The Andro-Booster

I’m sure, ideal variant. The best Andro-Booster. Undefeated since my inception. I remember the first time I was awaken, it was by what I learned was a group of thieves; they had stumbled upon me whilst pilfering from an old abandoned complex. They knew not what I was, only that I looked like I was worth a lot of  ‘space bucks’. It was when they attempted to move my body that I awoke. While holding upon one of my arms, my defensive mode was triggered. This information I have told you was all told to me within my first moments of activation from those who would have pilfered me, they were quite eager to talk as I performed a specific set of actions on all of them:









Searching my diagnostics, as well as any area of my AI that I could repair the damage to, did not turn up much, only that I am an Andro-Booster, I was created many years ago, and also most of the terrine maps available at the time. I searched my surroundings for more information, but could find nothing further that would be of use, not even information on myself, save for numerous files on the use of my weapons systems. I scoured the entire compound, but still found nothing. I then left the compound and went aboard the thieves’ craft. With this craft now in my position, I set out to find more information from specific coordinates to different terrine quadrants found in the repair of my AI; I could only assume that these areas may have had more information upon my creation.

From that moment on I have been traveling to distant terrines, but finding only death. This is how I became the best Andro-Booster. Nearly every area that I visited engaged me in battle against others like myself; though, they were ‘not-quite’. None could compete against me, and so often times I would visit these worlds, destroy all opponents, discover little to no information, and travel to the next coordinate. One day, however I found something different than armies; I found a being that welcomed me into the complex, and apologized for having no information, but he offered to aide in my search, if I allowed his ‘camera crew’ to follow me in my journeys. Many battles ensued, and I came to gain more and more information, including information on unused weapon systems. I soon learned that I truly ‘enjoyed’ the battles, and would occasionally take a ‘break’ from my search, simply to test my weapon systems on other advanced Andro-Boosters who sought to challenge me for ‘fame’ and ‘fortune’. I ‘enjoy’ all that I can do to others:









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