Radiation Sickness

Atomo-Bile stood towering over the city, spewing its radioactive waste, dissolving flesh and steel alike. Most children would never see Atomo-Bile on anything but the television, as those unable to relocate would die of radiation poisoning long before it reached their city to liquefy all that was. This had been going on for months now, with no end in sight. It had come from the south, leaving a devastating trail through countless miles of rainforests and small villages, no one knew its purpose or reason, all they knew is that it destroyed everything it could.

Eventually it was discovered that the monster’s journey of destruction began near Tierra del Fuego, but was regarded as a hoax, as most footage would either be destroyed by Atomo-Bile’s radiation, or the same fate would befall the one filming. It was when Atomo-Bile hit Buenos Aires that would be the first time it gained national media attention. The world leaders were hesitant to become involved, not regarding Atomo-Bile as their problem, but when it showed no signs of slowing or stopping, the United Nations took action. They actualized a plan to stop it at the Panama Canal. With humankind watching, the combined military forces launched a full scale assault on Atomo-Bile. The attack failed miserably, suffering complete casualties. Those who retreated soon died of radiation poisoning, vomiting what was once their innards as bile similar to that of Atomo-Bile.

Soon reaching a treaty with Mexico, a nuclear strike was implemented, and that too was a failure. None of the calculations that were made in exacting this strike ended up being correct, taking into account fallout from the strike, evacuating cities, airing safety precautions 24/7, and acceptable collateral damage, all useless. There was no fallout, no valent radiation, nothing; Atomo-Bile saw to that. Atomo-Bile absorbed it all, the fire, the flames, and the radiation. Although it needed no aide, it used all of this to replicate, becoming an unstoppable faction. It worked as a hive-mind, retching and spewing neon green translucent sludge that never seemed to exhaust upon the entire world.

The world leaders wished that one would rise, and claim Atomo-Bile as his own, make demands for money, or power, but none came forward, not even to claim that it was he, he who is the one responsible for the complete destruction of mankind, the end of history. No, none would go down in history as the madman responsible for Atomo-Bile, there would be no history, there will be no history, Atomo-Bile is unstoppable.

People could see Atomo-Bile for miles before it reached their city, its glow illuminating the night sky in an ethereal green; the sight would have been beautiful had it not such ghastly connotations, and might have been pleasant were it not for the haunting, echoing chant Atomo-Bile would moan in unison between expelations of its corrosive regurgitations:

Atomo-Bile is unstoppable. Atomo-Bile will destroy all. Atomo-Bile is force of nature. Atomo-Bile will be world. Atomo-Bile is power. Atomo-Bile will forge Atomodrome. Atomo-Bile is atomic overlord. Atomo-Bile will not stop.

One Response to “Radiation Sickness”

  1. This is so amazing! congratulations on your new blog, Maybe I will come up with some drawings for your stories!

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