The Sixth Dimension II

A place that’s inexplicably connected to our own; contains things we see everyday, and things we’re never shown. This place is what I like to call, the long lost sixth dimension, it exists beyond our space and time, beyond what we can interpret, and takes this form only because that is how I dreamed it. Suppose it’d gone a different way, it could be one giant ocean, but I don’t suppose it’d feel the same, and we’d all flow with the motion. Although, you see, these tunnels before, they allow the hidden to arise, from the depths, from side to side, there is no symmetry. It does contain, I must admit, a divine empyrean form, but only those who have spent much time can even begin to navigate. These paths that wind to and fro are all interconnected, and one must only think to feel, and bridge this path through wall and thought, and open your own gate.

This may sound cryptic, this may sound dumb, but if you allow yourself to feel, you just find, through your misgivings, you prefer it to the real. Within its realms, you can find, a mysterious appeal, so let it affect you, one and all, and accept those else who do, because you’ll find, to be yourself, is the only truth of its kind. They seek to be happy to seek expression; to rely on yourself; you can find we all have a connection, through this mystic realm. So dress yourself, and discover, friends, it exists in the now, and, of, course you’ll see, this thing, this place, this nothing land is the end of reality. This tool we call imagination is really something grand, but at times we’re told that it’s a crutch and is something bad, perhaps we should re-examine why you’ve escaped into this place. A social outcast for being weird is simply something of the norm, but to dress in furs and diapers, too, you need help, serious help, from a psychiatric ward. But please be nice and please be kind, treat others as yourself, it’s the only way to get along, in reality. You can be normal, be yourself, within humanity.

The story must continue now, enough of this reflection, we were left eating a sorbet, a frozen treat it’s now, as things do change as they can, it’s quite a common action. The beings that ran along curved boards, some of them I did know, others, though, it’s easy to say, were really just a blur. I could hear the wood creaking, the patter of their feet, and saw each spot of dust as they did rush towards their win, or defeat. They did not care, nor were they real, so it was not my concern, so deeper onward I must press, and take that leap of faith. I have my friends, real or imagined, to aid me in my descent, they’ve done it now so many times, or so my mind has said. I’ve taken these leaps so many times, to different pits of sand, all along this winding path, I don’t know why this one’s changed. I fear it’s ’cause I’m waking now, and too close to reality, pulling me back and reminding me of all my frailty.

I take control in my hands and exist beyond the dream, I take this control, it is my right, this place is in my mind, to leave it lay and be only in dreams would surely be a crime, a crime to me, a crime to you, a crime to life itself. I leap, I do, into this pit, and see its fear made no sense; the vertigo I suffered was of no consequence. I took a chance, though there was none, and now I must sally forth, to find a way, a way to think of the recommencing course.

I take this leap only to find that it’s a leap I cannot take, all the paths are sealed now; I know it’s only fate. This place I found within my dreams is where it must remain. And yes, I know, it is a shame, but perhaps it’ll come again.

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