Happy Helloween!

Hello, True Believers!
I don’t like making administrative posts, but this is a special treat! There’s going to be a bonus story to celebrate Helloween: the conclusion to my dream-based horror: Bound to Death!

I hope you enjoy reading it more than I enjoyed having another one of my zombie nightmares last week, waking up in the middle of the night, and transcribing what formed the basis of this story.

-jake [GuNNhead]

One Response to “Happy Helloween!”

  1. Happy Halloween GuNNhead!
    Oooh, a special treat for us readers? That’s almost! as good as a giant bag of candy! It is unfortunate your sleep was compromised quality-wise as a resullt of your dreams; but, at least you were not injured by real life zombies and were able to make a Halloween series of it!
    Have a spooky night!!!

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