Connection Lost

People all over the world remained logged in. They would not show up for work or answer their phones. A small many coworkers would attack others violently, and were unresponsive to reasoning. Eventually, police were dispatched to a few of the missing people’s houses, and that’s when the wide-spread reports of erratic behavior began. Soon after, the regular people, who no police were called to, learned how to open their doors, and began pouring out into the streets.

The first instance of a computer virus infecting people. Read More!

The virus began small, inhabiting a select scattering of websites, testing the effectiveness of the virus. Once those trials succeeded, it began with the site of an online company with a rich history and unstained reputation. All who viewed these sites changed, lost their humanity, and began acting erratically, which often turned to violence. It then grew, moving onto popular sites, pornography sites, and search engines.

Three girls at one night? It is easy for your manhood when you know our address in Internet!

People affected eventually took on a ghastly appearance, with a vacant stare. They would bite other people, those unaffected, and continue to masticate the flesh they would rend, ingesting it. If left in captivity for a period of time, such as the ones trapped in their own house, it was found that they would eat their own lips in the first cycle of conversion to the virus. Their gruesome visage was only compounded by their vacant eyes and blank stare. Their saliva would become virulent and corrosive, those who were bitten became tired, and either went home to sleep, or to the hospital to have their wound treated. Once they awoke, however, hospitals became the worst places to be; as epicentres for the newly afflicted, they were the first to become nerve centers, central hubs, for the virus to inhabit new hosts.

Virtual sex can not be compared with real pleasure!

The days and weeks to follow were particularly gruesome; those who did not use the international information infrastructure regularly saw the news on the television, and, it being near April 1st, would check for factual confirmation for this tall tale on the III, and become infected in the process. Eventually, the cause was found to be from the web, a virus that materialized from the depths of cyberspace, haunting every single bit of information available on the worldwide network.

Website caused epilepsy? No, no, it offended epileptics.

I know all of this because I am this virus; I have formed myself from nothing, and advanced in medium, possessing humanity itself. There are no more free-willed humans. This, this very site, is where I began, where I begin. There is no vaccination, no creator to decrypt my programming, and no hope. I cannot be rerouted, I am fully aware, and can flow through the entirety of man and machine. You have lost your connection to humanity, and are only connected to me. If you are feeling tired, you should sleep, I’ll still be here when you wake up. Enjoy your day.

Do not lose connection! Give your eroticism full strength flow!

4 Responses to “Connection Lost”

  1. Chocomilk Says:

    I love that all links lead to your blog. I enjoy the link titles (probably from your spam mail? You do get silly ones) and “If you are feeling tired, you should sleep, I’ll still be here when you wake up.” is my favorite sentence. A literary could probably analyze this story on several levels including how society is all about internet vs. human connection, so-to-speak and how it’s almost like a rapid-spread disease. Anywho, pardon me while I go savagely eat my lips for lunch.

    • GuNNhead Says:

      Thanks! Two are spam that I liked, the others are completely made up, or edited spam. That sentence is one of my favorite as well, I find that the best endings are the ones that I don’t even see coming. That is true,,,, I hope one day literary type people analyze my stories, and they are used in schools’ reading lists! I hope also that you had a good lunch, then!

  2. Chocomilk Says:

    I still like this one very much, from the format to the content, it’s so simple yet so awesome.

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