VAMPIRE: The Vampire Hunter X

Back within the carved stone caverns, things begin to change. The walls are no longer stone, crumbling, revealing underneath them to be some sort of organic Vampiric flesh that throbs with life as though it is breathing. I realize then that what I had been fighting were not Vampire-Demons, but half-breeds of humans and Vampirocytes, Vampire defenders of what I thought up until this point was only legend: that the world itself is a Vampire.

Thus, as I am running towards the core of the Vampiric earth, the battles only become more intense within the brachiocephalic vein The Vampire creatures erupt out of little Vampiric valvular flaps in the walls, opening organically like they are being given life from birth from these Vampire fissures, appearing as granite lampreys within. This deep, beneath the fleshy walls is living stone, monadic in its Vampiric energy as being flushed with the source of all of this evil. I massacre all of these creatures without hesitation, and without reflection.

Finally, within the deepest recesses of the earth, I arrive. The beating of the heart is so loud it reverberates within every part of my body. At last I see it before me. I will make sure it has a Vampiric change of its Vampire heart. “Now, to get to the Vampiric heart of the matter!” I shout, as I begin to go about stabbing into the massive, thumping Vampire-Heart with Vampire-Killer. The Vampire blood begins to drain out of the Vampiric walls, flowing deep into it, the waves of blood douse over me like waves of the ocean, and the fleshy walls lose their color. Vampire-Killer is stuck, lodged deep within, unable to be torn free, and it begins to be sucked into the heart. Holding to the hilt, I am absorbed into it.

I fall from the sky in a waterfall of blood, hitting upon jagged rocks as I land, my Vampiric body shields me from death from the fall but not from the pain. Every ache is another opening for me to rally my rage against the Vampires, the pain I feel wanting to be transferred instead to the Vampires which I despise, the journey here fueling me all the more. Composing my focus, I see all around me artifacts of others times and places, the past written out blank and simple before me. It’s serene as a morning mist. The time was all I cared about. Time of time…

In the distance, I can hear the ancient Vampires approaching, coming to tear me apart. I hear the drumming of their large feet, their minds primordial and feral but their strength just as formidable as any Vampire from the modern age, a hoard of once forgotten ergaster Vampires, carrying weapons of sticks and flaming torches, and I cleave through waves upon waves of them as it is seemingly never ending, their Vampiric persistence and their Vampire rage almost rivaling my own as I become awash in a sea of their blood, and only then do I begin to face other horrors too, monsters of the past, giant, lizard-like Vampires with fangs as large as tusks falling out of their mouths, brainless beasts with Vampire appetites for blood and nothing more, roaring as they charge at me, blood-sucking dinosaurs on thick, scaly limbs with Vampire wings fanning out all around them, churning up the air as they swoop down upon me with a rollicking affect. They take a brutal and primitive joy in their attempts to grab me up and devour me. But I obtain the last laugh, as I slice through their jugulars and their bodies without mercy, and their games are brought to a bitter end as I stand among the corpses of the dead, the past brought to the present as I walk on. This is the endgame, I feel it in the depths of my marrow, and still my need is driven on. Nothing with Vampires is finished until it is actually finished.

Without warning, The Vampire-God appears before me, and two old world beast forms of the original earth-walking Vampires come up as well, walking side by side, accompanying The Vampire-God as though they were its pets. They are giants, and they might have appeared formidable to one who has not honed the art of Vampiric slaying, but to me they seem nothing more than demonic trash: one is a reptilian Vampiric monster with a thick hide of Vampiric scales, little Vampire wings sprouting from its back that are virtually useless given its size. It was worshipped in a time before time, I can only identify it from the relics and monuments I witnessed when I first arrived here, within the Heart of Vampirism. The other, I clearly recognize as the Eternal Vampiric Enemy of the Sun, emissary of the Vampire-God Camazotz. It is a rather dumb looking thing, an oversized bat and little else, its fur spiky and strange, its wings classically Vampirian and its fangs enormous. I wonder how many lives this Vampire has taken, how much blood it has sucked down for its evil, Vampiric lust.

