By and By III

He’s dead. My best friend Chaice is dead. Her body sits there, brains burnt out. I know a digital copy still exists of him, but she was the original. So unique in every way. The Companymen stare blankly. We all knew this was a possibility. The guarantee stands for deletion, and I am given a savedrive. I boost back to the incorporated community, her body in tow. If I’m fast enough, maybe I can make things right.

Experience the best by playing here, live like a rock star after playing here

In the innerworld, the cities of altlife, home of the first, murder cannot be practiced, it is an alternate society, with real rules, a high tech beacon, in memorium of the outerworld. Proof that peace can be achieved again, or, proof that peace cannot be achieved in the outerworld. The cities are hubs, uniting the remaining outposts, allowing both an escape to the desolate views of the remains of outerworld, as well as a means to share ideas, on a means to rebuild, to prevent what has happened in the past from happening again, a utopia of a resource-based economy, a symbol of what horrors and beauty technology can be used for. A city by the shores. A dream, still, that the innerworld envisions for the outer. If there still are any resources left, that is.

I’m not sure I believe in it, but I’m glad at least a… backup of me escaped the outerworld, that shitpit of ruin. I’m a reborn being, alive in a new world, no longer a visitor, I’m living in the world’s resort. A permanent vacation of fun, useful time. Speaking of; back to the main point (my brain is still processing all of my memories): murder, in the games of the innerworld, it is meaningless. That’s the big fun. It’s what draws the most users, and therefore the most UEC (which are redeemable in the outerworld at certain NewGov, Companymen, 3rd parties, local shops, or various other, less regulated outposts for supplies, if you know where to look.) is NewGov’s Havoc Onslaught. That’s why we’re here, to earn creds for our outerselves, in a big way. We have no lag, we are actually in the game. We’re practically unstoppable, your avatar always survives after the game, and there’s no actual need to sleep. We can just keep winning over and over. It will be so schway. Or would, if playing that game wouldn’t draw too much unwanted attention in these formes. This to high volume of less popular games.

Of course, now that my friend is playing almost only to support her exemplar, I worry for his sanity. Can he stick to the plan with no investment out there? Plus, there’s no telling what dlc he can get that can alter him now, his powers against other users. A lack of focus on life, he could become lost to the game, forget anything he ever was. Or, even in the cities, try to build a new life with avatars. No telling with this tech. I might just be overreacting; I wonder… But there is no time to wonder, for the first round is about to start.

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