An Ode to the Dearly Departed XV

In a few short seconds, she dies there on the ground. Van Sant uses his powers to raise her up. She mindlessly changes into the old gang member’s attire, and stands among them.
“Don’t worry, I’ll soon give your friend most of her mind back, but this is quite the delicate situation we have here, Mr. Kelvin, I do not know if you’re aware.”
“I am, it’s been explained to me; the nature of the stones. Seems even with all your power, we’re at a stalemate.”
“Not quite, I still have an army of the dead to wipe out the living.”
“But just not me, right?”
“Hahaha, right you are. But do you really think you can stop me? As long was we have the stones, we can’t kill each other, and so I’m trying to be diplomatic about this. Leave, never interfere with my plans again, and I leave this town and its remaining inhabitants alone, or, heck, any town you want. Won’t matter when I have the world.”
“I don’t like the smell of death.”
“Any other suggestions, then?”
“I end this here and now.”

The hundreds of dead bodies standing still begin to move, and they attack Six-Shooters, incapacitating them, then go after Lance Van Sant.

“What? No! This isn’t possible, you’ve never trained with the stone, you know nothing of it.”
“I may not have practiced the magic behind it, but I’ve had this stone by my side longer’n anyone. ‘Sides, Season here sure as shooting practiced, and us working together trumps your evil bullshit.”
“That’s right, Van Sant. You’re just some nobody who got too big for his britches. We were given the stones, I respected their power.”
“You still can’t kill me. I’ll only come back stronger.”
“Not as long as we have the stones, no, but that doesn’t mean we can’t neutralize your powers…”

One of the survivors breaks from the small group, picks up a shovel, and cracks him in the leg with it. He falls to the ground, having forgotten what pain felt like. Van Sant tries to get back up, red tendrils flickering around him, but it’s just not enough, his powers are gone. He crawls as much as he can, but the rest of the townsfolk pick up their weapons again too, and beat him to death. Once Van Sant dies, the Six-Shooters drop down dead.

Kurt and Season guide the zombies into the graveyard, and they are once again buried, allowed to rest in peace once more. The town of Harked Node is no longer a viable place to stay, along with many other towns in the region. The few survivors set out on their own, to try to find or make a new slice of life out of all this death. In their minds a few of them think of old tunes from their youth to say goodbye to the dead. Kurt remembers one well, but is distracted by thoughts of the possibilities of his ghostly new powers, to ride up in the sky. He blocks them out quickly, however, replacing these thoughts with an ode to the dearly departed.

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