As I unsheathe Vampire-Killer and barrel towards the Vampiric emissary first. The other two do not interfere as I dominate this monstrosity. But it soon unleashes a sonic screech beyond any I’ve head before, and I wonder how it doesn’t hurt its own sensitive Vampire ears that are jutting from its disfigured Vampiric skull in the process. Unabated, I continue my onslaught, hack away bits and pieces of it until it is a woeful multiple amputee. Strangely, it pleads for mercy, it realizes it is doomed as all Vampires are by my hand. Not expecting this from anything but a common Vampire, I listen to its attempts to reason with me, its offerings and countless considerations and deliberations. I hear it out until it no longer amuses me. “Debate over, clownshoes, you lose.” The silver blade of Vampire-Killer glitters in the red amber light as I raise it above my head, while the pitiful Vampire grovels at my feet.

Suddenly, before I can slay it with Vampire-Killer, its head is ripped off and consumed whole by the dinosaur adjutant, who is unimpressed by the sudden weakness of its companion. “Vampire Hunter… Vampires are incapable of groveling. Any who do must be killed to avoid Vampires being perceived as weak.” It growls to me in an exotic tongue, and I reply “Vampires are weak, and must be killed,” launching myself at the prehistoric opponent. The battle is quick and decisive as it falls before the might of my vigor. When the final breath exits its scaled snout is when the Vampiric God Camazotz itself begins to speak, and I am forced to face its hideous form. It appears as a towering man who is covered in grayed skin that has been crudely stretched over its Vampire bones, extending into wings that wrap around its body. Its crown, a cowl with ears that stick strait up as spikes and two protruding fangs built into it above its own fangs, mouth and chin fully exposed. Its eyes are blood red and amber mixed together, classic of many a Vampire, dastardly Vampiric energy seeping from its pores as it speaks to me, voice bellowing:

“For all your work in Vampiric elimination, we Vampires are nearly extinct in your sphere. No Vampires remain in Romania, no Vampires remain on the Moon, no Vampires remain in Complex Z, no Vampires remain on the face of the Earth. All Vampire-kind is now underground, and they live here, within my Vampiric Realm.”

I sneer at it, undeterred by its rumbling voice, raising Vampire-Killer in defiance of its words, not willing to listen to anything a Vampire had to say even if it seemed to be almost praising and commending me for my Vampire slaying efforts. “Yes, and so with you gone, that will then be the End of All Vampires.” Sprinting towards it, I fly off the ground and attack the Vampire God. Flurries of slashes and furious counter-attacks take us into the air, but only one of us goes crashing back down into the ground. I float down slowly, prepared to deal the killing blow.

Camazotz vociferates, crying out against me, shrieking with Vampiric sound waves crashing through the air as blades that I must avoid as its Vampiric, bat-like feet with gnarled Vampire talons stomp the earth as though it is having a tantrum at my arrogance. “You fool! How could you not see? How can you not see how all of your noble plans have turned against you? For all of your hatred and killing of every Vampire, it is you, Vampire, The Vampire Hunter, who will never be free of Vampirism! It is forever! You cannot be killed now, and without Vampire blood to sustain your soulbond with the Vampire-Killer, you will be the worst blight humanity has ever seen! Enjoy your Vampiric curse, VAMPIRE: The Last Vampire!” It begins to laugh its blood curdling laugh, but I place the Vampire-Killer’s blade upon its tongue, halting it.

“You’d be right, Vampire, if it weren’t for one thing: this is exactly what I had planned.” I remove my weapon from its mouth, and run it through its heart, twirling the blade upwards; cutting off its head, in one swift movement and the Vampire exhales its final breath, finally dead.

“Take THAT, Vampire!”

Lightning drenched plumes of smoke billow into the wound. Dust clouds bombard the Vampiric plains. Eons of time flow toward the death of the final Vampire, the Vampire God. Reality collapses upon itself as all enters the laceration. The Vampire God and I, the Vampire Hunter, are all that exist for a split second in whitespace before a burst of gushing red pure Vampire blood explodes forth. It fully encoats me and flows past, past my feet, dripping down the white nothingness, revealing a new reality stair by stair. Soon walls are discovered as coated by Vampiric expulsion. As the blood gathers and new forms begin to take shape outside the windows, I extract and re-sheathe the Vampire-Killer. Closing my eyes, I inhale, drinking deeply of the wellspring of death. I kick the Vampire God’s corpse into the pool below. The blood of Vampirism surges up the stairs, finally forming my new Throne. I take my seat.

I am the Last Vampire, and upon this throne, I am forsaken.

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