Day 164

All I need is one final part and the entirety of my current operation will be done! I’ve been working around the clock, mulling over the finer details, refining, texturizing, and even pasteurizing. There was a time I thought it would never end, but that is far behind me now, tucked firmly in the past where none can ever access it. All that is left is a small trip to the airport, only this time, it’s not I who shall have their so-called luggage lost, it is they, oh yes, they who would and have taken more from me than anyone. How dare they refuse to refund my ticket, it is they who did not have vicatang, though I had specifically requested it as my meal months prior to my flight; this grave injustice, of course, on top of losing my luggage, which was never to be found again. No matter, for tonight was my night of revenge, no, not revenge, retribution!

Turbines, simple turbines for my meat jet; readily available by the planeful, awaiting like precious little babes in the night for me, only me to steal away with into the night.

Day 165

The operation was a full success! The turbines are in my possession, this entry must be short, for there is much work to be done, and I am so giddy I may once more howl at the primeval moon, oh how my phantasmagorical goddess looks upon me with her tender beams, offering the direction to my life that I must not disobey, that I would never want to disobey, she reads my inner most thoughts and brings them to action!

Day 167

Once again, the operation was a complete success! These turbines, they make my meat jet, my rocket fly higher: In-out for hours, in-out for days! There is no doubt, my manhood stays! Tonight, I shall take it on its maiden voyage, and be able to finally see the world how my vision does, no more of this decay upon the earth, so close, too close for me to breathe, too far for me to lay upon. My mind will float, while all others long to read the skies, I will write upon them in machine code of my own design, what none can decipher. Ha! A cipher of meat! What a delectable comeuppance!

Day 189

I have been at air for far too long now, at sea, one would say that they have developed their sea legs, but for me, I can no longer relate in correlation to the earth. The place I must go is beyond, to every “where?” and every “why?”, the answer lay beyond the sky. It is with this I leave who so ever can fathom my phantastical concepts to follow in my, ha! My turbinical prints that leave no trace! Save for what is no longer meat, but a hybrid that none could ever hope to comprehend. Looking over my previous entries, even I can no longer understand them, save for the most recent, and even then, I feel I have become disconnected from who I was, and that, I should imagine, was the original intent, or, design, rather. I am more now, so much more than I was, and everything that you can never be.

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