Legends of the Primal Energy

“Our Goddess was fired,” spoke Remmah Pallow, local blacksmith, “there is nothing more we can do, I will fight beside you no longer, Daystar.”

“Aye, tis no use, we have been defeated, and with Ahriman knowing the location of the Primal Energy, the best we can do is enjoy our final moments,” agreed Elm Stellmoor. The few remaining surviving party members conceded, leaving Daystar Firedrake the only one still willing to pursue Ahriman deep within the densest forests of Wealdland to the location of the Primal Energy. Perhaps they were correct, Ahriman had suddenly, mysteriously attained great power, destroying the armies of Wealdland as well as vanquishing their Goddess who had been watching over and ensuring balance was maintained over the lands.

“I cannot believe that I have ever fought beside you chicken hearted men! No matter, I will head to the Primal Energy forsaken, and shall defeat Ahriman as well as his newfound power unassisted. What one army could not do, I will accomplish,” stated Daystar

“With Ahriman as strong as he has clearly shown here today, we have come to accept our fates, as one man, you cannot change your soft destiny, do not perish in vain, alone in the forest against that vile magus, remain here and celebrate our life and past battles won against him,” Remmah beseeched.

“That is not possible for me, Remmah, I have sworn to protect Wealdland, no matter the cost, and my fight shall never end until my life does likewise. My destiny is one that is iron enough to pierce the ceiling of the heavens, farewell.” With that, Daystar Firedrake set off towards the secluded resting place of the all powerful Primal Energy.

Daystar traveled upon the heels of Ahriman, who tore his way through the forests towards his goal, his time now almost at hand. A clear path was razed for Daystar, though, to not bring danger or misfortune upon himself, followed the path that he had come to master in his years of training. Soon, he reached the hidden clearance upon which the Primal Energy stood, surrounded by a vast expanse. It was then that he saw the wretched Rapacious Ahriman return to visibility and lift the Primal Energy from its pedestal.

“Return the Primal Energy now!” Daystar, the brave hero sworn to protect Wealdland, demanded, drawing his sword.

“It is no use, Daystar Firedrake, for I, Rapacious Ahriman, have finally succeeded in obtaining the Primal Energy that I have desired for eons! Nothing can stop me as I conquer all of Wealdland and make it my own!” Ahriman cackled from across the void. Daystar had been dreading this day for many years now, stopping Ahriman unceasingly, but he had finally failed, and the world of Wealdland would be no more.

“No, Ahriman, for you will find the Primal Energy has no use to you as I plunge my sword deep into your black heart!”

“Hahaha, fool! You have been my greatest adversary for far too long, the pleasure I will take in destroying you will be beyond that which I took from your Goddess!”

Daystar leapt across the chasm towards Ahriman, but it was no use, for the sorcerer suspended Daystar over the abyss with his magics, and as he held Daystar helpless, he crushed the air out of the hero’s lungs and the life from his body. Once the fight had finally left the hero, Ahriman released his mystical hold and Daystar Firedrake’s body fell deep into the dark abyss.

One Response to “Legends of the Primal Energy”

  1. Chocomilk Says:

    I didn’t think this short story should be so short and end here, so I am glad you’re adding parts to it. I am curious to see your vision for the story(where it ends..or doesn’t end..).
    However, to explain my thoughts better, I had two different images/ideas for this story. The first was (before reading the third part) that Lunos would eventually be “converted” into Ahriman with the help of the wizard’s magic, thus facing his hated brother in some violent final battle where he wins and finally prevails. But, my other thought would either be a-if the wizard was Ahriman in disguise (up to you to figure out why, maybe he’s magical) and he convinced Lunos that his brother set out to ruin his life (i.e. how Lunos was always the rejected one..) and built this rage inside of him , again leading to some vicious face off, but this time, with Lunos and Ahriman on the same side. This might force you to give Daystar a trusty warrior companion though. …OOOR, b- you could even make the wizard a good wizard who is there to help Lunos avenge his brother’s death after he is killed by Ahriman. I have several thoughts about this story so good job on inspiring me.

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