The End

Well, that’s the end of the first of three ‘sectors’ of Gravity Surge, so check out the story so far from the beginning. There will be plenty of time to read whilst I take a brief hiatus to replenish my creative juices.

There is a cornucopia of other stories on here too, so you can peruse the archives, or visit the different categories; it’s all in the sidebar to your right. For a random experience, I’d recommend starting with the first story, and just reading straight through. However, you may want to read Gravity Surge first, as you’ll find that a lot of the Gravity Surge stories were written out of order; for example, In the Blackest of Space was the first ever Gravity Surge story that I wrote, but part II and III are the final two stories. Why did I do it like this? I do not know.

If you’re more visual, check out my Youtube Channel, they’re kind of ‘heady’, so, yeah.

5 Responses to “The End”

  1. I already do re-read your older stories [which you know I love the most].
    I shall definitely read your Gravity Surge series from begininng to end when I have the chance. I have questions about it though!
    “Why did I do it like this? I do not know.” lol, good answer, good answer!!
    I prefer your writing to your webisodes, but I am sure for more visual, or lazy folk, who don’t want to take the time to read your work as much; the youtube stuff is definitely more appealing. Good luck on them for sure.

    Oh, and please never give up on your website. You really do have loyal readers…*cough*

    • Questions raised by Gravity Surge can only be answered by the inner self. Youtube is entirely different, true. I paid for two years of it, so, I feel obligated to not give up on this site.

      • lol, okay. And good, because you shouldn’t. I was going to suggest you take your own advice and re-read all of your stories. I doubt you had GS pre-planned from scratch, so your older work might inspire you, take you in a new direction or realize you have unfinished business at times (i.e. I think The Firedrake Chronicles is unfinished and as I recall, you had big ideas for the series last summer that were never put to paper). Also, look through your older comments, sometimes they may provide avenues for creation by reminding you of old (or new) ideas. Finally, you’ve explored space in depth; however, you haven’t touched upon below ground-level too often–that could be another starting point (or even the plain blue sky). And finally, don’t be so hard on yourself if you cannot come up with another giant series immediately, these kinds of ideas take time. Maybe start off slow, one story at a time; no thought on how it may or may not connect to a future story/series. Before you know it, Inglot (GuNNhead™, 2009) will be broken by one of your freshly washed spiky hairs.

  2. Itchkneesoncheese Says:

    What’s next? I only see your writing getting better and I like your content. Moar.

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