Deep-Sea Daybook

Deep beneath the sea that we all know, I continue deeper; my submarine groans under the strain, but holds strong. I know it can easily handle much more than this. I’ve found what appears to be a man-made crevice further down than any man in recorded history, outside of me, has ever been able to travel. Entering the crevice, I am seeing and recording many numerous symbols. I cannot decipher them nor even determine their origin. No matter, that can all be sorted out when reviewing the tapes when above water. Just as I’m starting to think that this tunnel may just go on forever, my radar detects a large opening from the tunnel. Soon, I, too can see this large opening, I have reached to where this tunnel was created to lead the original creators to, perhaps for the first time in millions of years.

After searching the area, I have determined it to be some sort of arena. There are depictions of what appear to be some creatures fighting, whether this is fiction or an accurate depiction remains to be seen. They most resemble the design of Grecian artwork, perhaps this was some sort of coliseum. Upon closer examination of the figures, they more and more appear to be anthropomorphic sea creatures, engaged in mortal battle with shields, swords, and other such gladiatorial armaments. I have found the ‘roof’ of this structure, and no other entrances or exits other than the one I arrived from. The only way left to for me to explore is further downwards, but by radar no bottom has yet been detected. I have been seeing scratches along the surrounding walls for the past while, and they appear to be getting deeper… and increasing in amount as well.

It’s quite the haunting atmosphere down here, inside an ancient civilization’s colosseum, listening to the submarine’s thrusters; it feels as if I can almost hear the antediluvian crowds cheering.

Something is attacking my submarine; it’s shaking and is beyond my control. I can see what appear to be the suction cups of a giant cephalopod arm against the viewports. Wait, I can see something else, a light. It’s beautiful, chilling, seraphic. It sees me as well. It sees through me. I have found the meaning.

These have been the final transcribed audio Daybooks of Dr. Thulius Hatchard. I hope you have become as enriched reading them, or listening to their accompanying audio book, as I have by transcribing them. And to those of you listening to the audio recording at home, do not worry, that background noise is nothing to worry about, your copy is fine. There is an error with the original recording of the daybook, our technicians have tried to lower the sound or remove it all together, but to no avail. What may sound like a ‘voice’ in the background saying “I am the truth beyond the grave” periodically was brought about by the technology of the recorder as well as the method of recording. Once again, it is purely a technological issue.

Dr. Hatchard’s submarine returned via autopilot, and he is presumed lost at sea. The submarine had no visible damage; the video recordings show nothing that matched the description of the audio recordings. He will be remembered always as a genius and pioneer of Deep-Sea exploration.

– Dr. Willibald Fievel Richardson, colleague and dear friend.

3 Responses to “Deep-Sea Daybook”

  1. That was seriously amazing. one of the best yet. Where did the inspiration come from this time?

    • GuNNhead Says:

      Thanks! This one was pure imagination, after starting to write and subsequently hating two other stories. I was actually a bit worried about the quality because it was written between 3 and 4AM.

  2. “I am the truth beyond the grave” first appearance!

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