Congrats to me, congrats to you! Somehow, I’ve gotten 5,000 views, so, to celebrate, here’s a quick ‘cover’ I made for Gravity Surge. It’s the “common attire” that the main character wears when not in the suit, as would be seen in Planet Bug, The Queen of the Müün, The Networked, etc..
what a cool tagline!

Hope you guys like it!

5 Responses to “5000 Views!”

  1. Also, I’m be preparing a chronology for all the Gravity Surge stories, so they can easily be read in order. Should I make it a page, like “About the Author” and “About the Site”, or just another post?

  2. Wow! Congrats to you for supplying the reader, me, tons of lovely words to read! 5000 views is a huge accomplishment. By this time next year, I am sure the number will have more than tripled! I really enjoy these administrative posts; they are like little behind-the-scene sneak peaks. You must have worked hard on that image, it is very good. It’s soo you. I recognize your posture instantantly. The cover is very anime and I like the colors you chose for the title, subtitle and shoes. Very electric lightning and bright. I enjoy the semi-glove type things on your hands. And your suit is very Bruce Lee inspired meets turtle meets Ekans (the pokemon). I like how the GS logo has followed most of your endeavours from the past few years, makes it more special. And as a reply to your query, you could just do both…But I think it’d stand out more if you made it a separate page and would be easier to find/access for all your readers. If you made it one post like another, once you’ve written more stories, the page won’t be as visible to new readers. Once again, congratulations GuNNhead, I support your work 100% of the way and always will.
    By now, your view count has surpassed 5000 (woops).

  3. Neat. 5000 views! *plays a trumpet* Congratulations! The image is pretty cool. Awesome subtitles. I agree with the person above me. The chronology should probably be its own page for those reasons.

    Well, Keep up the good work!

  4. We do like it! and i agree to make it a separate administrative page, for easier access.

  5. I hope you are wearing protective wiring to cover your hiny. You wouldn’t want a giant stinger in your…..from a Planet Bug bug.

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