VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter IX

I’m coated in layers upon layers of caked on Vampire blood. I feel a loud, Vampiric pulsing, and know I’ve nearly reached the end now. There is a slimy door blocking my way, and whatever I’ve been led here for is directly on the other side. I use the Vampire-Killer to slice it open.

A translucent purple Vampiric ooze splashes out of the fleshy doorway. Past that, I come upon a room, where the atmosphere reeks of Vampire, a Vampiric odor that is difficult to ignore and which seeps into my nostrils. I wonder if Vampires all know they smell this disgusting, or if they have simply given up with trying to stave off the Vampiric stench. Perhaps they begin to like it, there is no end to the depravity when it comes to Vampires. Inside, there is a large, glowing red stone floating on a pedestal at the back. I’ve heard of this, it must be the Heart of Vampirism, a mystic gem said to amplify and refine the powers of all Vampires on Earth. Primeval Vampire mages used it to contact another dimension, a great old one that shared similarities to their kind, entirely reVamp their powers into what they still are today. It’s time I end this reign of the Vampires.

I use the Vampire-Killer to smash into the Heart of Vampirism. From the entry point, the Vampire stone begins to crack and shatter rapidly, breaking open, pouring light from every fracture before exploding completely. A Vampiric portal opens up, dragging me through. I spin through a Vampiric swirling abyss, falling among Vampire mists and Vampire shadows. Bursts of electrostatic discharge fill the space between dimensions as flashing lights bombard me, and I appear in the sky. I land on Vampiric blood red sand, looking out over a Vampiric blood red ocean. Vampiric blood red smoke engulfs the sky here, or, possibly, could very well be of the sky itself. I do see an inky blackness full of stars, galaxies, and planets beyond this impenetrable nowhere-in-time Vampiric dimension. Fuck, do I hate Vampires, I cannot wait to end this entire Vampiric realm and turn it into nothing more than Vampire dust. It will be worth all of it, it will be worth becoming a Vampire, if only to end all Vampires with that power. To become what you hate, a Vampire, to be able to destroy it all from within. It certainly does sound like something a Vampire would do. Subsisting by hunting down others, attaching to them, and sucking their life out. Vampires find delectable morsels of flesh, attack it and irreversibly attach, sucking out all that is good. Death or Vampirism, it is their choice what to do of their victim. I will hate all Vampires to their Vampiric Vampire deaths. That is my unending Vampire hunger.

I turn away from the ocean, and view a forest of Vampiric villi. Giant wiggling Vampire things. Beyond them, the land and sky are littered with tornados roving the expanse, surrounded by mountains. In the middle of all this are four larger, unmoving cyclones. In the center of them, a throne of epic proportions. That is where I need to go, and destroy the Vampire that sits upon it, shrouded in seemingly self-existent Vampiric darkness.

I slash my way through the living forest as they attempt to absorb me for my nutrients. They are nothing more than unliving Vampiric protrusions, born upon this hellscape to feed its resident Elder God, this being who changed the shape of this dimension itself with its presence. At the end of the membrane, I leap off of the cliff, and I make my way through the harrowing whirlwinds, gliding on the abounding currents.

The Vampire cannot exist by itself. It must form alongside others to feed upon. The first Vampires began as predatory microbes, they would feed completely on all their victims, and then divide into two, leaving only the dead husk of their prey. Their hunting involved an assemblage of flagellum formation for the purpose of quorum sensing. Once attached, chemicals and enzymes would be secreted to facilitate the flow of required materials from their prey. Micavibrio Aeruginosavorus depended on their prey for vital building-blocks that they themselves could not produce. But there was a narrow range of hosts who contained these essential exigencies.

Over time their methods changed and they became more resilient, more resistant to bacteria and viruses than their food sources. Billions of years of evolution, Vampire after Vampire after Vampire, all of which were entirely dependent on singular food sources of their time. Never mollified after feeding until the ultimate haven of Vampiric sustenance eventually arose. That of human blood. They needed to drink this human blood and devour human flesh, to steal the specific nutrients that their Vampiric bodies craved, or else they would have died out long ago. Their Vampiric genes being unable to function without the nutrients of what they were able to suck clean from their hosts. I know Vampires to be nothing more than parasites.

