this vision, but only for himself. In this way, he kept who he was at peace, back in town, in society. Remember. Upon his Corulniath after his revelation, he found something inside him, the him he had come to be in his life. The weeping demon, still a part of him that he embraced. He sought to hide his actions while in that version of himself, in his return, he embraced who he had been. telling the stories of it.

Young people were impressed and frightened, could this sort of demon be lurking within me? Will it only show at old age after a lifetime of revision? Is it there from birth, waiting to be found? Discovery. Honesty. What is honestly? how can one be honest to oneself, or, for that matter, dishonest. One’s action is a direct reflection of who they are on the inside, that is all there is to it, that is all that can be of it. Nobody hears or sees or feels or experiences your thoughts, or regrets, or inner monologue, no matter how vivid and straight forward they seem to you. No matter how immediate your thoughts are, they do not matter at all to the outside world. you are who you appear to be, have no delusions in society. Only completely alone are you judged by your thoughts, and you are the only judge.

Our journey alone is one that is expected, and wholly natural. We are all born alone, and we all leave this life alone. One must take the appropriate assessments in order to be prepared that there will be a necessity for the mind to exist on its own, to create its own form of vision, and become one with all, taking into account only of the individual’s predilections, the only thing by which can judge themselves. The outside is made to shape one’s self against, while the inside is something one must form themselves to.

3 Responses to “Corulniath”

  1. I wish I could interview you and find out what your inspiration was for each and every single story you’ve written thus far. I am sure it’d be as interesting as the stories themselves. Perhaps when you publish your first selection of short stories someday.
    I really enjoy the final two paragraphs, I suppose I really relate to them for many obvious reasons. One can say they are x, y and z as much as they want;however, if their actions clearly demonstrate they are a,b and c; people will most likely know them or remember them as such. Good point to remember in life always.
    In your final paragraph, it is true, we are all born alone and leave this world essentially alone. We should make our actions count more than our thoughts because once we’ve passed, we have an eternity to spend with ourselves and our minds. We may as well spend our living years being exactly what we want to be and portray who we want to portray both inwardly as well as outwardly.
    I was excited to see your story whilst I eat my blueberry muffin poptart (yes, poptart!) at work. I love GuNNhead stories a lot

  2. Your stories have been very philosophical lately, I like that, it seems to blend well with your science fiction!

  3. Psychoanalytical or Existential Science Fiction. GuNNhead wrote it, I coined it.

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