The Sixth Dimension I

There exists a place beyond it all, a place you’ve never been. If you take a drill up to my skull, you’ll see all that is within. Delineating, deflatlining, you’ll see there is no sin. This place you see, it continues on down through this tunnel, it goes on and on forevermore there is no central core. Through winding roads and paths recrossed only dreams can find their way. With ladders spent, and twisting boards, you must run the other way. But to go deeper in is how you’ll win to survive another day.

The battle fought beyond the spill is one that does not concern. This war that’s raged ‘tween mice and men is because they’ll not admit, that everyone is different, with hidden thoughts within.

To continue on with my grand scheme is to make sure I invade the deepest recess of your mind, it’s connected to mine you’ll see, through giant sand pits with one way down, and infinite ways back up, with giant sand pits to assuage your fall, you only need to jump. Let go your fears and misgivings, this place, it is not real, so take a load off and relax, we’ll take a break and catch our breath in a hidden winding path. You, in here, deep in this fridge, we can have some ice cream. This frozen treat is free right now, a gift from me to you, so grab a spoon and dig right in; your life, it starts so soon.

There is another, I must say, she has waited from long ago, to grow so old to find the time, the time that I would rise, she exists only within my mind, this thing that I did not know, and in her age she hatched a plot, a plot to overthrow. There lay a crystal of the dead, it was buried long ago, at the end one of these many paths, to keep it safe, you see, but no longer is anyone, safe, that is, currently. Now that that’s told, I can reveal, the purpose of this jewel. It’s taken so many now, and her heart it is so cruel. The crystal is ambivalent, possessing only power, but the way in which that it is used, can rejuvenate any flower. However now, the big reveal, the thing that I most dread, this now young women has taken it, she is Dawn, of the dead. I could tell you here more of her, such as her large breasts and their perfect place, but they are unimportant as; what I found most intriguing, was her beautiful, maleficent face.

With this great power she doth posses, a Wayne would seek to stop her flight, but in this land, this great unknown, he is no longer the Dark Knight, having become too old, as is a life, the mantle has been passed on, it falls unto a young man, in a time Beyond. This story, though, is not theirs, it is merely an aside, as I do not own these characters, but, still, in the great mind, they reside.

Back to the main idea now, where explanations are in order, “why oh why,” you all could shudder, “does this realm have to border?” You see my dears, you one and all, within this place contains horrors, it contains everything, our hopes and dreams, our wishes and our nightmares, so, in that, too, it must contain phallic headed creatures.

One Response to “The Sixth Dimension I”

  1. This sixth dimension is really crazy, It mostly rhymes too, very cool.

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