By and By IV

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“No, you idiot, don’t you see? The digital, that’s humanity’s perfection! One may shape themselves, strip their flesh from its own weaknesses. Flaws disappear from the mind as the do the skin within the innerworld.”
“But, Chaice, you weren’t meant for this, this isn’t real.”
“Reality always sounds pessimistic to me. Flat facts, things that are neutral. They simply are. I think it’s the lack of positivity, or purpose, a path that can be followed. Having to make your own decisions is a little isolating, a little cumbersome. People drown in life.
it’s very nice, in life, to pretend, to fake a reality, but the real, blank face of what is, is that there is nothing. there is no meaning, and no purpose. there is no depth. There is no reason. There is no meaning, and there never will be. it’s impossible, for there is no inherent meaning or purpose in the universe. it simply is. So, then, any relations you want to be meaningful are impossible, they will all be meaningless; there is no love. Meaning cannot be created either. perhaps only reason, observing in the past tense. indulge in the meaningless, for it is all there is.”
“But what about our life? Our friendship? If I know me, I’m working on something out there. An what about the plan?”
“I’ll still help fund the project, but I blame you for my death, you were always short-sighted and foolish. Nanites? You damn fool. Just go, I can do better on my own, you may be installed, but you’re still connected.”

You can find a variety of different replicas here.

I continues to boost across the barren landscape, looking for the small spec of a hacker outpost where I might find help for my friend. Arriving, I follow a narrow stairway into the ground, and presses a pattern on a blank dead end. It opens.

“Wey,” A voice shouts at me from the darkness, “long time no see.”
“Well, outerworldly, yeah, I got a big problem, it’s Chaice.”
“How is he?”
“She’s dead, the companymen, it’s all my fault, you gotta help us Elz, you’re the only one I knew who could do anything here. We might need Ceta.” Gillick comes and helps bring Chaice’s body to a more appropriate area of the underground hacker complex.
“What happened?” Elz fiddles around frantically with wires, widgets, and sprockets.
“Went to the Companymen, heard about this new thing, the paradisio drive. We stole some UEC from a NewGov facility, got hard installs on the innerworld.”
“That was you?”
“I’m not sure I can help, Wey, our systems are down. How’d you hear about the paradisio drive?”
“Ceta was talking about it a few clicks ago, I had some connections with some rogue agents to get my hands on one in a secret facility.”
“Have you heard from Ceta since?”
“Least I heard, he was dead.”
“Yeah, same here.” She makes one final connection, and proper lighting returns to the facility, processors and drives can be heard booting up. “Let’s see what we can do.”

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