VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter VIII

Vampiric silence, the kind that can creep up the spine of mortals. For one such as me, it is a focusing calm, Vampiric calm, the calm of the hunt. I stumble over, and the remaining Vampire stone falls out of the chasm in my chest. The Vampire King’s damage was most likely interfering with my connection to my Vampire-Killer, but the Vampire-Demon blood within my system awakens my regenerative Vampire abilities, and I feel my Vampire innards rebuilding themselves. Sinew crossing over itself, entwining, become one again, full of muscle and Vampiric energy, but I require more Vampire blood to fully regenerate. In a fury of hunger, I leap at random groupings of Vampire-Demons, tearing into them like tiny Vampire morsels brought only for me. Vampire blood, such a destructive force. It tastes as horrible as it is fulfilling.

After tearing their Vampiric bodies limb from limb, ingesting their Vampire fluids, I scream out into the darkness, cursing the Vampires, spewing Vampire blood into the caliginosity that is all-encompassing. I look up, and see the former Vampire King’s former Vampire castle blocking the way back up. Wiping the Vampire blood from my mouth, feeling my abdomen and arm fully regrown, I let out another Vampiric bellow.
“My sword, Vampires, I will find it!”

There are so many on the walls, they just stare. I hear a few faint hisses. They’re small as children; razor-sharp fangs line their mouths. Their skin is pale white, almost as a glistening rubber. Deeply colored veins line their bodies, looking like cracks in their smooth skin, blood-red tattered lips. Harlequinian. Sharp blood-red claws complete their Vampiric appendages. Their Vampire eyes, large and black, empty as a shark’s; worse, a Vampire shark’s.

I begin to wonder if they, the Vampire-Demons, understand my language. Well, whether they do or not, I know how to speak in terms that any Vampire can understand, even subterranean Vampire-Demons. I jump back into the fray within the lightlessness, to do battle with the lower internal Vampire-Demons. They pour down as a ravenous and Vampiric waterfall. I slaughter hundreds of them, the Vampire-Demons.

Fighting on broken piles of stone in what amounts to a gigantic, pitch black arena of Vampires, I repeatedly leap across the circular cylinder of a tomb, biting in half those Vampire-Demons that lunge at me. Their corpses splashing on the ground, floundering around. I notice many scamper off into the darkness below the rubble, hiding within it, perhaps for a surprise attack. The remains of the Vampire King’s castle make killing the Vampires more tedious than it needs be, as they keep crawling between the stones. I must disregard those Vampires, for I need to focus on the Vampiric meals delivering themselves to me, claws slashing with all the finesse of a wild animal. I achieve a steady footing atop piles of the drained Vampire-Demons as I halt my acrobatic display, having cleared the Vampiric filth from the walls. One more leaps at me, I grab it by its head, ripping it off. I toss the head through another Vampire, and lift the body of the first over my head, drinking its blood. I toss the dry corpse into another two Vampire-Demons as a third attacks me. I grab its arms, spin it around, and send it screaming into another climbing back up the wall for a vantage point, exploding them both in a spray of red innards and white skin. I do that a few more times before there aren’t enough left here. I smash one into oblivion, and Vampirically cannibalize it. Soon, there are no more about me, I have fed, full of the purest Vampire blood that remains on Earth.

I begin to flip over large stones, portions of the castle, digging for the Vampiric cowards. What I come across is a Vampire tunnel. I hear them all inside, breathing their twisted death. I jump down, to follow them. With all of this new Vampire-Demon blood running through me, I can sense something powerful… It must be the Vampire-Killer, hidden or cloaked, stolen somehow. It feels as though those accursed Vampire under-dwellers took the Vampire-Killer so deep into the Vampire caves it’ll take a while to get to, especially without the Vampire-Killer. Damned Vampire bastards probably ate what was left of my arm too.

I take a few steps into the Vampire tunnel, and the Vampire underdwellers scrawl out of the darkness of the winding paths towards me. Having no weapons save my Vampirosity, I rip into them without mercy. I have a path to travel, and nothing will stop my Vampiric might. This goes on for hours. My Vampiric feeding keeps me sustained and untired, as Vampire-Demon after Vampire-Demon come at me. I tear my way through droves of them with sheer force, and eventually I have slain enough Vampire-Demons to induce fear in the rest of the lesser Vampire underdwellers. Thus, I am free to traverse the winding paths of the expansive, unknown Vampire caverns for the moment. In front of me as I make my way, I can hear the Vampires scurrying; while behind me; they keep a distance, but not so much as to lose sight of me, Vampire: The Vampire Hunter. A true enigma to their diminished and primitive Vampire minds.

As I make my way deeper, I realize within the lightless Vampire caverns, however, that these are not Vampire caverns or Vampire caves at all, they are ancient, Vampirically crafted Vampire tunnels. The walls are carved of a mystic stone, glimmering. Archaic Vampiric engravings show a Vampire bloodline, a detailing of the Vampire genesis. I continue to follow the Vampire genealogy deep into the earth, down to its roots. It’s leading me right towards Vampire-Killer. I sense Vampiric remnants, those Vampires who I had left on earth, unimportant. They are coming for me, all of them, a deep, instinctual calling, a clawing from within. I can sense it with myself as well. The defense of all Vampirism is at stake. Single-minded and animalistic, I’m easily led by the Vampire underdwellers directly into a trap. However, their bait, just as mine, was my sword. Seeing the Vampire-Killer at last, in my Vampiric frenzy, I leap towards my soul, and automatically feel empowered upon grasping it. Many of the remaining full Vampires have entered the cave system, and cornered me here. Holding the Vampire-Killer, my path has never felt more pure.

The blooded Vampires continue to arrive, privy to alternate paths by their being called upon as defense of a higher Vampiric power, while I gradually make my way. I had known that this would happen, that coming here would draw out every Vampire in the world. Crowded by memories of the past. Without the Vampire-Killer, my Vampire grave would be dug here. This is my only payoff for killing nearly every Vampire on Earth, an easier traverse towards the heart of the eternal demise of their demented Vampire forms. I have been forsaken by the Vampire. I am the only one who craves the destruction of every Vampire on earth and beyond. I’m over it. The duration of my fight against the remainders of the Vampire population is impossible to gauge, even with my Vampiric senses, as time within this Vampire tunnel does not exist alongside the slightest shred of daylight. All I know is that is lasts enough days and nights to allow the complete travel of all Vampires to these tunnels, and their Vampire blood keeps flowing downward as I follow it. Within the venous cave system, miles below the surface, the Vampire heat is hot, and I am led continually deeper by the heavy beating of a Vampiric heart within the earth.

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