An Ode to the Dearly Departed XIV

“But what about those wanted posters?”
“Heh, yeah, that was me actin on my own, wantin revenge. Never thought it’d turn out so pleasantly right here in the middle of nowhere.”
“So what’s takin your boss?”
“He’s a busy man, can’t be everywhere at once, so, he has some… surrogates like myself and my associates here he can talk through if need be.”
“And what’ll happen when he gets here?”
“Well, gosh, I dunno, I hope he kills you, though. I’m tired of you killin off mass numbers of this army of the dead we’ve been raisin from town to town. This place wasn’t even on the map, shamblers found it on they own. We was drawn to it as cause of a communication we got up on those old posters.”

They pause.
“Hear that? Sounds like a train.”
“Ain’t no tracks around here for who knows how far.”
Flint turns to his left, and looks to the sky, motioning for Kurt to do the same. They both see it. A red spectral locomotive, rocketing through the sky towards them. As it gets overhead, a lone man descends out from it, flowing around him is the same spectral red waves. He lands, and they begin to dissipate, licking like flames into the air.

“That’s twice now you’ve interrupted my plans, old hero. I did not think you’d be such trouble, but now, here we finally are.”
“Who are you?”
“Name’s Lance Van Sant, and I’m the man in control of the stones, so I suggest you give me that gun willingly.”
“You know I won’t do that.”
“I do suppose you are correct with that one.” He turns to the Six-Shooters. “Men.” They all get off their horses, and take the weapons off Kurt’s group, tossing them aside into the crowd of zombies. The boss goes up and down the crowd, sniffing them. “Hmm, this one.” He points out Season, and she’s brought forward, held by one of the Six-Shooters. “Give me the gun, or I’ll kill her.” A rifle fires, and removes the Six-Shooter’s head, releasing Season. She stands in shock. Lance Van Sant turns, and sees Maggie from the top floor saloon window. “She was aiming for me, I’ll get her.” A group of zombies begin to move, they walk into the saloon, and soon emerge, dragging her out.
“You damn bastards, do you know how hard I worked to get where I was, this town?” She screams in anger, kicking at the dirt and the undead. They toss her to the ground at his feet.
“No worries young miss, we’re simply passing through. In fact, it was I being contacted by you that brought this town’s salvation.” He laughs. “‘Red’ Reed Thompson…” He turns to Kurt and Flint “What a name.” Turning back to Maggie, he smiles. “But you will be rewarded, even though I still have trouble believing my luck, I had no interest in this man, it really is a small world. Your reward, I can smell it on you, you want these fine red stones. Here you are, a gift, for a noble citizen, turning in an outlaw.” He hands her a necklace, a large red stone in the center. She puts it on.
“And now…” He holds up his hand in the air. Flint shoots her in the heart. Blood pours out the wound, coating her new clean attire. “We have a new gunman for the Six-Shooters. Gotta keep those numbers right, after all.”

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