Breathe. Breathe anew. Take a moment. Do not worry. You feel everything. You are a creature of y our environment. You cannot help it no one can. It is impossible. You only exist in your current moment. There is ultimately nothing to exist because there is no moment, only moments that have passed. But this is not true, you have lived moments, they exist to you, in your own spherical realm. They exist in other realms, though. The realms of external Other experience. The realms to which you can only dream to imagine. They exist entirely outside of you. I am speaking of the realm of others who experienced the simultaneous conjoined experience. Their past experiences that shape their world view, and, yes, even their very persona, their ingrained “person”, to which whom they refer every independent iota of information from this global interface of media expulsion.

Onwards and upwards. There a many, many, many numerous amounts of those who cannot, can never feel what you have felt, for what has transpired to you, once again, can never be as vibrant nor vivid to you as to others, for their own experiences are tantamount to your own, much as yours must be tantamount to theirs. To love one more than yourself is a form of insanity I can never feel, for I have experienced the end within myself. I know of what is only acknowledged with fear or bravado. It is inside of me. Death is my internal organ. The heart. It no longer beats. All is one. A cell. My cell.

There are those who believe that there is a continual life after our corporeal form expires, and therefor do not fear what we have come to call death. It is comparative to calling taking a vacation the end of eternity. It’s simply not conducive to experiencing beyond.

The idea of ceasing to be is a concept that is difficult to fully grasp. The consciousness has trouble accepting or fathoming the absence of itself. We can’t have an opinion to the position that we will cease to be. To be. The mind feels eternal. To think of it as no longer being in existence is impossible, you cannot have an opinion on that, because you have no part in it. “Don’t be afraid of the future. It doesn’t include you, it only removes you.

Consciousness is or is not transitory. That is up to you. Does your mind feel powerful enough to surpass the death of the corporeal? Do you believe you can reach a state of consciousness that can transcend? Do you think you can be enlightened to transpose your experiences into the ether. Purgatorium– based on the lack of will, a measurement of your inner most self. Wait here until you grow up a bit, maybe try again. You haven’t reached that point yet. You have become irredeemable. Suffer. You have lived your life, that was your reward. You have been found wanting. You are a saint. Language to describe a state of unknown; karmic scales to judge others. They’ll get theirs. Better you than me.

3 Responses to “Breathe”

  1. we will write tomorrow for those who follow us.

    your getting existensial jake 😉
    i like though its also sad, nice to see your writing.

  2. What I love most about all of your philosophical pieces is that they will never apply to cats! Cats do not wonder or worry, they never ponder their existence or “what comes next”. They just are.
    Cats know they are the masters of the universe, as such, they live their furry lives as royalty until they pass. regardless of the fact that water scares the hell out of them or that the sound of a vaccuum makes them hide under a bed. Perhaps you could integrate how cats > humanity in one of your futur pieces. Or, just include more cats, period!

    Despite the fact that several of your pieces have been in the same vein as of late, they’re all still distinct upon a re-read of each. This seems to be your darkened niche. I enjoy it. Although I tend to believe there is something after death beyond the lack of a pulse, I do not know what it is. That is the scary part!

  3. I like this one. Pretty philosophical in the best kind of way.

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