However, the Vampire is inextricably influenced by what it feeds on. Desperate for the vitality of another being to be able to survive, they were always changing, adapting, getting stronger, and ultimately, diverging. Different species all melding together, evolving different Vampiric strains over time. They soon diverged to the point that they turned on one another, as Vampires are wont to do, selfish Vampiric demons that they are. They eventually fought each other to the death, Vampiric wars raging on between them, and this is where Chaugnar Faugn stepped in, to refine their growth with its interdimensional influence. Those few intelligent enough who fed on higher primates eventually were able to summon its power, channeling it through a stone.

I land at the base of the elevated structure where The Vampiric Chaugnar Faugn sits in this alternate dimension in which I stand now.

“Your kind is Vampiric scum born from primordial sewage.” I spit the words, and stare down the Vampiric bastard who I have come to kill. I can feel my blood rush in my veins as I realize just how close I am to being further on my way to end the Vampiric scourge. The Vampire is incredibly tall, no really telling how tall it would be if the Vampire were to stand on its two legs, but the Vampire just chooses to sit there instead of showing his full Vampiric height, legs crossed, sneering from upon its Vampire zafu. It is a creature the oddly reflective of the worst I have seen on my journey, grotesque and iconically Vampiric, which of course, makes me loathe it even further. Vampiric, bat-like wings fan out prominently from an ugly, Vampiric skull face, and suction cups adorn the Vampiric winged ears. The Vampire’s hands rest upon its knees, ever the patient, filthy Vampire, fiddling with its fingers as though it is bored of my presence. It appears almost Elephantine in nature, two huge Vampire tusks of blood ivory adorning the sides of a central trunk. The Vampiric feeder, its biology and the way it feeds being comparable to a Vampiric lamprey… lucky me, I had not seen one of those since the Vampire caves, before that, a few mutated Vampire bastards in LA.

“Hey, Vampire! It’s time to die!” I lunge at the Vampire, bounding up its legs, onto its Vampire arms, and I take a running leap for its scarlet red Vampire eyes. The Vampire-Killer plunges deep into the Vampire’s slit-shaped pupil, past the lens, deftly severing the optic nerve. Being sluiced by the Vampire’s vitreous fluid, I am swatted at by the Vampire, but am able to sink my fangs and sword into the gigantic clawed hand. Taking a leaping slash at its other eye, the Vampire-Killer once again drives through an iris and into a body of Vampiric vitreous fluid. I slide down one of the tusks, scraping the Vampire-Killer along it, carving a delineation as I go, etched into the ivory. As I reach the pointed edge, the Elephantine trunk seems to move with a mind of its own, striking like a viper at me, I’m barely able to avoid the serrated teeth. I adroitly manage to slice through the wiggling appendage, amputating the trunk from the great Old Vampire Chaugnar Faugn in one swift movement. I return to the blood ivory tusk and pierce it through with my sword, shattering it. I pick up the massive end of the tusk, and rush the writhing, blind Vampire. Unable to even look at me, it wildly lashes out, its destroyed Vampiric eyes spraying blood with each movement. A guttural sound flails out of its dismembered trunk

“Your struggle is entirely useless, you will be defeated by my awesome Vampire power!”
“Your power is a construct I can see right through, Vampire.”

I bring the large shard of blood ivory tusk in my hands down with brutal force, splitting the breastbone and driving the tip of the tusk deep into the putrid heart of the Great Old One. The Vampiric Chaugnar Faugn lets out a blood curdling scream that envelops the sky. And although I feel victorious against the Vampires, I know my fight is not finished just yet. As the sky falls a Vampiric darkness that not even my Vampire eyes can see through empties the land, and I am plunged into dire Vampiric nothingness, torn from this realm and brought back to the corridor of the carved stone caverns, my mind in a daze, the Vampire-Killer blade crying out for fresh Vampiric blood to once again be spilled.

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