Hey there, cats and kittens, not a lot of updates recently, as cause of school work. I’ve also been hating my writing a lot as of late, but I’m sure I’ll get back on the ball soon enough after a small breather of lax updates. Well, that’s that!

-jake [GuNNhead]

Real Ghostbusters

5 Responses to “Vay~kayche”

  1. Lazy 😛

  2. What a yucky title >_<

  3. Us kittens can run out of patience and get grumpy when fat cats like yourself don’t deliver the goods! But…we believe in you..!!

  4. vaj-quiche.
    also that cat is super fat. and makes me want popcorn.
    get writing about that cat.

  5. I fully agree with the poster above. You cannot post such images depicting the ultimate in cuteness and not write anything about it! I have no idea how you found such a photo, or even why you posted it here…but I *LOVE* that you did so so so much. I am totally snatching this photo and claiming it as my own!

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