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Of Honor and Composure

Posted in Fantasy, Fiction with tags , , , , on August 14, 2009 by GuNNhead

Cherry blossoms fall
Petals descend silently
He hears each last one

A nearby stream soothes
Over time rocks become smooth
By its persistence

Many souls congress
Living, breathing habitat
All in harmony

Insects buzz about
Dragonflies are most graceful
Landing upon reeds

Frogs croak at nothing
To hear themselves, they enjoy
Tonguing any prey

A sword remains sheathed
To expose the blade means death
For the opponent

Up above is blue
Though the sun will be setting
And colors will change

The meadow is green
Lush grass flows far into trees
A distant forest

Calming winds blow soft
Flowing through the scenery
Upon our hero

He sits in mediation
Upon a gentle hillside
His thoughts in focus

A grey kimono
A sign of nobility
From subdued colors

He is deep in thought
Quiet reflection of life
Of what he has learned

Mastery of martial arts
Skill with katana unmatched
A code of Honor

Surpassed his master
And then set out on his own
No more to learn there

Traveling alone
The way of the samurai
It is in his blood

For years he did train
One can never stop learning
Each day, new lessons

Mind is well above
The way that others would think
At one with the world

From the deepest well
Is where he draws capacity
Move beyond action

Sun begins to set
Divine color paints the sky
Breathtaking vision

He senses presence
Emerging from the forest
With sinister plans

A rival appears
To claim the life of this man
Focus singular

The dark to his light
He rushes with blade in hand
Intentions to kill

Light stands to defend
Withdrawing his katana
Swords clash, metals meet

Even in power
Their strength is but one aspect
A battle of skill

Wit vies with cunning
Steel meets steel again and again
Only one will win

Dark has no Honor
Does not abide by the code
An army for hire

No room for light
In the blackest dynasty
His blood must be spilt

An old samurai
That has gained too much repute
As a force of right

Their numbers, endless
He fights with all he has left
It is not enough

Many of theirs, dead
Dark assassin, among them
Light fought with Honor

Battlefield, silent
The sun has set, all is dark
Gentle stream runs red