Deep-Sea ARTbook

Hey, y’all, my sister made these based off of Deep-Sea Daybook! Great stuff!
Deep beneath the sea that we all know, I continue deeper; my submarine groans under the strain, but holds strong.
There are depictions of what appear to be some creatures fighting, whether this is fiction or an accurate depiction remains to be seen.
The only way left to for me to explore is further downwards, but by radar detects no bottom yet.
Something is attacking my submarine; it’s shaking and is beyond my control. I can see what appear to be the suction cups of a giant cephalopod arm against the viewports.
Here’s me at the art show!
- Dr. Willibald Fievel Richardson, colleague and dear friend.

6 Responses to “Deep-Sea ARTbook”

  1. Awesome, thanks for posting them!

  2. Ooooooo, pretty artistic stuff. I like them. ^,^

  3. Jazz: wow, amazing series of …prints (I would imagine). I love the concept behind prints 1 and 2 and how they follow logically from one to the next. If ever you have these up at a future show, I suggest printing out the story that inspired them and placing it below the images. Anywho, very pretty work; you chose lovely “deep sea daybookesque” colors and the detail in #2 is crazy. The prints almost look stonewashed!

    Jake: gg@posting a photo of yourself larger than all the prints combined.

    • The story was placed with the prints, it was a digital print on rice paper. they were up for two weeks at the VAV gallery. I do not know if they will be on display again.

  4. also these pictures do not do the actual prints justice!

    • This is true, they were all cropped form one single photo of them all! And they look way more crisp and vibrant in person!

      You did a great job, brosef!

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